Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 15

Today I Do

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • prentiss story thicken and is getting kind of boring

  • An unfair score, you say? Perhaps. But the abysmal, haphazard writing has finally combined with lackadaisical, uninterested characterization to unleash a fatal poison that has turned this once brilliant show into a limping ghost.

    Bleach. By itself, a fantastic cleansing agent. Whites are whiter, stains disappear, the slate is wiped clean.

    Ammonia. Perfect for my messy windows. Or for bringing a fainting lady back to consciousness.

    But together? Toxic, sometimes fatal results.

    And now, Criminal Minds is unconscious, chloramine gas filling its once clear, oxygenated lungs, searing along its, obviously metaphorical, throat, gouging out deep wounds.

    Painfully horrible plot-and- character-stealing writing has finally combined with flat, boring, utterly inane characterization to complete the fatal poisoning of this show. The most interesting, most talked about character of this season has become Sergio the cat.

    Kathy Bates has been reincarnated as a totally crack!brained life coach whose back-story is so full of holes it can be used to drain the spaghetti-twisted reasoning of these oh-so-brilliant profilers. Just try to watch Misery and Single White Female at the same time and you'll have a better story than this one. Even if you watch it in Sanskrit. Without subtitles.

    So, the story - not the first story stolen from true crime novels or Saturday night television movies from the 1980s (and I'm just talking this season, folks) - was utterly forgettable. And illogical. And jammed together so haphazardly that the viewer is left to trot behind the BAU saying, "what?" "her grandparents?" "water burial equals female? Well, I'll have to inform the Navy!"

    The second ingredient for our poison-bomb then rears its ugly head. The team - this round table full of quirky knights and insightful heroes, the family that we've grown to care about for five years: afterthoughts mouthing empty phrases that don't even hang together for the few minutes they're on the screen.

    The recent focus on the unsubs is now explained. The writers have become completely uninterested in Hotch, Rossi, Reid, Morgan, and Prentiss. And that other girl that trails along making random insights. The writers they've hired to replace the GOOD writers who were either fired after the strike or have been lured away to the spin-off don't know our characters. And couldn't care less. So, I ask you, why should we?

    Hotch no longer leads. Rossi, one of the men who began the BAU, is now schooled by a cadet. Reid still gets a few good scenes and a handful of humorous lines, thank God. Morgan flexes. And Prentiss minces around with her phone glued to her ear ignoring the team around her who actually work for the FBI and might help. These once vital, once intriguing characters are yawn-worthy cardboard props for bad stories and hopeless directing.

    Together, these two wrongs don't make a right – they make a boring, predictable, not-suspenseful crime procedural that has been gutted and left to rot, not unlike one of its victims.

    I blame the spin-off. Money siphoned off has led to JJ's dismissal and Emily's long drawn-out (and yet, blasé) B-story. Waning interest on the production side has focused all the intensity on a new venue (which resembles nothing more than a cookie-cutter, "younger, cooler" clone) and has stolen CM's mojo. The ratings confirm this. Bernero and his buddies have torpedoed CM – and quite successfully! – in order to ramp up interest in its squalling newborn.

    I won't drink the Kool-aid. The not-so-subtle machinations of producers and network execs leave me icy.

    Barring an injection of interest and enthusiasm from the back-office, I believe this series – the patient in my little hokey analogy – is in a persistent vegetative state. Emphasis on persistent. Give it back its organs, Bernero: stop harvesting the life from this established show to hook up your Frankenstein monster. I, for one, won't be lurching along behind it just to see where it goes.
  • I didn't like this episode first time through; disappointed by the lack of continual Emily's story just more teasers! But actually not a bad episode when I rewatched it :)

    First off, we get giant recap of all we've seen of Emily's past-life. So I happily got ready to delve even more into that sub-plot. Yet, it seems we have to wait another week at least for the climax of hr story. However, we do learn a little more of how she left her past-life, the people involved in it and how dangerous Ian Doyle is.

