Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 8

The Wheels on the Bus ...

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2012 on CBS

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  • vry interesting episode, kind of scary

    scary episode, interesting
  • it makes me feel scared about the world

    reading some of the comments below, claiming there was not enough brutality, enough creepyness, that it was too short, it makes me feel scared about the the state of the world.. there was more than enough of these and the whole sadism in the plot just made this one of the darkest episodes of CM..
  • 8x08 - The Wheels on the Bus

    I agree with everyone else who said this episode had potential but didn't quiet make it to awesome. Even with out of the kids dying I never felt like there was much danger facing the kids. And the whole 'game' set up felt half-hearted, like it was trying to be disturbing and creepy but it never go the guts to go there.

    The episode was entertaining but it had no emotional impact on me.
  • Average

    Not too bad not too good... After some amazing episodes was slightly disappointed... Not too much of a plot... Really didn't like the implication that it was video games which made the guys become killers... Only positive was Rossi and Garcia at the end... hope it improves
  • Slightly disappointed

    After the strong message that was delivered through the Remembrance day episode i would have to say this episode was terrible, started off slow, the unsubs were quite boring and their was nothing special..
  • two episodes

    Awesome but the time flied so fast as i watched it :D The could have divided this case into two episodes...
  • Should have been longer

    I think for this episode to be really great it would have needed to be longer. It had so much potential to probably become one of the most memorable episodes. The whole plot was fantastic; like a saw movie, almost. So it should have been a two-part episode and a bit more brutal maybe. Although, watching as one of the charachters shot her friend was sad. Do be forced to do such a thing is... just wrong on so many levels.

    However, it was also that sadistic nature of the game that the unsubs played that made this episode special. I must say the writers of Criminal Minds have had some very creative episode lately.

    Also, I like Agent Blake. Yes, she is no Prentiss. No one can ever be a Prentis except Prentiss herself obviously. And no can take her place. But Blakes makes her own place in the team and I think she fits in well. I would prefer that Prentiss had stayed, but Blake isn't bad at all. She goes along great with the team without stealing their time from the screen.


    This episode had a TON of potential to be really intense and dramatic. When I first saw the episode description, the only thing going through my head was "Seven Seconds" from season 3. This could have been a much similar episode. I'm usually a big fan when the writers stray from the norm of serial killer, it's entertaining and different. Which is why episodes like Seven Seconds, Lessons Learned and Riding the Lightning are some of my favorites.

    However, this episode just plain sucked. The writing was so poor. Rossi (of all people) recognizes the elements of their intel as part of a video game. The team then focuses all their efforts on this theory. A, I feel like they would either need more evidence to support that theory before testing it, or they would have Rossi work that angle while the rest of the team goes about the text book procedures for this type of crisis. And B, that is just super lazy writing to move the plot forward.

    Also, why does everything have to be so obscure and violent? How about a Pedophile who takes over a bus of grade school kids and is on the run? Instant drama, not out in left field, and the team now has to profile the guy to find out where he'd be taking him. Plus, we'd get a bit of Angry, Pedophile-hating, bad-ass Derek Morgan in the episode as well. Which would be a fresh take on his story with Blake in the mix. She'd be all "what crawled up his ass today?"

    Swing and Miss, CM. Better luck next week.
  • The ultimate vidoe game!

    Wow, this episode was insanely awesome! It was a real life video game, with real life consequences and some very real moments. This was the last thing I was expecting from this episode, to be honest, but I enjoyed how it played out, and the storyline was unique and veyr much an ezxciting one!

    One of my favourite scenes was Garcia hacking into the system and talking to the boy in the game. It was a great scene! I also laughed so hard at the very end when Garcia turned over two phones and a tablet to Rossi and the episode ends with her third phone riniging! That was gold! :P

    Definitely a unique case, and definitely one I am very happy about! Can't wait until next week!
  • Blame it on the video games?? Really??!! Again?

