Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 7

There's No Place Like Home

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2011 on CBS

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  • More Will

    Josh is a pretty actor and I look forward to when he guess stars as Will. I agree with part of a previous comment, it was like Will was there more as background scenery and it irritates me because his character deserves more then five mins of airtime. The story line with Jennifer and Will is similar to Hotch and Haley but Will is not like Haley.
  • I was pretty bored with this one.

    Sometimes you get an episode that just doesn't push any of the right buttons. This one was one of those for me. I could certainly identify with J.J. feeling bad about Henry being ill but it was taken to the extreme somewhat and Josh Stewart in his role as Will seemed almost as though he was there to provide background scenery.

    The unsub himself was as boring as they come. And just about as predictable. I think the 'CM' writers were asleep for this one or they may have just watched an episode from Season 1 of 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer', which had a very similar plotline. Brother tries to bring older brother back from the dead by doing a Frankstein-esque re-invention. The M.E. seemed a bit bored too as he casually chowed down on his food in the autopsy room. The part I loved and actually giggled at was Reid explaining about the correlation between air turbulence and plane crashes. It was priceless, as was Rossi's reaction. I think even Hotch would have cracked a smile at that one! Some good team interaction but more work needed on consistent writing, directing and plot creation.
  • The rebirth of Dr. Victor Frankenstein! (Spoilers ahead!)


    This was definitely an extremely spooky episode of Criminal Minds - especially as I was watching it with some pretty strong winds blowing outside. The overall effect was quite scary!

    The storyline was great - in the previous episode, we had an unsub working to understand death before confronting it and this time, the unsub is trying to bring someone back from the dead! It was truly a Frankenstein type of episode, as said by Dr. Reid!

    I really enjoyed all the scenes in the strom! I loved the team racing in their cars with massive winds blowing outside, and the ending scene was just spectacular! Moreover, JJ's little sotryline was fascinating, and I loved the little story at the end!

    All up, there was a lot to love about this episode, and I think the standard is very high fro Criminal Minds at the moment! I hope they keep it up!

  • Strong plot, great character arcs, engaging and exciting. Is Criminal Minds back?


    This was the first episode of Criminal Minds in a long time that actually kept me on the edge, had a decent dose of profiling, and nice touches of character insights.

    Rossi is finally growing on me - and I never liked Mantegna much but felt he was fairly harmless in the curmudgeon role. The storyline with Rossi losing his ex-wife (played by the marvelous Isabella Hoffman, who starred for several years in the game-changing "Homicide") has humanized him. I found him humorous in this episode, but not annoying as I had feared if he lost his arrogant edge.

    I really enjoyed everyone's performances, from Spencer's "I'm rambling" comment and Penelope at her best - funny, competent, deeply sensitive. Morgan, Prentiss and Hotch had smaller roles but as always had no trouble holding their own. It was also nice to see Will again, and the adorable growing-up-too-fast Henry. The relationship issues were handed well, with just enough charm and warmth rounding out a suspenseful episode.

  • Look out Will - if JJ's the new Hotch, what does that make you?


    So, JJ's feeling the pressure all working parents feel when they can't be there with their children when they really want to be. This is a balancing act that affects everyone, but, somehow, when it's a gov't agent, it's supposed to make us wear sackcloth and ashes and wail, "Oh, woe is me!"

    Seriously? This is a rerun. Season One, Hotch works too much and misses his son's important doctor's appointment - we only know Jack has some kind of heart problem- and Haley confronts him. So we've got a new Hotch in JJ, and Henry is standing in for Jack. I suppose that means Will's on the way out, doesn't it? Isn't that how all these things end? I wonder if JJ will be pounding her man's killer to death in their dining room in a couple of years.

    What? There was a case? No, there was an idiotic horror movie in place of a case. Might have made a pretty good B movie for the SciFi, oh, excuse me, the SyFy network: Man loses older brother (I think?) to tornado. Man decides to recreate older brother by using bits and pieces of teens and 40 year old men. And then brings them to life with ... a tornado. Uh huh. As soon as we got a good hard look (and that you VERY much for that, CM) at the dismembered bodies, we all looked at each other and said, "That's Frankensteeeeen!" Wait, did I say pretty good?

    There was profiling here? I must have missed it. Cute Reid drawings and storm chasers and reading dialogue from cue cards - that I saw.

    Only good scene was on the plane with the Reid/Rossi turbulence show. Loved MGG's deadpan delivery of the whole plane-explosion scenario. Other than that? A snore/gore fest.

    Did Bernero take the mojo?

  • The BAU must track down a modern day Dr Frankenstein with a fetish for teenage boys and tornados!!


    Criminal Minds has always been one of those shows that never really disappoints me. Just when you think they've done all they can with serial killers, each week they dish out a new unsub with sinister motives and a unique vibe that makes them creepy in their own way. In this episode, we are introduced to Travis James, a man with a sad and troubled life. When he was just a child, Travis lost his family, namely his big brother Tucker to a deadly tornado (this occured in a trailer park of all places). Over the years, Travis became so overcome with grief and delusions, that he decieded to take a page from the Frankenstein stories and recreate his brother from scratch. To do this, he started abducting teenage boys (runaways and prostitutes) in Kansas, waited for a tornado to strike, which Travis belived had the power to bring back the dead, then killed the boys and dismembered them, taking the body parts he needed to stich his brother back together, all the while the storm washed any evidence away. These murders eventually drew the attention of the BAU, who came to investigate. Though there was little to go on, they soon catch a break when Travis abducts another teen only this time leaving a witness, the victims younger brother. Piecing together Travis's plan, The BAU manage to catch up to him before he can finish his new hand made brother in the midst of another deadly tornado. The team save the last victim and get him to safety, but Travis allows himself and his "brother" to be swallowed by the storm. All in all, a great episode with plenty of suspense and drama. A recurring theme for Season 7 is aside from Ian Doyles ex baby mama, there has been not one Unsub that you can't help buf feel sorry for. While Travis really creeped me out, after seeing what he went through as a child, I felt for him. All he wanted was his brother back. I also have to give props to the last victim. That kid was awesome. Despite being bound, gagged and beaten with a crowbar, he kept fighting. It takes guts to headbutt a deranged killer. He earned his rescue for sure. The team was also in usual form. Rossi was still mourning his ex wife, Reid and Garcia were funny as always, and poor JJ had to deal with several family problems. Although it was great seeing Will and Henry again, I hate that they are splitting JJ between home and work. We already went down this road with Hotch. Do not turn Will in Haley 2.0. Though I have to say, the ending scene with JJ and Henry (AJ Cooks real son) was so heartwarming. No Place Like Home was not a perfect episode, but you would be crazy if you said you hated it. :) :)