Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 1

The Silencer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • An unsub called the Silencer escapes from prison.

    The first episode of the season was a good one but unfortunately Emily has left The team also gets a new member called Alex Blake who is a promising character but we have to see whether she is as good as what Emily was In the episode a serial killer known as the silencer escapes prison with a bit of luck and starts a killing spree The silencer proved to be a dangerous killer but when the team cornered him he had to kill himself but the team seems to have more trouble coming because at the end we someone with photos of the whole team which means something big is going to happen later in the season.
  • Close to home

    This episode's amazing! It freaked me out, because guess where I live. That' right, I live in Abilene, TX. It's nice to see this small town get some recognition. That's probably the reason I love this one so much.
  • Silencer 8x01

    Seeing Penelope all dolled up with the Union Jack just made me wish we'd gotten to see her running around England being her vivacious self at people. But since we can't all have what we wish seeing her be grumpy at the new person worked nearly as well.

    This episode was okay and considering this is the first episode of a new season that's probably not a good sign. I honestly was only half-interested in the escaped prisoner plot. I'll also be reserving judgement on the new character.
  • sigh..

    Okay so I was very relucant to even watch this because the last season ended SOO bad.

    I agree with Garcia, I do not like change. I hate that my favourite character left.

    So when the replaced her with another brunette, who is also is a language expert and likes to stare at the board I was even more pissed. I do not like the new agent. She doesn't fit it.

    No easing in to the team just stomping on in there like she belongs there.

    Not a very likable character. I miss Prentiss.
  • Criminal Mind fan #1

    This is the best TV series ever created! The writers are absolutely brilliant!! The actors "all" of the actors are great!! Derek Morgan/Sheman Moore is the hottest man that walks the earth!!

    However there is only "ONE" Reid!.....and we LOVE HIM! You need to be really careful when replacing these characters. They are all so distinct, well placed, and GREAT actors! Good luck!!
  • good one!

    A good episode, but there those that have been better. I still enjoyed this one very much. The unsub was a little difficult for me, I'm not sure if I would have liked it more if he had really been pure evil or if I enoyed this version more. Either way, he was a "cool" killer because of his unique trade mark.

    As for Agent Blake... well, I don't want to be too quick to judge. She seemed kind of nice in the beginning and and, but I'm not so sure that she will fit in. Of course, it's hard to replace Prentiss. I think the team only needs one genius and that is Reid, but on the same time it's kind of nice to have someone else around that does know a few of the things that Reid also knows.
  • Episode and Blake

    I Loved episode it was great. But Alex Blake is like across between Hotch and Reid in a female body and it just make pothole in the team and it just doesn't gel.
  • meh!!

    Not the best start to the season (or the new character).

    I found SSA Blake to be boring and not very likeable at all. I also was not real excited about the way the team acted when she was around.

    Dr Reid is the resident smarty pants, I don't think they need two.

    I could also do with less Strauss, she is just a hateable biotch.
  • s0801 Silencer - average for criminal minds, awesome if it was a different show

    Characters: Trying to make sense out of what I felt is harder than I thought. First off, while I miss Prentiss it has nothing to do with how I feel about Blake. One character has little to do with how I feel about others. My first and overall impression: I didn't like the character. Not at all. I felt she was dry, cold, and disconnected. I don't know if it is how the actress played the character, how the character was written, or the character period. I should point out that this isn't the first time I've started to dislike a character that I later liked. But so far - don't like her. Didn't like how she doesn't flow with the rest of the team. I'm all for new characters and change so it's not that at all. I just didn't get a warm happy feeling. At the end when she communicated with the unsub I did gain some respect for her - but wish she'd have tried to at least connect with him a little more emotionally. I saw this as a very cold and dry attempt on her part. I'm hoping we learn more about why she's so cold. Garcia is my favorite for interacting with other characters. I'm hoping she can Penelope her into warming up and perhaps relaxing a bit. I would have been fine without having an additional agent - especially if Strauss is going to be seen more. But time will tell.

    The overall story was alright - I liked the way they figured things out - how he wanted to be in solitary, etc. It gets harder each season to bring something fresh and I thought the idea of the cochlear implant was a good one. I enjoyed the flashback - I like when they establish why and what caused the unsub to become what they are. I've read a lot of reviews and comments about if this was good for a season opener or not - my thought is that unless the previous season's finale leaves some major question that requires an answer - the opener is just another episode that needs a bit of continuation from where we last left off. They returned from their vacations (explains their absence from our tv). Prentiss is elsewhere. (explains why she's not on our tv) We meet a new agent (this wasn't really explained well YET for me - why she's needed, etc) There's nothing left they had to answer.

    So overall, glad to have the show back on. Waiting on final thoughts on new lady. Hoping to warm up to her..

  • Disappointed

    The episode was new and refreshing but Alex Blake is a downer. She has no personality and she is very depressing. I know they can't tell us all about her in her debut but she just didn't give off any vibes that made me think she was going to be an asset to the cast..
  • Not too bad at all.

