Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 7

The Performer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Three women are dead and their murders are all eerily connected to the touring schedule of Dante, a gothic rock star with a very diverse group of followers. Have to confess I liked this one, it was something different and that's always good.

    The BAU travel to Los Angeles, California to help in the hunt for a killer who murders women and then drains their bodies of blood. The killings all correlate with the tour schedule of rock star, Dante, (AKA Paul Davies) whose gothic appearance and stage act give him something of a cult following among teens.

    When a message is left on the arm of one of the victims which also has a connection to Dante, he quickly becomes the chief suspect. When the car of one of the victims is found at his home, he strenuously denies having any connection to the deaths and during his interrogation by the BAU, he is incredibly convincing as he tells them that his stage persona is just that, a character, created to sell albums (a new one of which has just been released) and that in reality he is nothing like the on-stage alter ego.

    When the team get some saliva results back from the lab, they have to re-think their profile but that wasn't surprising as the identity of the unsub and the motives for the murders was pretty clear right from the early parts of the episode. It was still interesting though. Good to see J.J. doing some important stuff at the end too.

    Kudos to Gavin Rossdale for an excellent performance as the wrongly accused rock star, fine work. I liked this one and it's a good 'rewatch' episode too.