Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 7

The Performer

Aired Wednesday Nov 11, 2009 on CBS

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    Just LOVE JJ!!!!! that is all, haha
  • And so we go to LA

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. When body's start piling up, the team are called in to Los Angeles to help out on the case. Soon it is linked to a Goth rock star and he is brought in for questioning, when one of the victim's cars is found at his house. But soon it turns out that he is to the killer, and that the killer is in fact a fan of his and his manger. Overall this was a very god episode with a lot of inside jokes. Although I did feel bad for JJ when she got attacked. But at least she was seriously injured.
  • A solid episode, neither one thing not the other. Gavin Rossdale great as guest star but the case was flat-footed. There were some funny team moments and a little few role reversals.

    Honestly, I think the story was lightweight. Probably they've thrown the episode in to please fans with references to former episodes and a few little in-jokes. It is what it is. Rossdale was good as the weary don't-wannabe Vamp and his relationship (his side of it) with the manager was touching. No matter that the manager turned out to be managing the killer too.

    Great to see Reid more involved and really happy for what that must mean for MGG's recovery. But why did JJ go alone to that house, that creepy house, when they were in pursuit of a killer seizing young women for the purposes of exsanguination? Listen JJ. Young women. Exsanguination. Your son wants to be an orphan? And how on earth did it take her so long to get there? The others turned up in a trice, a journey which took her hours to accomplish. Shakespeare it ain't. Double time's no explanation.

    Ah but it was good, good, good to see JJ and EP more involved in the action, and more moments with wonderful Garcia too, with correspondingly less focus on the heavies of this season so far (DM and AH) -- I say that as someone who loves Morgan. I missed Rossi though. He's the forgotten man apart from that one episode this season. (He and Reid, and JM didn't break anything).
  • Three women are dead and their murders are all eerily connected to the touring schedule of Dante, a gothic rock star with a very diverse group of followers. Have to confess I liked this one, it was something different and that's always good.

    The BAU travel to Los Angeles, California to help in the hunt for a killer who murders women and then drains their bodies of blood. The killings all correlate with the tour schedule of rock star, Dante, (AKA Paul Davies) whose gothic appearance and stage act give him something of a cult following among teens.

    When a message is left on the arm of one of the victims which also has a connection to Dante, he quickly becomes the chief suspect. When the car of one of the victims is found at his home, he strenuously denies having any connection to the deaths and during his interrogation by the BAU, he is incredibly convincing as he tells them that his stage persona is just that, a character, created to sell albums (a new one of which has just been released) and that in reality he is nothing like the on-stage alter ego.

    When the team get some saliva results back from the lab, they have to re-think their profile but that wasn't surprising as the identity of the unsub and the motives for the murders was pretty clear right from the early parts of the episode. It was still interesting though. Good to see J.J. doing some important stuff at the end too.

    Kudos to Gavin Rossdale for an excellent performance as the wrongly accused rock star, fine work. I liked this one and it's a good 'rewatch' episode too.
  • Incredibly well done!

    This was an exceptional episode of Criminal Minds, and I thought the plot to this one was absolutely superb. The vampire/vampirist idea was original and innovative and the reference made by J.J. to Twilight was hilarious, in my opinion!

    The storyline seemed to be extremely predictable as I was watching, but we were given an incredible surprise at the end in terms of who the culprits were, which I think is one of the greatest things about this show.

    I also felt that the quotes at the start and end of this episode were great ones.

    Overall, I rate it as highly interesting, extremely innovative, great suspense and twists and I would highly recommend this episode!
  • Vampire theme...

    It looks like noone can escape the vampire theme these days and oh.. I am not very amazed by that but in the story.. it was quite good one. I mean, it was catching, it was exciting, it had very interesting point of storytelling and whole way the episode was built: it was very powerful, well structured and all the things you expect.

    So.. what was my problem with it? I am not even sure it had a problem. On that moment I watched it, it was catching, it was striking and interesting but as soon as I had finished it, it was gone. I mean, there was nothing that affected me. Maybe I liked some of the char developments and little background on Prentise as she has maybe got most little char concentration but.. there was nothing I think I will remember in next year, when I look back. It was good one, for sure.. but not standing out enough.
  • A great, not-who-I-expected-the-unsub-to-be episode.

    I really did like this episode. It started off great, with the show, then the whole Dante is losing his mind thing, then the murder. And right away I thought, Dante is the murderer. I must say, Gavin Rossdale did play the Dante part quite convincingly.
    As far as the characters go, I didn't like it when Morgan called Garcia 'babydoll', then quickly changed to 'Garcia'. I hope it won't be like that, because I really do enjoy the banter between the two, and just because Morgan is unit chief now doesn't mean he has to stop that, I think. And to me, this episode was quite balanced character-wise. Prentiss casually revealed a little bit more about her past to Rossi, JJ got hurt, and Reid and JJ on the plane....well, I'll leave that be.

    And I thought the unsub would be quite predictable, but I was wrong. It wasn't at all predictable to me. I was surprised to find out who the unsub actually was. Nicely written. Another great episode for the 5th season.
  • I liked this episode more because of the character interaction than the story itself.

    I really liked this episode. The story was good with a little twist at the end. It was sad that Paul Davies had let the manager manipulate him so much that the character Dante became more important than the music and really even Paul's own identity. And then the manager played on that poor girl's illness to use her for his own gain. What An A$$!

    Anyway on to what was great about this episode. Reid was in it more!!! I hope that he starts being in it more every week again! The regular cast was all great (as usual). I loved it when J.J. asked Reid on the plane at the beginning about Lila Archer and whether he ever talked to her any more. His reaction was great. I had always wondered....She and Reid were cute together.

    I also thought it was cool that Detective Kim was back, I liked him in the episode he was in previously with Lila Archer (Somebody's Watching season one).

    It was great at the end that even though J.J. was in trouble she was able to control the situation enough until the others got there. I'm glad they didn't make her seem like a helpless damsel in distress waiting on the men to swoop in and save her.

    At the end on the plane I really enjoyed the conversation they were having about music and all the different views. That entire scene was terrific!
    It was cute when Reid covered J.J. up with the blanket and Hotch handed her the bottle of aspirin.
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