Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 15

Today I Do

Aired Wednesday Feb 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • I didn't like this episode first time through; disappointed by the lack of continual Emily's story just more teasers! But actually not a bad episode when I rewatched it :)

    First off, we get giant recap of all we've seen of Emily's past-life. So I happily got ready to delve even more into that sub-plot. Yet, it seems we have to wait another week at least for the climax of hr story. However, we do learn a little more of how she left her past-life, the people involved in it and how dangerous Ian Doyle is.

    Seaver is back. And she shows how little she is qualified for the BAU when not understanding the point in visiting an old dump site and just stating the obvious the viewer could work out for ourself 'She bought the same purse' T_T. The little contribution she did give toward the end of the episode did not add to the episode or towards the unsub's capture at all, and really seemed a bit of a 'woe-is-me' moment. She thinks she's the only one who knows how the victims feel because she's been there, but come on, the actual BAU team already know how the victim feels because of their experience and knowledge in their specialised area fgs. (Oh and she just didn't have any chemistry with Garcia, and I didn't think that was possible!)

    Anyway, back to the story.

    This is another unsub we see throughout the episode, it seems the writers do like this set-up if we look back over this series.

    I obviously see the similarities to Stephen King's Misery too, yet don't see why this is a bad thing. The victim and unsub both played their parts perfectly. The victim playing along to begin with but starting to let cracks show after a while was realistic and believable, and her struggling when first disabled was good acting again. After watching *that* scene from Misery I was not looking forward when she picked up the hammer, but what the viewers saw was just enough. When the unsub watches the girl walking along with the chair with such pride in her eyes was good enough to be creepy. And the final scenes between them and police was believable once again.

    I think Garcia's stylist did lose the plot a bit this week really, she is usually bright, quirky and beautiful, but this week it was quirky with a side of too much out of control. On the other hand, I feel the writers are still on target for the other characters. Morgan and Reid worked together well in this episode, we saw some good Rossi moments too with the victim's family. Little of Hotch was seen though in my eyes :(. Reid's care and concern for Emily was brilliant and very convincing. I presume the characters are going to take it in turns though, Morgan last week, Reid this week, Rossi next week maybe and then finally the whole team with Hotch coming together for her?

    All in all, a good episode to fill the series whilst we wait on tender-hooks for Ian Doyle to evolve. The killer and victim both held my attention and really, not a boring episode.

    Oh wait; Seaver is in the opening credits?!?! Say what?! That didn't take very long :(
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