    Seaver is back. And she shows how little she is qualified for the BAU when not understanding the point in visiting an old dump site and just stating the obvious the viewer could work out for ourself 'She bought the same purse' T_T. The little contribution she did give toward the end of the episode did not add to the episode or towards the unsub's capture at all, and really seemed a bit of a 'woe-is-me' moment. She thinks she's the only one who knows how the victims feel because she's been there, but come on, the actual BAU team already know how the victim feels because of their experience and knowledge in their specialised area fgs. (Oh and she just didn't have any chemistry with Garcia, and I didn't think that was possible!)

    Anyway, back to the story.

    This is another unsub we see throughout the episode, it seems the writers do like this set-up if we look back over this series.

    I obviously see the similarities to Stephen King's Misery too, yet don't see why this is a bad thing. The victim and unsub both played their parts perfectly. The victim playing along to begin with but starting to let cracks show after a while was realistic and believable, and her struggling when first disabled was good acting again. After watching *that* scene from Misery I was not looking forward when she picked up the hammer, but what the viewers saw was just enough. When the unsub watches the girl walking along with the chair with such pride in her eyes was good enough to be creepy. And the final scenes between them and police was believable once again.

    I think Garcia's stylist did lose the plot a bit this week really, she is usually bright, quirky and beautiful, but this week it was quirky with a side of too much out of control. On the other hand, I feel the writers are still on target for the other characters. Morgan and Reid worked together well in this episode, we saw some good Rossi moments too with the victim's family. Little of Hotch was seen though in my eyes :(. Reid's care and concern for Emily was brilliant and very convincing. I presume the characters are going to take it in turns though, Morgan last week, Reid this week, Rossi next week maybe and then finally the whole team with Hotch coming together for her?

    All in all, a good episode to fill the series whilst we wait on tender-hooks for Ian Doyle to evolve. The killer and victim both held my attention and really, not a boring episode.

    Oh wait; Seaver is in the opening credits?!?! Say what?! That didn't take very long :(
  • Another sub-standard case, but Prentiss' storyline thickens, and it is very interesting!

    This was a very good episode of Criminal Minds, if you only look at the bits involving Emily Prentiss, as her storyline continues to evolve, wit h a criminal coming back from her past.

    As for the actual case that we saw in this episode, it was average at best. The idea of a female psychopath made it much more interesting than usual, but the story that was created did not live up to what we have come to expect.

    All up, I definitely think this is an episode that you could afford to ignore. There were some good moments to the case, and I really enjoyed the ending, but nothing too special takes place. Th e Prentsis storyline was the best part of the episode undoubtedy, and I think they should have done better with this case.

    A decent episode, but in my opinion, nothing special.
  • Girl gets chained to a bed by female psychopath.

    Probably some of the worst writing in television history. This episode used every cliche, and jumped every shark possible. Has Criminal Minds overstayed it's welcome? A blatant rip-off of Misery, the victim is such an idiot that you almost think she deserves what she gets. Tip: when you are chained to a bed and a psychopath feeds you popcorn, it's best not to spit in their face. It ticks them off. Do these victims not own a television? As as to the Misery rip-off, at least the writer had the originality to change the perpetrator/torturer/motivational speaker's weapon from a sledge hammer to a claw hammer. Big deal. The final scene of " I'm free and I'll limp my way to the highway and get a ride" of course evolves, or more correctly devolves to "oh gosh, the first car that comes along is driven by the killer." Who would have thought it? The only thing missing here is the escaped damsel (ala 1950) running through the woods while being chased by the monster, and tripping on her stiletto heels. In the end we have a baptismal moment when the killer seeks purification for the unconscious victim by submerging her in a lake. Of course the unconscious victim comes back to life (probably a result of the cold water) just in time to splash and oh gosh oh golly save herself. The psychopath resembling a flustered Ricki Lake fresh out of Hairspray is properly subdued. Garcia who is increasingly being made to look like Bozo the clown is at her best plunking away at her keyboard while wearing a ring the size of a pie plate. In the end we are all treated to the usual Criminal Minds homily as the jet flies back to wherever.
  • The danger for Prentiss deepens and it was nice to see a female killer on the show again.

