Criminal Minds

Season 11 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2016 on CBS

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  • The episode seemed flat

    The episode seemed flat without the banter between Morgan and Penelope
  • Tribute

    An okay return for Prentiss, but why did she not show up for Morgan's farewell? The case was okay here, but the scene where the girls break free in the dorm room was almost comically bad.
  • Nothing we haven't seen before

    First of all, good to see Emily back - wishful thinking had me hoping she'd rejoin the team. And I really liked the dinner at the end, I don't think we had such a scene since before she left. But why not just call Morgan and have him join? No, we'll continue showing his departure as though the character's died, not just left the job but still living in the same city... That's really ridiculous.

    The case itself - well, we've had plenty of cases with copycats, so nothing really new here.
  • Nice follow up

    Following up last week's tearful good bye to Derek was to be a challenge but they rose to it with grace. I liked that they included the team struggling with Morgan's absence. i liked to see Emily and her interactions with the team. I like the case as well even though the main plot was about relationships. This was a good one.
  • Underwhelming

    A plot we have seen before (Zoe's Reprise) but not done as well. An indulgent get together for the cast with Paget guest starring - the "family" bits were more about the actors than their characters I think. Also it's ridiculous and over the top the way they write Morgan being gone as if he had died! The man is living happily in the same city for goodness sake - just a phone call away! I am quite happy to see Paget back for an episode but it's a shame it was such a badly written episode. This was one for the Paget fans only.