Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 26

To Hell...And Back (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • GhgggGhh


  • When will the team pschye break?

    It's one thing to be dysfunctional but how jaded must one be to survive 4 seasons of the BAU? Morgan's been working there for seven years! The finale tackles deception, manipulation, sociopaths, regret and rage all in one without the political and socio economic preaching. And does a fine job of illustrating the Sisyphean task of quenching out evil. The interactions between the UNsubs brother and the last victim was painfully boring to watch but I hold the first half of the finale as the stronger part.
  • Superb, intense and suspenseful cliffhanger!

    This was the ultimate culmination to the fourth season of SCriminal Minds, and it was a sublime episode! Part ONe of the episode covered the vile and disgusting part of the case, and this episode was more centred around catching the killer.

    The discovery of the 89 shoes was horrifying,, and quite unbelievable. I definitely was mmortified when I saw all that.

    Moreso, the end of the episode was amazing, and I definitely don't plan on spoiling it for anyone who hasn't yet seen it, but it was downright brilliant and absolutely phenomenal!

    keep up the great work Criminal Minds! Four great seasons, and I can't wait to see how it will continue in the future!
  • The episode itself was so-so for me. Good, but not season-finale worthy. But the end!

    I felt for Hightower! Other than him, it seems like they went for the shock factor to create emotional depth and it relied on Hotch's "tell" at the end to convey the emotion rather than showing it because they were busy solving the crime. The Omnivore won't kill Hotch yet- he likes to torture people. But I'm surprised he didn't go after Morgan since he has Morgan's badge. More interesting is how the team which is becoming disillusioned will react - if they will unite to save Hotch and how the group will function without Team Leader.
  • Better than Part 1, much more watchable.

    I have to say again that I don't think this episode or the previous one were really season finale material but I do believe that this one was much better than the previous installment.

    I felt very sad for the mentally challenged brother. He was there to do a job for the deranged and sadistic one, and he had little to no idea of the actual reality of any of it. Interesting though that someone which such obvious mental health difficulties was able to lure the victims in the first place as he seemed just about unable to function at all as time went on.

    Once again we have to sit and wait to see if Hotch makes it through to the next season. This is becoming a most unpleasant pattern where we have to wait to see who lives or dies but it DOES make for a good cliffhanger and something to think about over the summer.
  • The end was WOW!!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open this episode as the last one ended, with the Unsub running through the woods with his next victim. Soon they stop, and as he tries to get his bearings she makes a run for it, but she falls and he is soon able to catch her again. Emily soon thinks that she hears a scream for help, but Morgan didn't hear it and they don't know where it came from. Soon they find a box filled with people's shoes and most of them have blood on them. The team believe that there are over a 100 pairs of shoes in there. The only person they have found on the farm is the paralyzed man who is called Mason. His only contact with the outside world is through his laptop, and so Garcia is ordered to Canada on the next flight. We soon see the Unsub with his next victim and it becomes obvious that there is something wrong with him. Almost as if he has the mind of a child. We learn from mason that the Unsub also put him into his current state and that he is the Unsubs brother. Mason also tells us that when the team finds him, unless they kill him, the Unsub will kill them all. Soon Garcia gets the laptop and finds out about the experiments which the brothers did on all of their victims. Soon we see that the next victim, Kelly, has managed to befriend the Unsub. She also manages to take the Unsubs cell phone in order to try and get help. The team get the phone call and soon locate where she is. So they race to get there in time, before the Unsub hurts her for betraying him. They get there and Reid manages to find the hide out which is hidden. They race in and pull Kelly aware, who is trying to calm the Unsub down. As the Unsub is taken down, as is his brother by William. As the team head back home, we see Hotch as he enters his apartment. I knew something wasn't right and my suspicions are confirmed when we see a shadow appearing. The killer who escaped from jail in episode 4.18 is back. He pulls a gun on Hotch and pulls the trigger. What does this mean for Hotch? Will he did or not? I guess only time will tell.
  • One of the best episodes of the season. Dramatic, well written and a good example of why this is one of the best series on the TV nowadays and with no doubt, one of the best in the history.