    I wonder if I got one thing right; AJ Cook AKA JJ can't stay because of some sort of budget problem, but it's okay ti immidiately after hire a new person?
    Why couldn't they just let JJ stay? It would have been much better!

    I don't like Seaver even if she's not replacing JJ directly since she's not a liason, but it's still just wrong for here to be there. If AJ Cook had left on her own will, then having Seaver of the show would have been okay. Now, let's move on to the episode. Since the majority of the unsubs are male on the show, it was nice to see female unsub again. I'm only waiting for a female serial killer that they don't catch in one episode. Something that continues for several episodes like the Reaper- case.

    I like the way that the threat and danger that Prentiss is in with Doyle on the loose isn't over-shadowing the rest of the episode, but it's kind of in the background and keeps us waiting for the big showdown. It's obvious that something big will come out of it and the suspense is well built up around it.
  • The (disjointed) continuation of the Prentiss arc was the most interesting part of this one for me. A female narcissist holding women captive as she tries to 'help' them, while simultaneously torturing and later killing them was just "Misery", rerun.

    I enjoyed the film, "Misery". I thought Kathy Bates was superb and her Oscar was well deserved. It seems that writer Alicia Kirk liked it too because she certainly "borrowed" it for this episode, complete with a large lady who was friendless and socially awkward. She even had an object with which to 'hobble' her captives, but used a large hammer instead of Kathy's weapon of choice, which was quite a bit bigger.

    I felt a lot of screen time was used up in the re-showing of the parts of Prentiss's backstory that we have already seen in detail. Given that the episode went for just over 40 minutes, I think things like this should be avoided if at all possible.

    Agent Seaver is back with us and, it would appear, a fully qualified member of the team. I'm not sure how this happened but obviously it did, either that or she is training on the job. Guess we will find out. She may still be taking classes or something. It wasn't really made clear.

    How in the world the gargantuan leap about the unsub being female was made just because she left the bodies in the water is quite staggering. The Green River Killer left many bodies in the water, Arthur Shawcross did also, and those serial killers certainly weren't female.

    Garcia is a wonderful, loveable, character but it is annoying me more than I can say that she is again giving most of the presentation to the team. Can the writers PLEASE let her do what she does best and stop trying to make her into something she isn't?

    The Prentiss arc is, in my opinion, not at all suited to the ability of the actress and the fan following of Paget Brewster. I think she (and Emily) are worth FAR better writing than this. The whole "Bad man escapes from prison, comes after everyone against whom he has a grudge and mows them down one by one" is too cliched for me and comes across as something out of a really bad 1960s spy thriller. It was bad enough last week that he was permitted to finish making his phone call before being arrested and now, we see him coming in on a private jet! If Interpol and a host of other law enforcement agencies are tracking him, he's not very hard to find, nor is he trying to hide.

    Both Reid and Morgan showed concern for Prentiss yet again in the episode and, once again, she declined to tell them anything. Maybe someone should tell the writers that these people are a team, a family, a group of people who CARE about each other. All Prentiss has to do is spill the beans to someone and she will be protected. Is Ian Doyle and what or whom he has at his disposal so terrifying that she can't tell her colleagues what is going on? Obviously, the writers want her 'friendless' for dramatic effect but I find it hard to swallow that both Reid and Morgan would just leave it alone when they know something is wrong with Prentiss.

    There was some profiling in this episode, but clearly, not enough as there were several conclusions being jumped to without much to back them up. As for Hotch, he barely seemed visible. I hope this isn't the shape of things to come?

    An ok episode, but, like the majority of this season, nothing to get excited about. I am just hoping for some decent Prentiss storyline to emerge from all this. Ah well, at least we know who Lauren is now, that's something!