Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 13

The Road Home

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2014 on CBS

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  • Why vigilantism isn't well liked in real life.

    Madison Davis hoped that the BAU never catches the unsub, but she might regret that when she hears that the latter killed an innocent man by mistake. In reality, vigilantism is more likely to bring more harm than good. People would argue about how is Batman any different. For starters, Gotham City (in most incarnations) is filled with corrupt law enforcement. Commissioner Gordon can't completely rely on his own police department because some of them might turn their backs on him. Batman may use physical violence during interrogations, but he doesn't lose his composure and resort to lethal violence. Real vigilantes, for the most part, attack first and ask questions later (or even never), which can lead to the deaths of innocent bystanders. I know the justice system isn't perfect, but we're always trying to improve it. It's all we have to prevent us from devolving into complete anarchy. Besides, it's way better that laws in some countries, as well as in the past, before women's rights and the Civil rights movement. The show keeps coming up with interesting topics.
  • 3 story's tonight!

    3 story's tonight! One pretty predictable although I found myself rooting for the bad guy at first! the second was just a useless filler with Rossi, nothing even to do with criminals! The 3rd, right at the end? WOW shocker, cant wait until the next episode!
  • predictible episode

    not the bes episode of CM. Love Rossi, love the team. But the miss more mistery, tension, humor, emotion, profiling,
  • Song Title

    The heavy metal music that plays at apartment 21 in the meth den does anyone know the name of it??
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

    The vigilante storyline was interesting... until they revealed why he is killing criminals. It would be way more better if he was killing just because, without the cheesy explanation and (please, why!) the final confrontation with the bad guy's mother. Completely stupid and utterly melodramatic.

    What leads me to the B story, Rossi's. Why? Why? Why? The show's name is Criminal Minds not Touched by an Angel! Who cares if Rossi's old homeless buddy reunites with his uptight son or not! What a waste of a main character!

    Oh, how I miss the Gideon years!
  • The Road Home

    Way too predictable with the side storyline for Rossi. Of course the son would end up meeting his father again and reuniting the family. Why not ignore TV cliches and do something different?

    Still, better than last week.
  • oops - SUV?

    noticed that vigilante-style killer took gun from glovebox of a SILVERADO -- later in the show, vehicle was referred to as an know SILVERADOs were SUVs, always thought they were trucks.
  • O M G... what next!?

    This was a brilliant perfect epiosde of Criminal Minds. The case was pretty interesting as we get a vigilante-style killer who is out for blood a long time aftr his loved ones were a victim of crime as well. I like how the episode started and I like the direction the case went, as it was a very good one.

    On another front, Rossi heads to LA to deal with his own drama. I was unsure and a little tentative about this storyline as a whole initially, but as I watched it play out and when it warpped up, it almost brought a tear to my eye, so it was really sweet and nicely done! I enjoyed that!

    Meanwhile, it's just an OMG moment at the finish! That was absolutely shocking... I need to know more!!!

    Can't wait for the much-hyped 200!! And even more than that, can't wait for some more Paget Brewster!!
  • review

    a good episode with a great ending. JJ's in trouble.
  • Joe's first Directing

    Awesome. Can't wait to see what happens to JJ.