    The finale of the 4th season is the second part of a two-hour episode. If the first one was good, this second is simply one of the best of the season. The BAU team discovers who is kidnapping and killing the dissapeared people and start a race against the clock to find the last kidnapped girl alive.

    The episode is very well written, I specially like both the opening and the ending words said by Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). The worst, when the last shot faded to black and the credits appeared I wanted more because what's going to happen with Hotch? Who was the misterious man with a gun who apparently shots the BAU's boss?
  • Just mind blowing. After three superb seasons with edge-of-the-seat cliffhangers, the season 4 finale reminds viewers why they must tune in every week.

    Every week, the writers will come up with story line that makes Criminal Minds viewers hungrier and crave for more. Put aside some factual errors which have irked some, the show is just mind blowing. In fact, such errors should remind us that writers too are human beings who are not perfect.Or maybe, the error is intentional because it is a work of fiction that gives writer(s) the freedom to work the storyline that they perceive best for the show.

    In this episode, the emotions are raw and viewers are given a deeper look into the characters' psyche, from the agents to the unsubs. Blending the tough and emotional sides of each character is a masterstroke. Each character complements each other. The pace of the episode is fast, the scenes at the pig farm are priceless and the acting of the actors and actresses is remarkable as well as believable and not overwhelmed by the superhero complex. All in all, this season's cliffhanger is a jaw dropping experience for many. The reactions ranged from mothers shouting the top of their voice "NO WAY!" and woke up their children in the process to viewers who were shell-shock and just cursed the people behind the show for making them waiting impatiently for Season 5. If I have to travel across three oceans and endure about 19-hour plane ride to catch the new season of Criminal Minds in the United States, I believe it will be a worth while journey. Otherwise, I can only bite my nails (methaphorically speaking) in anticipation waiting patiently for it to hit the cable network in my country.

    For now as September is drawing near for the new season premier, I can only envy those in the US and make my wish with the tooth fairy to magically transport me there, maybe if I'm lucky I can go to the US for a business trip, who knows hahaha:-)
  • Jaw dropper finale. Hope he aint dead and the team go nuts and seek revenge, Its what we would all do in fairness, but the BAU are clever so they mightnt lower themselves to his level. Dont care, u still would wudnt u!

    Brilliant. Jaw dropping. Unexpected yet ingenious. Some idiot said the boston reaper from the omnivore episode wudnt kill hotch after it ended, and they were surprised that he didnt go after morgan coz he has his FBI badge. What? Ahhhhhh, must have missed the phone call between hotch and the reaper where they became direct adversaries coz he wudnt make a deal with him like shaughnessy did and hotch tells him hes the person who catches people like him. He needs control over the law enforcement agencies for his thrill now, he got caught and escaped. Killing the team leader of the BAU that rejected his deal would be his main target dont u think?! I swear, some ppl think they follow the show and they just dont have a clue. yes you ohitsarabbit. anyone who reads this, go to ohitsarabbits review and give em the thumbs down!!! Fool. Nuthin personal though!
  • Great season finale

    It was a great episode, the story was fantastic, the case was very interesting, I was sorry about Lucas because although he was innocent and victim, he killed the sick brother and probably will serve some time in prison. Also the ending is very very shocking, I am so curious about the shooter. I think he could be the killer from the episode 4x18.

    I think he will be get rescued and recover in the hospital like Garcia.

    I hope Hutcher will be in the show next season because without him I believe the show will have the same faith as CSI: LV, the ratings will be drop.
  • Dramatic but poignent.

    Picking up where Part One left off, I love the team's intensity in realizing that there was more to their profile and their serial killer than initially thought. I was cringing as the team investigated the farm, knowing what they would eventually would find. I appreciated that a lot of the brutality of the killings being left up to the imagination however the discovery of the dumpster full of shoes was just so dramatic. I loved the scenes where Rossi was interviewing Mason. I found it fascinating to watch the back and forth between the two. I was glad at the acknowledgement of team members, in this case Morgan, needing to step away from the crime scene to regroup. Watching Penelope lose another piece of her innocence as her desire to see the world through rose colored glasses was tainted again. It was heartbreaking to watch. Kelly reaching out to her capture Lucas was resourceful on her part in order to survive. As the case is closed I think the voice over in this season finale was the most dramatic of this season. The tone of it set not only the tone for what the team deals with everyday and how it affects their daily lives but also as to what's to come with the jaw dropping out of no where shooting of Aaron Hodges.
  • A great episode

    Just finished watching the 2 hour season finale episode and i gotta say wow !!!

