Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 3

The Perfect Storm

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on CBS

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  • This episode didn't live up to potential.

    This episode started with two unsubs working together raping and killing girls in their late twenties and I thought the episode had potential but as it went on the episode was just going in the wrong direction and I just think it wasn't working I am not the type of person to normally rate episodes bad and I have rated the season 1 episodes mainly around 9's but I would do the same here but I don't think its worthy.
  • It was good from the start till the end.

    I love this episode. This season seems to start off with a bang!!! Lol Reid and his glasses, he looks funny. JJ hair is nice, didn't notice it in last week show, and so must be new. I didn't figure who the bad guy was. My father on the other had predicted it, have no clue how he did that. Any way good to see the supernatural girl acted in it, Amber in this show (Meg in Supernatural).

    I nearly didn't watch this season because I know that someone is leaving and I thought I didn't want to see it, but this season is turning out great!!! Can't wait to watch more Criminal minds in NZ.
  • Missing something

    This episode and previous one.. they both have strong message, very emotional cases but both lack the emotions of characters, if it is right said.. They seems not to concentrate on them.. and I liked it.

    Anyway - this case - one of those very brutal ones where it is really disturbing to watch and in some place you start to wonder why you even do it.. Why you watch it.. At least I did. I liked the profiling in season 1.. this season has so far lacked it.. ok, this episode had it a little - when they were dealing with the dominant thing.. but still..

    I do not know.. maybe too brutal episode to like..
  • This episode didn't do a lot for me. The storyline was very predictable and often made it sound as though 'killer couples' of the male and female variety are practically an unknown species. Rare, yes, but unknown, most definitely not.

    Young women are being abducted, tortured and then murdered in Florida. Their families are then sent a DVD of the events. When the BAU are called in, they correctly decide that they are dealing with a couple, even if for no other reason than the fact that a camera, seen to be moving, is being used and obviously, someone has to be operating it while the other partner tortures the victim.

    Investigation leads the team to a plausible suspect who lives with his disabled father and who has been to prison before. He is not their man but, unfortunately, one of the local cops shoots him when he pulls a gun which puts everybody back to square one.

    More leads take them to the home of another former felon, Tony Canardo, but only his wife, Amber, is at home and she is obviously terrified of her husband and too scared to say anything about him for fear of reprisals later on. When vehicles believed to be involved in the crimes lead to Amber Canardo being questioned again, (after she has received a black eye from her husband) the team place her in a room with him and are very interested to notice the body language between the two ...

    Fred and Rosemary West, Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck etc. There are more of these combinations out there than we might imagine and for me, this episode bordered on dull but, to each his own.
  • OMG - The concept of a killer couple is really revolting if you ask me!

    This episodes theme was the abduction, torture and murder of young women. The parents of each of the last two victims had received a DVD of their daughter's torture, causing one father to actually have a heart attacjk, which was the saddest part of all, if you ask me.

    The storyline was interesting. At times, the episode seemed a little predictable, but I never guessed that the wife was going to be the partner! That was really shocking, and tht was why this episode hit it off for me!

    I had suspected the father in the wheelchair to be involved in some way, but I really enjoy the episodes that you don't guess the outcome, asn this is a prime example of those typpe of episodes!

    Great episode of Criminal Minds, which I would highly recommend! Keep it up, guys!
  • The team investigates an S+M duo who enjoy torturing, raping, and killing young women(all on tape) and then sending said tapes to the victim's families(the mother in particular).

    Well...for starters..let's see...Elle is really back this time, fully recovered and with kick hair(I really love it!!!). Also, Reid wears glasses sometimes(very adorable might I add). What I'd really like to say though is that it is wicked when a show like this breaks all the rules. It leads you to believe first that it's one person committing these heinous crimes...then it's a does the crime while the other tapes it( a sort of dominant-submissive type relationship..with a bit of a twist)...and at the end when you think it's two's a guy and his wife...and SHE'S the dominant one!!! Brilliant!
  • \"Criminal Minds\" is one of my all time favorite TV shows. The performance of Nicki Lynn Aycox as Amber Cornado in the \"Perfect Storm\" episode was Emmy worthy. When the program was over, I immediately had to find out who Nicki was.

    As usual, the gruesomeness of the crimes was presented very well. It drew me in & put my mind into the core of the case. When she first appeared on screen, my thoughts of Nicki were, \"man, she is smokin\' hot\". No big deal, that probably happens nearly every day. Who could not feel empathy for the victimized & abused Amber? As the complexity of Amber\'s persona evolved, an escapist could easily believe that Nicki herself was really the devil incarnate. If I may speak for personal experience? My ex-wife was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). During her final scene with Gideon, Amber pulled off the perfect \"switch\'* in mid dialogue. It was eerily compelling. Right out of the textbook. Frankly, I cannot recall a more realistic performance on TV, ever.

