Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 1

The Silencer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • I remember the UNSUB

    John Meyers was one of the more interesting unsubs of the show, if only the episode was more about his story than introducing the new team member Alex Blake. I found it very difficult to find anything interesting about the new member. She is female Hotch, but we already have Hotch so we don't need female Hotch. I may sound a bit like Garcia (against change) but to me there was very little about her to catch my attention. Jeanne Tripplehorn is great but she hasn't got much to work with in Alex Blake. Not only does she seem to be pushing in on other characters specialities (Reid's linguistics expertise and Hotch's full steam ahead attitude) her personal history storyline was with section chief Erin Strauss another unremarkable character. We'll have to see how she develops, but so far she's not very memorable. Looking forward to the seasons overreaching arc we glimpsed at the end.