Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 25

To Hell...And Back (1)

Aired Wednesday May 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • I love 'Criminal Minds' and I love the concept and the dynamic of the show but such a blatant rip off of the movie 'Hannibal' is just a bit much, particularly as a part of a season finale.

    Several people have gone missing from Detroit, Michigan. Mostly homeless people who would normally fall off the grid without anyone noticing but war veteran Sergeant William Hightower is not going to just let it happen. His sister is one of the missing and, after much effort on his part, the BAU are asked by the local authorities to investigate, even though they are sure that no actual crime has been committed.

    The investigation leads the team to Canada where we find a potential unsub so disabled that it is not even possible that he has actually been involved in the fate of the missing people at all.

    It was just about here that I lost interest. Particularly when I found that this chronically disabled and obviously evil man was named 'Mason' and that there were pigs everywhere ... All I needed was to see Sir Anthony Hopkins jump out of the shadows with the familiar Dr. Hannibal Lecter smirk and the show would have been complete.

    I truly get that the show's producers are big fans of Thomas Harris's 'Lecter' films and books (the co-incidences throughout several episodes of the show are too numerous for it to be missed) and I certainly agree that the books and films were brilliant but I would rather see something new and original in a 'Criminal Minds' season finale. The actors deserve better and the writers have been proven many times that they are capable of it.
  • Definitely a great case, that's undoubtable, but I wish it weren't this disgusting...

    This ws a very good case in the first half of the Criminal Minds season finale. The case was definitely gripping and very interesting, but I was revolted at what was happening to the victims, and I just wish it were different in some way.

    Criminal Minds can, and has, created terrific and sublime episodes without vbeing vile and disgusting like this episode was, and that is why I took half a mark off. The case itself, was great.

    All up, the first half of this investigation was very interesting, and if you have a strong stomach, I recommend it. But moreso, I recommend thie next half of the episode...
  • Except for the last two minutes this season finale was just 'ok'

    Well, where do I start? This case was pretty ok, but for a season finale it sucked big time. There was no real tention whatsoever, everything was VERY VERY predictable. The only good thing about this episode where the last two minutes;

    - talking about the state of mind for people who get hurt because of this kind a people

    - talking about the BAU's own state of mind because all the sh*t that they have to see every f'n time

    - the serialkiller from earlier this season who has come back to get revenge on Hotch.

    That really saved this season finale for me, overall it was just 'ok' though.
  • Complex and Bizarre.

    With the complexity of the script as well as the plot you very quickly understood the reasoning behind the two-part season finale. I really appreciated Hightower's dedication to his sister that he was willing to sacrifice himself. The aspect of the impossibility of tracking "homeless" people I found very poignant. I found the money aspect in the creating of the victim profile and how the victims were picked by how they cashed their checks. The revelation that Mason Turner was bed ridden forcing the team to re-evaluate their stance was a wonderful twist. It gave you a glimpse into their thought process in the heat of the moment.
  • What the hell

    awesome episode, it had feeling, thought, feeling, love, feeling, hate, feeling and twists did i mention it had feeling. I really felt for morgan this episode I hope he doesnt jack it in as he's one of the best characters since gideon left, I also felt alot for the autistic murderer, what a shame being so badly manipulated by his obviously deranged brother, such a shame, really put me in mind of the book of mice and men and perhaps that should have been the title for this episode. ("just look at the water lenny").

