Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 15

Today I Do

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Prentiss is on her phone with Tsia Moseley in France and learns Tsia and Jeffrey are engaged. Prentiss then relays the information to her friend that Ian Doyle has escaped and all of them are in danger. Tsia replies that Lauren Reynolds, Emily's former identity, is dead and for her not to worry. She and Jeffrey had made sure of that. Reid overhears the conversation and Prentiss tells him that Lauren was a friend who had been killed in a car accident.

A young woman named Molly Grandon in upstate New York has been missing for 24 hours and, like the previous victim named Gail, her car had been abandoned with a packed bag inside. The BAU determines they have 36 hours to find her before she suffers the same fate. Both victims have transcripts with multiple incompletes and are older than other students. They believe the victims knew the unsub, had packed bags for a romantic weekend. Chief Barrows had brought in a suspect named Lyle, Molly's former boyfriend, for questioning. Lyle denies knowing Gail or abducting Molly. Lyle tells him that Molly began seeing someone else and her persona had changed.

Reid and Morgan visit the location where Gail's body had been dumped and note the unsub uses tools as weapons. Hotch dispatches Prentiss and Agent Ashley Seaver to Molly's house, where Prentiss sees Post-it notes with "Today I do, tomorrow I will" written on them in Molly's room. At the dumpsite, Reid and Morgan note Gail's appeared to have had a water burial, which indicated the unsub was female but everything else indicated a male. They relay this information to Prentiss, and she tells them it appeared as though a female was living in Molly's guest room.

Molly awakens to find herself chained to a bed in an old house. Jane tells Molly to relax. Molly tells Jane she thought she had been kidnapped and asks about the exercise. Molly asks to be untied but Jane refuses. When they are seated in front of a television, Jane pops kernels of popcorn into Molly's mouth that she spits out. Enraged that Molly had spit at her, Jane swings a hammer down on Molly's leg.

Agent Ashley Seaver discovers books of daily affirmations in Molly's house and Prentiss finds a shoebox under Molly's bed that contains pills and a diet journal. Garcia determines Molly's spending on food had changed three months earlier and her journal indicated she may have eating disorders.

Gail's brother and mother are questioned and her brother tells the team that Gail had been secretive in the months before she was murdered. Her mother tells them a conflicting story and says Gail was more confident and had returned to school, although she had been depressed and was entered into a program. Gail had also used the same phrase found on the Post-it notes in Molly's room.

Although she is seriously wounded, Molly tries to get out of bed and walk. She trips and falls on a chair. While on the floor, she sees a broken chair rail and hides the rail under her mattress.

Prentiss thinks the unsub had moved in with the victims to provide full-time support. However she doesn't end her program and holds her victims captive when they no longer need her.

Jane returns to Molly's room with bandages and tends to Molly's leg, but refuses to let her go to the hospital. Molly begs her to let her go, but Jane says she'll take care of her and has her repeat the affirmation.

The team provides its profile to the local authorities and say the unsub's narcissistic personality will not allow her to be a therapist and she most likely had manipulated her way into jobs.

Molly's father Jerry tells Rossi that she wouldn't want her problems getting out, but Rossi needs to know all her secrets. Jerry tells him that she had collapsed due to malnutrition and anemia from an eating disorder and had received treatment in a hospital.

Molly uses a chair for support and Jane asks about her positivity spectrum. Jane yells at her about Lyle and storms out, saying she is finished with talking.

Tsia calls Prentiss to tell her that Jeremy is dead from a clot and that he had been out for a run where someone had bumped into him during a run and Prentiss tells Tsia to throw away her cell phone and return to America immediately.

Lyle is handcuffed to the bed. Jane tells him that she cares about Molly and calls him cancer, but says she has the cure and has sex with Lyle and videotapes it. Then Jane shows Molly the tape.

Garcia narrows down possible suspects to Jane Gould, who has an address near where Gail's body was found.

Jane tells Molly Lyle didn't care she's missing and says she deserves better. Molly says she is better than Jane and Lyle. Downstairs, Lyle frees himself as Molly takes out the wooden rail from under her mattress to defend herself. Lyle bursts into the room and pushes Jane back, but when he turns away, she attacks him and Molly escapes from the room and gingerly makes her way down the stairs and into the yard.

Molly is able to run to a road and flag down a car. Unfortunate for Molly, Jane is driving the car and strikes her. Morgan, Prentiss, and Reid reach Jane's house and find Lyle dead. Reid believes Gail has gone to a lake because it's comforting to her. Hotch and Rossi take off for the nearest lake and arrive in time to see Jane holding Molly's limp body above water level and about to stab her with a screwdriver. The cold water arouses Molly and she struggles to free herself and swim away. The local police jump into the water and subdue Jane. On the road, Molly is reunited with her father as Jane tells them that she had just wanted to help Molly.

As Prentiss receives a text that reads "See you soon" from an unknown number, Ian Doyle deplanes from a private jet somewhere in the United States.