    I didnt knew what to expect from this episode but since the beginning it was great !!! All the scenes with the killer in the beginning were great, the close ups made the whole thing worse than already was (if thats even possible).
    A great case to be solved, the victims were also interesting and the "sick brother" who was in bed and would not get blamed was awesome.
    I was just very sorry that Lucas was killed also since he was a innocent player in that game.
    I thought that it was an amazing episode by the end, and then there was more !!!! Just hope to see Aaron next season :(
  • An Iraq soldier looking for his sister on the streets of Detroit finds that many people are disappearing unable to get the Polices help he gets the FBI'S attention. From then on they discover the unbelievable truth behind a farm in Ontario.

    Amazing heart breaking episode. So much emotion was bought to this season finale, maybe not many twists and turns but from the moment we hear about why the former Iraq soldier did what he did til the ending of the episode especially where the unsubs are found. Lucas was a great character with great acting. The whole episode was full of great characters portrayed by equally good actors. I'm looking forward to next season, i hope hotch is still with it. Since Gideon, played by Mandy Patinkin left the show i was a bit sad. He is one of my favorite actors and was a good base to the show. Rossi isn't that bad I like his voice and the new attitude he brings but if hotch is gone too I don't think i'll like the show as much.
  • please, please don't let Hotchner be dead!! He is my favourite character

    please, please don't let Hotchner be dead!!
    He is my favourite character. Hi is a great guy, totally caring but trying his best to hide it. I am gutted he might be dead.

    It is definately the killer from episode 4.18
    The mask is the same and he references the deal
    he wanted Hotchner to make to stop hunting him, but being the upstanding guy Hotchner is he wouldn't deal, and now he is going to loose his life because of that!!!! That totally sucks. If he has to leave then this is not the way he should go. I'm hoping he is just injured and ends up in hospital and recovers, like Greenway did when she was shot.
    I hope the producers do the right thing in September and don't kill off the main and best character.
  • cliffhanger.....

    Continuation of where we left in the first hour. They located who they think the unsub is but now they have to deal with the fact that he can't move from neck down. He is really smart too. They finally discover that he has a brother with some psycological problems and that Mason has been manipulating him to kill people to make experiments to help him move again. They discover that 89 people were killed. The last girl kidnapped manages to be friend of Lucas and convince him to let her go outside. She makes a call they localise them and the cops end up killing Lucas alhtough he was no real threat. Meanwhile, hightower kills Mason and surrenders.
    I loved Hotchner speech. I loved that Morgan asked him to let him go with Prentiss and not stay there... How many times would they be able to do what they are doing? Saving people, but leaving so many lives behing altered?
    And more important questions, what happens with Hotchner? Is he shot? Dead? and what deal was the shooter talking about?
    Can't wait until september!
  • Great Episode, not the best Ive seen but still a great ending for this season. SPOILERS! - And the killer at the end was....

    Wow what an episode, from the start till the end I was full of excitement and although there wasn't much in terms of twists i very much enjoyed it.

    Basically a war vet admits to a crime to get FBI involved in case which was previous overlooked. Its sad to hear that many cases involving street people are generally overlooked in reality due to the mass number of cases but this is a reality.

    Eventually the group arrive at a ranch to find a ex-medical student using his mentally handicaped brother to kidnap and experiment on people. It is eventually learned that he is using the people to conduct some weird experiments to cure himself or something similar.

    Near the ending the last victim feels sorrow for the mentally handicaped kidnapper and plees with him not to resist arrest, but eventually get shot as he attacks the police, while doing so the war vet grabs a shot gun and kills the ex-medical student who mastermided this whole set of deaths. He then gets arrested.

