Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 10

The Popular Kids

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on CBS

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    Once again - the last few scenes of the episode save the rating from being somewhere far below a seven. The final profiler of the eventual killer was very good, as well as the scene on the plane between Gideon and Reed. I thought that the black man, whos name I continue not to remember, had a really good acting part in this episode when he had to give the final profile. I still miss the parts in the early parts of the season where they made the blockbusters connections that really made you want to go back and rewatch the entire episode. I thought that this is one of the worst episodes of the season and hope the show can get back to the glory that I miss right now.
  • The team travels to McAllister, Virginia when two teens are murdered, one already skeletal, and it is believed that Satanic ritual may have been behind the deaths.

    Popular student Adam Lloyd is found dead in Virginia and when skeletal remains are found, the BAU are called in. It appears as though the murders may be Satanic in origin but Gideon in particular is most reluctant to accept this theory in spite of the symobolism and the words 'Satan Lives LOD' found on a tree near the crime scene. Local girl Cherish Hanson, who was with Adam on the day of his death is also missing and the team have to assume that the crimes are connected.

    It is soon obvious that the killer is a local and when locals are recruited to help find Cherish, the BAU members notice that the son of the local police chief is extremely eager to help and has several concrete theories about the case. When it is learned that several students from the local school were aware of what had happened, the net closes in on the unsub in an unexpected way.

    A good episode but, once again, it was unfortunately very easy to figure out who the unsub was almost from the beginning which I guess mirrors reality in that sometimes, the guilty party sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.
  • The downfall continues..................

    The personal interactions between the members of the team are the only thing that make this series very interesting at the moment. But the cases they are working on are terrible. It\'s been said already, we smelled it from a mile away.
    It is the best new crime series this year. But,please CBS, don't destroy this great series with a great cast by bad scripting.

    Even Killer Instinct has better scripts in the last weeks.
    This material has so many possiblities. We have great actors. It would be a shame if the network messes this one up..... But he, it wouldn't be the first time.......:-(
  • You can only do so much with one character before people start to lose interest...

    Anyone who has read my series review of Criminal Minds knows perfectly well that I watch the show because of my fascination with Dr. Spencer Reid. However, sometimes, you just have to pull back and let some other characters do some developing.

    Since the beginning of the series, we've been shown that Spencer is a genius, and takes a lot of crap because of it. It's that kind of thing that has viewers rooting for him every time he does something on his own, without the others to carry him through it, even if it mean he almost gets killed. But really, now they're taking it a bit too far.

    Every episode I've seen personally (which is all but two, I believe), has a least one part where Spencer makes some kind of development. First he solved a major part of the serial arsonist in "Compulsion", then we learn he failed his weapons certification in "L.D.S.K." but then goes on to save the day after getting the snot kicked out of him by Hotchner. In "Derailed," it seemed like Elle was going to be the one to save the day, but then Spencer stepped up and prevented the untimely demises of an entire train full of people. The most recent episode "The Popular Kids" showed a bit more personal side of the doctor, revealing he is plauged by recurring nightmares. Then he almost gets himself killed. Again.

    I don't know what it is about this guy, but I'm even getting a bit sick of the character focus, and I basically proclaim my love for him every time he's on screen. Something has to be done about this, and soon. Otherwise, it's going to turn into yet another rip off of Law and Order, specifically Special Victims Unit, by focusing on one person just because they're award winning or up for one.
  • It\\\'s ok not great.

    I love the fact that in this episode you find that reid is having a lot of truble sleeping because of his job. you fing that margan tries to understand reid and how his mind works. Reid and Morgan devolope a kind of simlarity. reid turst morgan enuf to tell him whats bothering him yet he wound\\\'t go to gideon. I hate the fact that the kill was the seiff son and the father never know. You could see he was the killer because when morgan talks about how the unsub puts himself into the invesication and he was telling everybody what really happen and he knew where every thing was. In the end we find thqat reid is always having trubble with the bodys they find all cut up dead and that was hunnting him. it wasn\\\'t one of my favorties but it was okay.
  • interesting and ok

    ok, this is no where near my favorite episode, but it was still good. i have to admit i am really enjoying the development of the bond between morgan and reid. i like that reid is considered the kid of the group and that everyone else feels responsible for him even though he feels responsible for all of them no doubt because of his inability to make mistakes. as soon as they introduced the kid, you knew he was guilty, but it was still fun to watch it all play out.
  • So so.

