Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 16

The Tribe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • I don't understand

    If the kidnapped victim was part of the tribe of "Grandfather's" then

    why was she there at the house where the college students were murdered?
  • Several college students are murdered whilst having a party in an unoccupied house in New Mexico. The MO of the murders suggests that either a Native American or someone with a vast knowledge of their culture may have been responsible.

    To be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with this episode as I thought that given the very interesting aspects of the case that the script was very weak and poorly written in places. One advantage though was the appearance on the scene of Hotch's younger brother, Shaun, an obviously clever young man who arrives at the BAU to inform Aaron that rather than go to Georgetown and study law like his brother and late father, he wishes to move to New York and work in a top class restaurant with the idea of eventually becoming a chef. To say that Hotch is far from impressed is an understatement!

    Meanwhile, the murder of the five college teens leads the BAU to believe that they may be dealing with a 'pack' or killers who work within the pack mentality and who will not stop until they are stopped, according to Gideon, by a stronger pack or 'tribe'. The bodies were severely mutilated and skinned alive and one was impaled which leads Reid to point out the connection to ancient rituals of Native Americans.

    The question is, is the crime in any way connected to the local Native Americans or is someone just trying to make it look that way to throw the investigators off the scent of who is really behind the crimes?

    It was good to see some back story on Hotch and they story could have been so much better with a better script. Not awful but not great either in my opinion.
  • Excellent episode, well written episode with riveting plot and great job by Greg Cruz as John Blackwolf.

    Exceptionally gripping character portrayl by Greg Cruz as John Blackwolf. Good plot development of Hotch in this episode with the introduction of his younger brother. what really stole the show in my opinion is the Character of Blackwolf. The whole native american apache and the tracking abilities all sauced up, great one liners made an impact with the story. The loses a tenth of a point to being a perfect 10 because the murder scenes should have been a lot gorier. It seems a little sterile, when you have people in this episode skinned alive and impaled on metal stakes. Other than that one of the most entertaining episodes yet with twists and turns and good action and witty lines.
  • really really good.

    ok, so this show surprises me in that it tackles issues that a lot of people are either unaware of or uncaring about. the fact that it brought in native american culture, and displayed some of the abilities of that people along with a lot of the misconceptions and discriminations impressed me. also, i think this episode was intersting beginning to end. i mean, i didn't think her dad kidnapped her, did you? all in all, very very good television!
  • Way better than usual episode, and since they are always pretty good in this series - that is really saying something!

    This show was really great.

    I really hope they making the Indian a reoccurring character from time to time. He adds a lot more physical strength to the team. His world-wise but sincere humor is also a big asset.

    The bad guys in this show ranged to from possessing weak character, to being truly dangerous, to being actually pathologically evil and cunning. In other words, ideal game for the show's expert profilers.

    This is one of my favorites of the episodes I have seen so far. They should do more like this show. I don't know if it was the writing, the chemistry with the new actor, the directing, or the actors just found their groove more than usual. It was a terrific episode, whatever the reasons.
  • a wonderful series! mind tasking and really cool!

    i loved this installment with the indian guy it was just over the board! those kids deserved what the got! in this day and age i hope there isnt much hatred around cos that would be much trouble. i loved the scene in the classroom where reid couldnt hold his enthusiasim for knowledge and he answered the question meant for the kids. was hotch's bro HOT or what? i guess as long as there life there will alway be sibling rumbles. i love the part grcia plays she totally rock s at it and she really looks nerdy. most importantly i love those sayings or quotes they give in between in an over voice. i try to write down but i dont usually get all of it.
  • Which tribe is the most powerful?

    What's in a tribe, anyway? In this episode we have three - at least - and by putting them next to each other we can see their similarities and differences quite clearly.

    First, we have the traditional tribe - the Native Americans ably represented by John Blackwolf. Okay, so he sounds like a fortune cookie sometimes, but he does explain how the Apache nation sees itself, and how they are perceived by others. Even the name "apache" was given to them by their enemies, and their beliefs define them, hold them together and give them their identity. Second, the crazy cult led by Chad Allen(?). These kids are not held together by anything except the mind-control of a scary psychopath. Imagine putting other human beings to torture because someone told you to. "Grandfather" is no Charlie Manson, but the concept of submitting your own will completely to another certainly has its historical analogies. This tribe isn't about shared beliefs and heritage, it's about total domination by a charismatic loony.