    Another kidnapped victim is envolved saved but not before 90+ sets of shoes (victims) were found.

    The episode ends like most with hotchner stating how so many lives were effected, even those not of the victims who were killed.

    As Hotchner enters his home and grabs a drink of wisky a shadow appears from him holding and firing a gun, stating the line ... "You Should Of Made A Deal!"


    My Opinions.

    AWESOME episode, the camera angles and story telling where really good and the ending season suspense thing with hotchner being shot is really good. It obviously annoys me since i can't wait to watch next season but its just how it should be... Another good scene was watching garcias face when she realized what the medical scientist was doing. It showed that this job is starting to get to her and eventually break her... Will she last at this job for much longer?

    As for Hotchner, i am pretty sure the guy behind him who shot him was ...

    George Foyet from Season 4 Episode 18, where the criminal episodes from prison at the end and thoughout the episode offers hodgner a deal that he will stop killing if he is not hunted anymore. Im pretty sure this is the guy.
  • What an episode..

    I think this one goes to the list as one of most unpleasant episodes of this serie.. As Hotchner says in the end - 91 dead.. and who knows how many affected by those events. I think this episode started with really big events - they get to the farm, they find other brother, the find the shoes.. everything there.. it is chocking start, frighting and opens us the real nightmare going on there. Very dark tunes used and the camerawork goes with. Great in artistic way but scary..

    And then somehow it settles down.. it gets the daylight and then it is more about searching than the horror itself but it is always haunting. I think the developments with Hightower were too predictable.. But maybe it is just how the mind works. And that Kelly with the brother.. the way they tried to humanice him for us and in someway I think it worked.. all that just to have that last minute sequence what did felt powerful. Morris expression for sure.. And then that queue by Hotchner.. it was brilliant ending sequence but hey.. it did not felt like season final. When I remember last season ending - it was high stakes case with explosive atmosphere.. and it was amazing episode. This one was good and really emotional, thought provoking but.. it was not episode you expect from season ending..

    And even if the last few seconds gave us something to wonder.. still..
  • Good episode, but not an episode I would expect for the season finale.

    I had very high hopes for this episode, however, I was disappointed right from the beginning.

    The story in the beginning reminded me a lot of the episode 'Home' from X-Files' fourth season. The close ups of the pigs, and the vague camera movements.

    Also, the way the story builds up, is not how is progresses. We encounter an unsub with the capability to persuade victims to come with him, he chooses them, and captures them. However, the unsub as portrayed in the second part of the episode, is an unsub who is to weak and retarded to do almost anything. This just doesn't add up.

    And as for this episode's ending: I had been waiting for that guy to show up again ever since the 4.18 was on tv. I had actually expected this season finale to be about that unsub.

    And don't get me wrong, I have been an absolutely devoted fan of this show ever since the first season aired, but I just think they could've done better. I believe the writers of this show are capable of greater things.

    But ofcourse I do hope Hotchner survives this. He is a great character, and the show would not be the same without him.
  • I like a lot about this episodes suspense in the bedridden guy. This was a great episode at the end it is a continuation of episode 4.18 Omnivore. Notice the mask.

    For anyone who wants to know what the guy meant by "You should've made a Deal". Episode Omnivore 4.18. The man in the mask was a killer in Boston. It was a great episode that ended with me questioning the ending and now I know why they waited to show what happened.

    This was an interesting episode. However I wished they wouldn't get rid of a character on every season. The second season Lola Glaudini (Greenway) left then Mandy Patinkin (Gideon) left. Now it seems Gibson is leaving.
    Episode Omnivore 4.18. the Deal involved the Killer in this episode. The mask is exactly the same.
  • Blew my mind. The ending was shocking.

    I wasn't expecting the ending. For the last few episodes I thought Reid was at risk than Morgan. But what happened was so far out that I was shocked beyond anything. It was a great episdoe. And Garcia broke my heart. But still the ending threw me. Can not wait until next season. I hope they don't take away the person who's in danger, I don't want to spoil it for the people who haven't seen it yet. I'm trying to rack my brain to figure out what the man meant. When he said, "You should have made a deal."