    This episode didn\'t have the best storyline. But it was definatley better than The Fox. If you have read any of my other reviews, you know I hate that episode! Gave me the creeps. But anyway, back to this episode.

    If you are scared by the devil or demons, do not watch this episode, even though it turns out that the bad guy was not some creepy goth guy. It was the...well, I won\'t give any more away, just in case you have not seen this episode yet. But I will tell you, CBS can definatly do a lot better.
  • Great show but wished Gideon was there!

    Hotch leads the team in Gideon's place as Gideon is
    Hurt and so Hotch goes there and they investigate a
    Cult in which two high schoolers are dead and that may lead
    To the cult being involved. Great show as usual saying
    That kids can really get messed up indeed! As a cult
    Can really mislead people like Tom Cruise! LOL!
  • Nightmares that occur during sleep, and then any parent's living nightmare come true.

    This was an excellent episode. We find out that Reid is suffering from nightmares recently, and he is not getting enough sleep because of it. That is very dangerous considering the type of people the BAU goes after, you really need to keep you wits about you then.

    They get a case where the casefile is not yet put together, because the local Sheriff of the town that they are going to called them before the CSU's even arrived to process the crime scene. They go to the town of McAllister, where a the captain of the high school football team had been murdered during his daily run on the mountain trails. They find out after checking out 2 crime scenes that a cheerleader from the school had gone running with him, and that she was missing.

    It was too bad it was a jealous member of the football team that had wanted to get rid of the football captain to go out with his girlfriend (the girl who had been runnig with him, she ended being murdered as well).

    At the end Gideon talks to Reid about his nightmares, and shows him a picture of a woman from a case early in Gideon's career with the BAU that they had saved. He tells Reid that she writes to the BAU every year to keep them up to date with her life. Gideon gives Reid the picture to help remind when needed that they do get to the victims before they die, and that that helps make the job worth doing.

    I have to say that Garcia's excitement, and then dissapointment about him being married, about there being a man who owned a large string of shoe stores was just typically funny Garcia.
  • A really good case

    I do not know but this episode really strike me - the story was good, I most say - not too horrible I think and it was more about trying to guess who is behind - to get the profile right and find the person behind it.. And it was probably very sure that we already had seen that person - so it was a great mind game and I totally liked it.

    And if not concentrating on the case, this episode had some char development too - we learned quite a many new things about those members of the BAU.

    And some really exciting, spooky and even dangerous moments..
  • I really enjoyed it! Small town - big problem...

    This was definitely another top notch Criminal Minds show, packed with a terrific case which I thought was done perfectly. The profiling work was, as per usual, brilliant to watch, such as the bit about knowing that the suspect would want to get highly involved in the case.

    I really enjoyed the twist where it turns out that the cop's son is the killer after all. But I also enjoyed the rest of the episode when they are searching the forest for Cherish. Sadly, this was not one of those episodes with a brilliant and happy ending.

    Overall, this was intense viewing! I really loved it, and I think Criminal Minds continues to excel! Keep it up, guys, and I can't wait for more!
  • Saw the ending coming from a mile away.

    Knew as soon as the agent moved the football and revealed the guy's picture, he was the killer. I thought the girl's story of watching the guy decompose was very stupid. Noone in their right mind would do that. I hated to see that the sheriff was stupid. Too many red herrings in this episode.
  • Do not watch if are scared easly about the devil

    Even though this episode was once again a great entrance to the series it hits you in the heart. If you truly believe in heaven hell this episode brings out the best of good vs. evil with the gang learning of two kids missing the cops of town find a satan ritual which leads to tons of believers of the devil how the worship him. It has a very good ending though even though you may figure out early but it’s worth it!
  • Everyone could foresee this ending.

    The ending was predictable. I called it the second I saw the kid. The only thing that actually saves this episode from descending into a bad place is watching Reid try to deal with his nightmares. It's such an expected, but absolutely logical problem for any criminal profiler to have and it's nice to see the show deal with it.