    The victim kelly was great in this too brilliant acting all the way, especially by lucas, the army guy who lost his leg god did i feel for him - he done the right thing in the end and obviously no good deed goes unpunished but at the end of the day the bad guy would have gotten away with it, I dont think im spoiling it since it was obvious he was going to do what he did. Rossi was obviously of the same mind too. At the end what happens to hotch? who knows, i wouldnt write him off yet but it doesnt look good does it? I hope the series keeps the characters who make it great as I cant see Reid carrying the show on his own, Rossi hasnt quite filled the gap that Gideon left and I don't think the rest of the cast can carry on without the likes of morgan and hotch, cmon guys whats with the cliffhangers at the end of a season??? you's are going to drive me mad lol. If hotch is indeed dead then we need gideon back I mean cmon Mandy Patinkin, I understand religion must be a big part of your life to leave the best show you've ever done and the princess bride is like my favourite romantic movie and well illustrates Trooo Luvvvvv so i'm a big fan but if anything criminal minds has a positive message what with the summary and quotes at the end etc, really hits home that even though murder is a heinous act that there is no complete evil and no complete good just shades of grey, you should be part of this show as the wisdom gideon brings to it is necessarryand the show doesnt deliver the message quite as clearly without you. Anyway cant wait for the next season, much love to all the cast crew and everyone associated with the show, keep up the good work, especially Garcia sexy mamma (and reid rules the sherlock bit). XXX cant wait for next season anyone know when the first episode will be aired?.
  • Really creepy

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open this episode in Michigan, with a man committing a murder. We then see him calming driving with the victim in his car, over the border into Canada. But as he passes through the border he starts acting strange, almost as if he wants to be caught, and soon ends up crashing his car in the guard post at the border. He is taken out of the car by the officers there, and he admits that he has killed 10 people in the last month and that he wants the FBI. We soon learn that his name is William and that he claims to have taken 10 people off of the streets in Michigan and has killed them all. He will only reveal the dumpsite of the bodies to the FBI. And so unsure of whether he is telling the truth, the team take on the case. Hotch questions the suspect and we soon learn that Michael has been out on the streets trying to find his baby sister. He noticed that people were going missing and when he told the Michigan police about them, they didn't seem to care as they were street people. We then see the real Unsub with his next victim. We also see that the Unsub lives/works on a farm. The team ask for William to be released into their custody, so that he can help the FBI solve their case. Once the case is over, he will be released back into the custody of the Canadian police. Son the team learn that on 5 of the nights when people we abducted from the streets, medical centres were broken into and medical supplies were taken. The team believe that the Unsub has a medical background and that he is performing experiments on his victims. We then see the Unsub feeding his victim to his pigs. Soon the team believe that the Unsub is taking victims after they cash their welfare cheques. They soon learn of a motel, where they cash the cheques but instead of giving them a room, they get money, but less than what they would actually have. When they get there the missing girl has already been and the Unsub has already taken her. We see the border control searching cars, but it's too late, we see that he is already crossed back into Canada via a river using a small boat. The team learn of the river and find some of his vehicles hidden by bushes. They soon get a name on the owner and learn that he has medical knowledge and lives on a farm. We see the Unsub on the farm and the FBI turn up, he makes a run for it with his next victim. The search the farm and discover a man lying in a bed, who seems to be paralysed. And then Reid asks the magic question "is this our Unsub?"
    On a side note, I really like JJ's hair in this episode. At first I hated it short, but now she seems to be trying different things with it and I really liked it this week.
  • Good start fro the finale!

    A former US army sergeant drives through the Canadian border and crashes his car against one of the barrier cabins and when he is arrested he claims to have killed 10 people. The BAU is called to investigate the situation that we soon know that he is not really a killer but a protector of the streets people and have noticed that some of them have been missing, and one of them is his sister. After more research they find one possible unsub that manages to cross the border in a boat and abducts the people just after they get their money from community checks. They track the unsub until his house just to find out that he is paralysed from neck down.
    Then the next chapter starts!:)
  • Start of great two-parter..

    I think it is really hard to review those episodes as two episode as even when first episode finished, it felt quite complete.. (someway) but it cannot be compared with the way it felt after the end of both parts..

    I most say it was great story.. and there were some really great thoughts - the way many people are helpless and what you have to do to get the attention needed. To look on the story - it was a one man's hopeless try to find out what happened to his sister.. and the way it started.. the way it ended.. it was brilliant writing.

    Story was exciting, looking so much different than was in the end. I most say some parts on the first part was little slow.. like when they show us what the other brother did with people he had taken. There was a lot of things you did not wanted too see or know.. but there was excitement and great story building.
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