    Much to my surprise, I discovered that I had seen Nicki many many times. The more I learned of her career & found photos of her, it soon became apparent that Nicki Aycox is as good a character actress as there is. The diversity of her roles & broad spectrum of varying looks in her filmography is amazing. I am now her biggest fan! So much so, I dedicated a blog on my myspace page to her. * switch, I was told by doctors, is the term used when a person with MDP morphs from one persona to another

  • Whatt happened ? I don't know why this episode is really no good !

    Come on ! What the hell ? ! This episode sucks ! You can guess the storyline from A to B, and Morgan gets hit in the back with a Baseball bat and...gets up immediatly ! ! !

    Dude ? ! It was a baseball bat !

    I'm a huge fan of the show but this one sucks. Hope the reste will be better...
  • Parents in Florida receive a cd in the mail of their daughter being raped, tortured and killed?! How sick is that.

    A killing team. Wow! This was amazingly written. The mislead wasn't actually a mislead. He was being dupped just like the rest of us. This show was cleverly plotted. Did not see it coming that it was the wife. That Nikki Acox is one hell of an actor. Everyone did a great job. The stunts were fabulous. Joey getting shot. Morgan getting hit in the bat. What a great action sequence. Really felt for those girls families. The women who played the moms wer SO good. What great actors. Felix Alcala is a great director. Beautiful shots.... Wow is the only thing I can say!
  • Families start receiving dvd's of their daughters being brutalized. The BAU is brought in to stop the carnage.

    This was an interesting episode that I just couldn't get into for some reason. I don't know why, but season 2 just isn't clicking with me. Maybe I am not in a mood to watch Criminal Minds or something, but so far all of the stories seem really kind of pat and melodramatic.

    There is always much to like in any episode of Criminal Minds but without the writing being up to par, there isn't much more of a reason to watch. I really wish that they would bring some of their innovative techniques back to the forefront. Without the extra zing, this is just another crime melodrama and that just doesn't hold my interest very much.
  • Review

    I actually didn't care for this episode right up until the very end. Episodes that are so poor in the beginning and only really get better once the final twist is revealed isn't my kind of episode. To begin with the BAU had the wrong two guys from the start, which made the man with the gun very random for trying to kill the cops for no reason. As I stated though, the end of the episode really saved the episode for me - which was very painful to sit through. I didnt really like the characters of the episode all that much either. Theres not too much I can say more about this episode - it just wasnt mu favorite. 35 minutes of average leading into 7 minutes of great can't get a good rating from me even though I left off the episode feeling satisfied. Hopefully the next episode will pick everything back up again.
  • A very interesting storyline that dives into some very twisted minds of deviant people.

    I thought the episode was extremely well written and suspenseful. My only question, if anyone knows, is who is the author of the qupte: \"out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls, the most massive characters are seared with scars\"? This is my first time on this website and if I am not placing my question at the right place, someone please advise me. Its also the first time I have participated with a forum like this! I will appreciate any feedback in regards to my question. Keep the great episodes coming! This is an awesome series that really makes me think
  • This is what makes the show great!

    I love this show and using their minds as rather than bang bang really works as the team go to Florida and try to solve some murders again. But what is great is that the serial killers try to get to the victims they kill families as the team must race against time in order to stop the bloodshed. Very good show. I love Spencer Reid!
  • I love this show but any time it deals with the state of FL they get a lot of their facts wrong. Case in point, Jacksonville, FL does not have a Police Dept. They have a Sheriff's Office, but the "P.D." is referred to constantly throughout.

    In an earlier episode (first season) they had mountains in FL clearly seen in the background as the team was driving to the prison.The only mountain we have in Florida is Space Mountain at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Then they also had the city of Keystone Heights three hours away from the Florida State Prison when it's really only 30 minutes away. The characters stated clearly that the prison is located in Central Florida when it is a well established fact that Florida State Prison is in Raiford, Florida with a Starke, Florida mailing address. Starke, Raiford, and Keystone Heights are all located in North Florida.
  • A fine example of what makes Criminal Minds so watchable.