    While I concede that this episode was not strong enough to be a season opener, I found it quite enjoyable overall. Just a little bit hokey there in the beginning when the unsub escapes whilst on the way somewhere else - shades of 'Silence of the Lambs'. I don't enjoy knowing whom the team is tracking before the credits roll and I REALLY hope that the writers stop doing this because it takes away a lot of the suspense if we know what is going on before our intrepid crime fighters do.

    Nice touch that Reid and Garcia had caught up with Emily whilst in England but I'm glad Morgan finally put a lid on Penelope's rants about SSA Blake. Speaking of the new girl, I was impressed with what I saw. Jeanne Tripplehorn is a seasoned actress who knows her craft and that was obvious here. She didn't appear awkward around the team, and vice versa. Good cast chemistry should equal a good season, providing they have some decent writers and plots, of course.

    Having Reid warm up to Alex Blake and clearly enjoying her knowledge and blending it with his own was a brilliant move by the producers. Everybody loves Reid and if Reid likes Alex, then the viewers probably will too. I enjoyed the fact that she put her points across clearly whilst making certain to clarify what she meant when speaking with Hotch. If she had been a know-it-all right from the beginning, that would have put a lot of people off.

    I really liked the fact that there was plenty of actually profiling done and reasoned deductions, instead of jumping to conclusions which have no basis, something that happened far too often in seasons 6 and 7 for my liking.

    If I'm being honest, I thought the case itself was very weak and, as I said, not nearly good enough for a season opener but I will let in slide a little in the hope that the main focus was to introduce the new agent. I wasn't actually all that interested in the unsub, his victims or his past and that's never a good thing when watching a crime procedural. Weighing everything up, though, it was more than passable and, at the very least, watchable. I hope we have a good season to come.
  • Not all that great

    Overall the episode wasn't terrible, not their best and most interesting case but as an episode it was alright. I would not say it made an ideal opening to the season by any means, the only truly interesting part in terms of the case is the sneak peak and the guy who will be hunting the team at the end.

    What was really offputting about the show though was the direction the writers took with the new character. The actress herself seems to know what she's doing, but the writing and character she plays is awful. I hope they do a better job at developing her into her own later in the series. In my opinion, they did not need a female Reid, and I do not think she offers anything in terms of exchanging knowledge with him. She comes off as truly arrogant as well.

    I was also curious as to why they tried so hard, way way way too hard, to push her character into the team. The team acted as if they could not even do the case without her, obviously I had expected some sort of inclusion, but they went too far. The only time her character was tolerable was when she was interacting with the other cast, particularly Garcia. Overall if this is the direction the show is gonna take with all their episodes, this long time fan is not gonna look forward to this season.
  • Liked it

    I did think that the first episode wasn't as strong as the opening episode should be but the ending brought out good suspense.I did like the new character in it.I was very afraid that new character will be bad in the same way agent Seaver was but she was good.I do understand why they concentrated on her mainly but it was done in a good way.The storyline was good but not for opening season.Criminal Minds went down the hill couple of seasons back but they are coming back stronger.Hope they will go back being as strong as they were in Seasons 4 and Season 5.
  • Criminal Minds is back and I love it!

    I have to say I am a bit shocked of the reviews here. I think it was a good episode and we got to know Alex Blake. I like her and think she will be good for the show. She did get a lot of screentime but we have to get to know her. She seems to be a good agent and Reid seems glad to have her there. The Silencer was a case where her skills was important and still we also saw a side of her where she was scared of stearing the case the wrong way. The way she cut off Morgan when the team delivered the profile. I don't think she was rude but concerned she could be wrong.

    I usually like Garcia a lot but I found her to be annoying. I mean, Prentiss/Brewster wanted to leave so I think Blake should get a fair chance. When Prentiss started in season 2 a lot of fans wanted her gone. Same with Rossi. Now we love them.

    My least favourite is actually Morgan. The character is sometimes to much of a stereotype-machoman. I have to say I think this looks like it can be a great season! The last 4 -5 episodes of the last season was the best the show has had for years. I will keep on watching!
  • expected more

    I am terribly sad and I do not know if I continue to follow this show. I missed Reid and his brilliance and Rossi, Rossi was in Show? What they did with Reid and Rossi, they still participate in the Show? I miss the women's action, was simply ridiculous Hotch and Morgan watching the exchange between Blake and unsub, I confess I dozed off.

    I definitely hated Alex Blake!

    The only good thing was the pictures at the end, which gives a hope of a good chapter in the entire season, fans need to believe it.


    Honestly pathetic... We already so little of Ried last season and now this new character comes in and takes over one of his domains... Also the storyline was really boring and Rossi was just not there... I miss Paget Brewster... The only bright spot was Garcia who we again saw very little off... Nothing interesting about the Strauss and new one storyline... I didn't exactly enjoy season 7 but atleast the first episode was good, almost great even with Emily coming back... This one though too much focus on Blake and not enough of the team and honestly she does not feel part of CM...

    The only thing good about the ep was the photo's at the end and I'm hoping(finger's crossed) these guys don't manage to screw up that storyline...

