Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 7

There's No Place Like Home

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2011 on CBS

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  • The BAU must track down a modern day Dr Frankenstein with a fetish for teenage boys and tornados!!


    Criminal Minds has always been one of those shows that never really disappoints me. Just when you think they've done all they can with serial killers, each week they dish out a new unsub with sinister motives and a unique vibe that makes them creepy in their own way. In this episode, we are introduced to Travis James, a man with a sad and troubled life. When he was just a child, Travis lost his family, namely his big brother Tucker to a deadly tornado (this occured in a trailer park of all places). Over the years, Travis became so overcome with grief and delusions, that he decieded to take a page from the Frankenstein stories and recreate his brother from scratch. To do this, he started abducting teenage boys (runaways and prostitutes) in Kansas, waited for a tornado to strike, which Travis belived had the power to bring back the dead, then killed the boys and dismembered them, taking the body parts he needed to stich his brother back together, all the while the storm washed any evidence away. These murders eventually drew the attention of the BAU, who came to investigate. Though there was little to go on, they soon catch a break when Travis abducts another teen only this time leaving a witness, the victims younger brother. Piecing together Travis's plan, The BAU manage to catch up to him before he can finish his new hand made brother in the midst of another deadly tornado. The team save the last victim and get him to safety, but Travis allows himself and his "brother" to be swallowed by the storm. All in all, a great episode with plenty of suspense and drama. A recurring theme for Season 7 is aside from Ian Doyles ex baby mama, there has been not one Unsub that you can't help buf feel sorry for. While Travis really creeped me out, after seeing what he went through as a child, I felt for him. All he wanted was his brother back. I also have to give props to the last victim. That kid was awesome. Despite being bound, gagged and beaten with a crowbar, he kept fighting. It takes guts to headbutt a deranged killer. He earned his rescue for sure. The team was also in usual form. Rossi was still mourning his ex wife, Reid and Garcia were funny as always, and poor JJ had to deal with several family problems. Although it was great seeing Will and Henry again, I hate that they are splitting JJ between home and work. We already went down this road with Hotch. Do not turn Will in Haley 2.0. Though I have to say, the ending scene with JJ and Henry (AJ Cooks real son) was so heartwarming. No Place Like Home was not a perfect episode, but you would be crazy if you said you hated it. :) :)