Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 8

The Return

Aired Wednesday Nov 13, 2013 on CBS

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  • kind of boring

    din't like Morgan and girlfriends scenes, unisteresting storyline
  • oh my.... what a "bad" and boring scenes betwenn JJ and Morgan,

    what is going on? Sounds so feak the scenes between Morgan and very good wrtien
  • unimpressive and boring storyline

    A pretty unimpressive and boring storyline, it's as if the show has run out of good stories. We need a cool serial killer story, like the old days.
  • Interesting twist

    Nice if a man would really want to train soldiers wouldn't he brainwash more children?and the kid who tears up when he sees his mother?if we believe that he was brainwashed enough to be willing to die it would take more than just to hear his mothers voice or see her for few minutes.

    but overall enjoyable.
  • Didn't Like It

    The show is usually solid, but I just never got into the suspect this week. The premise, a man convincing kids to be his soldiers, seemed interesting enough, but it just never materialized into a genuine threat.

    Mediocre writing, un-Criminal Minds.
  • Terrific

    An amazing episode with a great plot, one of the best of this season. The unsub was a monster who tortured kids to manipulate into realizing his vengeance. it was interesting to see there was nothing the team could say to stop those kids.

    It's was nice to finally see Morgan dating someone and i like his scene at the beginning.
  • Exceptional!

    This was an extraordinary episode of Criminal Minds, and by far the best episode of what has been a pretty good season so far! This one took child soldiers to a whole new level with some horrifying consequences.

    Can't even imagine how those kids will get back to normal after years of conditioning. It's quite horrific to think about, really.

    I loved who the unsub turned out to be - it made sense and the story tied together completely.

    Overall, I was very impressed with this episode! My favourite one in a long time! It was simply marvellous and extraordinary! I sure hope they maintain this standard going forwards!

    Interesting little side-story with Morgan as well. Nice to see.
  • Great episode!

    I like how the unsub was a former cop targeting cops, especially since the unsub was an abusive cop.

    And just horrible how the unsub used kids to do his missions.

    Seems like Morgan has got a good girl; I hope it lasts. It's about time he got som loving.
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