    I'd give it five episodes before I decide it's not worth it... But if this is how u guys work on each episode... Ur gonna be losing a lot of the audience
  • Pathetic

    What a pathetic way to begin a new season. The unsub was boring, uninteresting and a joke. Given the vast number of crimes over the past decades and the FBI database fo crime, I was amazed that this is the best the writers could come up with. The new agent Blake did nothing to impress me or make me forget Agent Prentiss. I kept asking myself do we need a female version of Dr. Reed? The only good moments were those when JJ, Penelope and Morgan were on screen. I found myself waiting for time to fly so that CSI would come on. Apparently something has happened to the writing staff . Season 7 was lackluster and so far season 8 is off to a sub par start.
  • Criminal Minds is back!

    First let's taslk about the case - I thought it was a pretty good one. It wasn't perfect, but it was interesting and there were a lot of interesting scenes throughout. I enjoyed it for the most part, and I thought the beginning was intriguing, but it did have some less than stellar moments.

    The beiggest criticism I have is that surely SOMEBODEY would've realised in the last eight years to look up the relatives of the three dead women, since she was clearly a surrogate of someone important to the unsub. It's just not believable that nobody thought to check this out before, and in the end they caught the unsub not by great profiling, but based off of what a rookie should be doing.

    Now let's talk about our new team member - Alex Blake. To be honest, she seems exceptionally boring. I like the actress and she seems like the perfect person to bring into the show, but surely they could have come up with a better character for her than this? Surely!

    A professor slash linguistics expert slash profiler slash who knows what else. It seems to me that they have taken a character and filled her up with a lot of inferior and unneccessary characteristics to try to replace the brilliance of Emily Prentiiss. I would be happier if she was just a linguistics expert assisting the team, or if she was a new profiler transferred to the unit. I couldn't care less about her being a professor and whatever else she is. It is just plain annoying. Th e writers have tried too hard to replace Emily, and it has backfired completely.

    So negative impressiosn of Blake from me. I want to reiterate that I like the actress but I hate the character.

    We need Emily back... seriously...
  • Little disappointed - but maybe it'll get better!

    After a beautiful BAU "Family" theme when we left season 7, I was a bit disappointed with the first epi of Season 8. I am a huge fan of CM and it was great seeing everyone again including Jeanne Tripplehorn who I think is a great actor. However, I felt that everyone seemed to bow down to this new character Alex Blake. She came across as more of a know-it-all rather than a new member of the team and it was a bit of a turn off for me. However, I'm giving it more time for this character to develop before I make any final judgement. Change is difficult to accept - especially since I really like Emily and will miss her. But I still feel that Criminal Minds is one of the best shows that TV has to offer; the actors are the greatest! And I wait to see how all this will develop.
  • The Photograph Guy!?!?!?!?

    Hey so in the end of the episode (good episode by the way), did the developing photographs of the team make anyone think of that episode with the photography teacher? I googled it and the episode was called 'Out of the Light'. The photography teacher was totally creepy but got absolved of any blame. In the end though he's seen whistling and hanging up more pictures, and it looks exactly like the ending scene in this premiere. Any thoughts?

    This is my favorite show curruntly on TV & I could not stand to watch this new "know it all character" that was supposed to fill Pagets shoes. HA! Shame on you CBS...there's only room for 1 true genius on Criminal Minds & sadly it's not her. Don't know if I can watch her another episode, much less the entire season. I know I'm 1 person & no one cares, but bad move people.
  • Was this really the season opener?

    Lets just say BOARING! I felt like I knew what was going to happen next every time! I felt the case was predictable and we have seen cases like it b4 and just wasent the wow factor the season opener should have! I also feel like we didn't much of the cast in this ep and they didn't really function as a team it was the new person show ( already forgot her name because the show and she was so boaring!) also I didn't see much of Reid which disappointed me. Now that I an done ranting here were some positives, i liked the ending a lot it is really making me hope for a good ep next week! 2 of all I looked the end with Garcia however I don't like the new character as much I find her boaring but than again it's the 1 ep ( I really like the actress though) and third they didn't kill the baby yetyy! Well I gave this ep a 5.5 bc I almost feel asleep and was not an amazing season opener.
  • I remember the UNSUB

    John Meyers was one of the more interesting unsubs of the show, if only the episode was more about his story than introducing the new team member Alex Blake. I found it very difficult to find anything interesting about the new member. She is female Hotch, but we already have Hotch so we don't need female Hotch. I may sound a bit like Garcia (against change) but to me there was very little about her to catch my attention. Jeanne Tripplehorn is great but she hasn't got much to work with in Alex Blake. Not only does she seem to be pushing in on other characters specialities (Reid's linguistics expertise and Hotch's full steam ahead attitude) her personal history storyline was with section chief Erin Strauss another unremarkable character. We'll have to see how she develops, but so far she's not very memorable. Looking forward to the seasons overreaching arc we glimpsed at the end.
  • Solid episode

    It wasn't CM at its absolute best, still I liked this episode. I haven't felt sorry for any unsub on CM for a long time but John Myers was a really sad, broken character.

    I have mixed feelings about Alex Blake though. She's smart, sharp but she doesn't feel like a part of the BAU family. And I didn't like how she interrupted Morgan.

    Rossi was almost invisible this time. Luckily, Garcia is great as always:)