    The whole idea of abducting an entire school bus was interesting, but they ended up blaming everything on 2 kids who like video games, which was not only boring and uncreative, but it was also quite illogical. Video games were proven NOT to "make kids violent", despite many people's efforts to popularize this idea, and players DO know the difference between game and reality. So this episode was just too easy, and badly written.
  • Quite poor

    I had hopes for this episode, but they fell far, far short. The writing, on the whole, seemed as though this was a second draft at best. The changes between the scenes with the team and the scenes with the victims and the scenes with Garcia and Kevin were shoddy and disjointed. The scene changes reminded me more of trying to change gears in my twenty year old manual car that I don't know how to drive than anything else.

    I'm wondering - and desperately hoping this is not the case - if the writer got the idea from the Hunger Games, another poorly written story (I don't care if people disagree with me - I know a poorly written book when I see one). It might have been alright, had more revisions of the script been given, or perhaps if it were a double episode; but as it is, they revealed the unsubs far too early, and the profiling suffered for it. I had just the other day read a study on how violent video games, far from causing boys to behave in this way, actually lessen the desire for violence and aggression after playing, much in the same way as the typical serial killer will wait a month or a week or however long before killing again, as he has had his high. For most people, video games are a healthy way to blow off steam. For the budding psychopath, like these boys, it would be more likely to encourage them to slowly escalate from video games to assault and battery, then to a messy and unpractised murder. They would not suddenly behave this way, building a game like this.

    I was glad to see Kevin back; I very much like him. However, I can't help but feel that he was not needed as a second technical analyst. His role in this episode felt forced, to push the drama onto the viewer. Again, had the script been revised more thoroughly, this may have worked.

    The final scene between Rossi and Garcia was possibly the biggest redeeming factor of this episode. A very sweet moment. Rossi rarely shows his tender, gallant, nurturing side, but we saw it once more here. Rossi has been by far the most interesting character this season, and I'm very excited to see his role once the season really gets going and we begin to see the team's stalker playing his part.

    While it was not the train wreck much of season 7 was, this episode was by no means good. A far cry from last week's show; and I hope next week's will be more reminiscent of "The Fallen" than this mess of broken dialogue was.
  • Detective William Richards played by Reggie Hayes

    OMG, Reggie Hayes from Girlfriends, he played William Dent, I love Reggie. I still have the People Magazine when he was the Sexiest Man Alive!! It was nice to see him play other than a lawyer. It was great to see him as the Detective William Richards, he is so serious, what a great actor, I hope to see him again in the upcoming episodes!! I loved it!! This episode get the perfect 10 from ME!!
  • Matt Moore

    He is David Gallagher from 7th Heaven.
  • 7th heaven?

    is the brother that lived the youngest son from 7th heaven? okay show
  • Penelope Garcias Facinator by Mariah S Feather & Whimsy

    I was watching CM last night and saw my sisters creation on Penelopes head, I was so excited I just had to share that with everyone.

    The Episode...... really gamers???? What I liked the best was Penelope and Rossi at the end, no electronics good tunes and scotch, makes gor a great night.
  • The Wheels on the Bus

    As a high school sophomore, I found this episode quite disturbing. I admit, I am a bit paranoid about these things (i.e. bus hijacking, abducted etc.) but this episode took my paranoias to another dimension. But my personal problems aside, I thought that this was episode was really good. Up until this episode, I was willing to say that the show is going downhill but truth be told, I loved this episode, though, I'm more excited for next two episodes. Love me some backstories.
  • Pretty solid episode.

    Well, it wasn't amazing. But it was enjoyable. It had plenty of suspense and action. You didn't know what was going to happen in the 'game'. Also loved Garcia and Rossi's little thing at the end! Glad to see them bond. It was a weird the whole case seemed somewhat far-fetched and too elaborate, but it was still good to watched. It didn't really go into the unsubs mindset and motives as much. They talked about motive, but not how they usually do it. But maybe that's because it was a hostage situation and wasn't treated the same as other cases. It kind of reminded me of the episode in season 2 'Legacy' but FAR less brutal. The whole abandoned warehouse where victims run around was the same though. All in all, solid episode.
  • Waste of Time.

    I hated this episode. Enough said.