    And third, our brilliant gang of BAU profilers. Perhaps less cohesive than the other tribes, but they, too are tied together by an underlying sense of community. They are connected just as tightly as either of the other tribes.

    On a completely different level, I don't know which I liked better - watching Hotch meet his laconic match, or watching Hotch wail away on the bad guys with his baton.
  • Review

    This episode reminded me way too much of the episode earlier in Season one that revolved around the cult theme. I thought the story was unique in some ways and I really liked the indian man who was able to profile the scene better then anyone there. I liked his ability to predict that there were eight people that walked into the house that night. Overall though, I thought the episode was primarily a filler type of episode and didn't really move along the show very well. I thought the episode also focused a little more on the side of the big man, whose anme I cannot rememeber. Not Gideon, the other guy. Finding out about his brother was a kind of cool twist. Other then that - nothing too amazing here.
  • It shows that the writers are thinking outside the box. during the ep John Blackwolf has a knife fight, he doesn't shoot them, can any one identify the type of knife John Blackwolf uses or is it one of those :made for TV jobs:

    Out of many episodes this one really does get the viewer thinking, where is this going and who is behind the whole thing.As I said in the summary section I think the writers have gone out of the box to involve a storyline with an american indian based theme. I think it is an extremely rare case for any top raring show to do such a thing. Points made in the show that a person does not always have to shoot someone in order to subdue, That reaching your goal is the important thing even if you take the long way to get to the end.
  • Who really is what?

    Something weird happens - a very cruel murder - 5 people killed. The team suspects there is 6th but it comes out that the 6th person on the house was kidnapped just seconds before and that her father was behind it - by doing that he saved her life. But she is not very helpful and they think she has been brainwashed and now belongs to a cult.

    So the whole episode runs around the indians and the cult who believes they are more indians than indians themselves.

    I think this episode really had different dynamic, we had some great fight scenes - I mean the knife thing in the end..
  • Another fine example! This was an underrated episode!

    I found the plot to this episode to be really fascinating and quite entertaining. I really enjoyed the Native American side of things, but the killers did not turn out to be the Native Americans.

    I enjoyed the kidnapping aspect of things, and I found the concept of the girl surviving because she was kidanpped to be a really interesting one! The man paying for his own daughter's kidnap just to save her, lol! It was a good twist!

    Another excellent twist ws that the killers were trying to provoke a war between the ADU and the Native American tribe.

    I hope that we continue to have some more great episodes like this one! Keep it up, Criminal Minds, and I would highly recommend this episode!
  • A good episode. Back on track after last offering.

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the concept of this story. The idea of an independant cult faction starting a \"gang war\" between indians and white men was something I haven\'t seen done so well before, not that I\'ve seen it done this way, but gang wars are pretty well documented through TV shows and movies these days. This was a good extension of a well based storyline. Comedy from Garcia at the start was hilarious and wonderful but definitely not enough of her (GARCIA FAN!!!).
  • A must for Hotchner Fans (Spoilers)

    I liked this one. I thought the part about the ladies all watching Hotch's brother and then clearing out when Hotch spotted them was hilarious (Garcia is a master at lightening things up). I was also, facinated by the way they had the relationship between Hotch and Blackwolf really develop. The storeyline kept me really involved and of course (Hotchner Fan) I loved the whole fight scene at the end. Though I liked the stuff with his brother it did seem sort of out of left field. Over all I really enjoyed this episode.
  • not the greatest, but still good TV. (spoilers)

    The show didn’t do much this episode in back stories, actually when I think about it, this show still lacks many good back stories at all. That considered it’s a really good show even considering there are no real back stories which I think would add to the characters and stories. This episode seemed kind of ify to me, the premise was original, but it wasn’t handled well enough in the story to make it stand out, which is too bad. The episode may have been politically motivated but they did it in a way that wasn’t so in your face that it’s all you could see. The characters will still good in that they didn't betray their arcs or what we would usually expect of them, which is more than I can say for a lot of Hollywood. Can't wait for more.
  • Not the best, but the Hotch moments weren't bad.

    I think the plotline of whacked out Inde (Apache) wannabe cult members slaughtering people was a bit much, but I did like the side story of Hotchner's brother and accepting what decisions were not his to make and also his interaction with the Inde Reservation teacher. The others seemed superfluous, and the "captain" america statement was hilarious, considering Hotch's G-Man stereotype.