Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 13

The Road Home

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2014 on CBS

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  • O M G... what next!?

    This was a brilliant perfect epiosde of Criminal Minds. The case was pretty interesting as we get a vigilante-style killer who is out for blood a long time aftr his loved ones were a victim of crime as well. I like how the episode started and I like the direction the case went, as it was a very good one.

    On another front, Rossi heads to LA to deal with his own drama. I was unsure and a little tentative about this storyline as a whole initially, but as I watched it play out and when it warpped up, it almost brought a tear to my eye, so it was really sweet and nicely done! I enjoyed that!

    Meanwhile, it's just an OMG moment at the finish! That was absolutely shocking... I need to know more!!!

    Can't wait for the much-hyped 200!! And even more than that, can't wait for some more Paget Brewster!!