Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 13

The Thirteenth Step

Aired Wednesday Jan 26, 2011 on CBS

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  • What happened to the writers?

    I saw enough reviews making comments about the writers that I decided to research it a bit. Indeed, there have been many changes on the CM writing team. This season has shown us 4 new writers (one of whom wrote this episode and had the unfortunate task of writing the first episode w/o JJ as her very first CM episode to write). One writer has been there since the middle of season 5, two since season 4 (Breen Frazier and Rick Dunkle, who generally seem to do good work), and only 3 have been there since the beginning (Ed Bernero - the executive producer, Simon Mirren, and Erica Messer). Deb Fisher - who used to be Erica Messer's writing partner - left after season 4, as did Andrew Wilder who wrote some of my favorites: Normal, Lucky, and Elephant's Memory. It appears that Oanh Ly, Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin, and Chris Mundy also have not returned to the writing team for season 6 which is disappointing. Whatever the deal is with these new writers, they don't seem to understand the characters or the essence of the show as well as the former ones did. Episodes like this one are evidence of that, IMO, for many of the same reasons other reviewers have already stated.
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