Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 13

The Thirteenth Step

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2011 on CBS

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  • A couple of killers go on a murder spree bringing with them smutty scenes, little of the BAU and overly gorey murders.

    This is the first episode I have rated below a rating of 8, so for me to rate it at a 4 means something definitely went wrong. The only good qualities I could grasp at were the little of the BAU we saw (and the lack of Seaver) and the glimpse of the season-story arc in the form of Prentiss' past.
    Far too little of our much-loved characters was seen. Don't get me wrong I welcome the occasional episode where the audience is allowed to concentration on the unsub and their series of events (Eg. 'Normal'). However I feel the writers got this balance very wrong in this episode.
    As other reviewers have stated they arrived at the profile very very quickly with little solid evidence to back it up. No plot line, the writers definitely had an off day, and it seemed they couldn't be bothered to put any method in how the BAU got to their conclusion.
    The scenes of the murders were very grotesque and violent, even by Criminal Minds standards. Didn't put me off but could see how it might other viewers. And the same goes for the intimate scenes between the killers, seemed over the top and most was unnessecary and just sleazy.
    This episode just lacked the cleverness of which I expect of Criminal Minds, seemed to contain no psychological side to it which is usually key to delivering the profile.

    I am looking forward to delving deeper into Emily's past yet wonder if it too will be a let down like the disappearance of Reid's hallucinations? I really do hope the writer's deliver more next time!