    This was another great episode. It drew you in from the beginning and kept up a solid level of intrests and suspense thrue out the show.The twists and turns in the plot all stayed solidly and believably with in the profile and kept you guessing. There was a good balance of using all the main characters and each and every Actor/Actress gave a strong commited preformance. It was exspecially nice to see how the relationships between some of the characters are still recovering from the finally/premier episodes. Overall a very entertaining episode and a fine example of what Criminla Minds is all about.
  • Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls, the most massive characters are seared with scars.

    Of all the animals man is the only one who is cruel.

    Woman getting the mail – pictures from their daughter - telling her husband that he has to follow doctors orders and not to put so much butter on his bread.
    Only it’s not pictures they got in the mail, but a DVD of their daughter, bound and raped and screaming. The dad died watching it … The team has trouble watching as well ( especially Hotchner), and Garcia has to try and lean up the audio so that they can hear all separate voices. She also has a lot of trouble watching this.
    Since the other victims lived for a while even after the tapes were sent, they have to operate as if this victim is still alive. Also – there are 2 people. The camera wobbling proves that. Master and servant. ( They say the Jacksonville police couldn’t find the 1 person they were looking for, so 2 must be harder. But isn’t a team easier to find ? Two people, more chance of one messing up ? ).
    Sadly they get the message that hikers found Laurie Clemens’ body, in a humiliating position ( look what we can do ).
    Elle and Morgan go pay the woman who lost her husband and her daughter a visit. She would like to get her daughters ring back, but they didn’t find it on the body.
    Reid has collected all rape/murder cases in the area , and there are 2 cases that are very similar to the current ones. The only difference is that they were manually strangled, which probably is the reason why the Jacksonville team didn’t connect them. Reason why the killer(s) switched to rope is because that’s easier to control, so he doesn’t have to fight the women as hard. It’s very likely that it are 2 offenders who share the same sick fantasy, they complement each other. The dominant partner makes the submissive one feel invincible. Their abnormal becomes their normal, the normal becomes too boring to want to live…
    They have to catch the submissive one , since he’s the easiest to turn.
    The video packages are always addressed to the mothers only. Either to reply to the first mother who said on TV that she hoped god would forgive those who did this, and they want to tell they don’t need forgiveness. Or the unsub has some serious issues with his own mother.
    And then another girl gets taken, while she’s jogging, gives someone directions.. Tiffany. Her mother went on TV asking for her safe return.
    The team go to Joseph Davin’s house ( I didn’t really remember why they went to him….can someone fill me in ?) where his dad opens the door for them. He’s been in a wheelchair for 2 years because he has M.S. Joseph is home, and he saw the whole thing on TV, he is not going down for this, he does NOT want to go back to prison, 3 strikes… so he raises a gun and they are forced to kill him in front of his father.
    The dominant one wouldn’t have panicked like that … they learn form his dad that he worked at a garage, where a lot of ex-cons also hang out. So they go to the garage and learn he got sacked 1 week ago.
    Gideon calls Garcia ( why again is she so very scared of him ?? I thought she was over the whole evil man hacking into her system ?) and she gives him the name of Davin’s cellmate. Tony Canardo.
    So, they go to pay him a visit, but only find his wife home, and a lot of empty bottles.
    She covers for him, but agrees to go to a safer place while Morgan stays behind to wait for Tony to come home.
    Later she walks into the office with a bruised face and a real nice story on how Tony beat her up. And she has a ring on her finger …. Which she quickly takes off when she finds it belonged to one of the victims. She really play it very very well, believable till the end.
    After a short struggle Morgan can turn Tony in, but he’s not talking. Even though they go by the book, assuming he’s the dominant one, so praise should have worked…
    So Gideon decides to put the wife in the room with him. She gets him to spill, and the team rush to the warehouse he says Tiffany is at.
    Which she isn’t. And when Garcia calls with the cleaned up audio it becomes very clear that Tony never was the dominant one, Amber his wife was !
    But she has calmly walked out on them.
    They know the first 2 victims were not killed and raped by Tony, they confront him, Gideon tells him he knows about Amber, and about her brother and dad raping her. ( Turns out she had some serious issues with her mother – who defended her dad and brother, instead of taking care of her, when she turned them in to the police..).
    Tony finally gives and tells them about a cabin in the woods, where they find Tiffany and Amber ( that face popping up in front of the window when Morgan looked in scared me to pieces!! ) and they rescue her. But as Amber says, she will never be the same…
    Later in the plane JJ tells they also found the body of the first boyfriend who she had rape and kill the first two victims. Garcia’s in tears at the end too or so it seems…
    I know there was a comparison by Reid of the “team” of dominant and submissive killer and a perfect storm, but I forgot to copy it.