Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 15

Unfinished Business

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • Former BAU profiler Max Ryan has written a book about the one who got away. 'The Keystone Killer' murdered seven women, taunted the police and then, suddenly, stopped. Is he dead, in prison, infirm - or is he killing again?

    Gideon attends a lecture given by Max Ryan, a retired profiler who has just launched his new book about 'The Keystone Killer' who terrorized Philadelphia several years previously, killing seven woman and sending the police word puzzles which were supposed to help in his capture, but they never did. When the crimes stopped, Ryan was (and is) convinced that the unsub was just biding his time, a theory which seems to be justified when one of his familiar puzzles, along with women's driver's licenses are delivered to him just as his lecture concludes. One of the licenses belongs to the last known victim and one to another woman who is found dead a few hours after.

    The killer has changed his MO but when Morgan suggests that they may be dealing with a copycat, former agent Ryan will have absolutely nothing to do with the possibility, he is convinced 'The Keystone Killer' is behind this latest crime and insists on acting as a consultant to the BAU given that he knows the case so well and, in fact, has moved to Philadelphia since his retirement to be close to the scene of the crimes.

    Is 'The Keystone Killer' active again or is someone just using a similar MO to make the BAU (and Ryan) believe that he is?

    An interesting episode with plenty of twists and turns. Perhaps not as hard hitting as others but definitely entertaining with a well thought out plot.
  • This is a good one

    I really liked this episode. I loved seeing how each of the characters reacted to Ryan. It was also facinating to hear Gideon talk about how things have changed in how the BAU works. Plus, it's nice to see them developing Elle a little. I thought this was one of the best episodes for her.
  • Not as good as I've come to expect from this show.

    As much as I love Criminal Minds, this episode was below par for me. The story of the overbearing ex-mentor who always thinks he's right, and then realises the error of his ways as the student outmaneuvers him, is done in almost every show in every genre at some time or another. I just wasn't really feeling the story as much as usual. Plus there wasn't enough of Garcia! Hurry up and give her some of the opening credit space!!!
  • A good example of how different generations interact on the same (and old) case. Very good episode.

    This was a very good episode with the way the writers showed how bringing in an old profiler (retired Special Agent Max Ryan)can rock the boat. They got the unsub, and Ryan got the one that got away. We also got to see a bit more into Elle's character in this one as well.

    Max Ryan recieves a letter from the "Keystone Killer" when he gives a presentation on the book he wrote about the investigation, and it reopens the case. We had a good look at what can happen when you mix two different methods of investigating together. There is Gideon with the rest of the current team. Then there is Max Ryan (whom is also Gideon's mentor), who was a profiler during the days when they worked solo. He eventually comes around to the team concept and is able to function better with the rest of the team to get the unsub (a Walter Kern).

    We see Elle lose her cool with a possible suspect who is arrested for missing an appointment with his parole officer. Then at the end, she is talking to Hotch about not losing her life to the job. Not dying, but one day "finding that life passed me by".

    It seemed like Reid was the only one who was open minded about working with Ryan, though towards the end he appeared to be a little put off by Ryan's attitude.

    All in all this was a good episode, and showed what the series is all about.
  • Old retired cop and the serial killer he profiled both come out of retirement at the same time.

    The plot of this story had a few twists in it, that kept you guessing who the killer was. More than most episodes.

    The retired cop was very melodramatic. The way it was acted and/or directed by the actor who played that character was very good. That sort of fit the role.

    Some scenes were kind of painful to watch because he just did not "get" how the modern team worked. Other scenes, when he clicked with some of the team was pretty cool.

    There were a lot of quotes by philosophers of previous centuries. That part was creepy.

    The head of the team was in perfect form as usual. It is like he has seen so much stuff go wrong or succeed in his life, he already knows so much.

    Despite all that experience, he lives very much in the moment. In this episode as many, he had lots of little epigrams to toss out to the team.
  • A fine example of CBS's great work.

    This episode kept me guessing the entire time. I never knew what was around the next bend or corner. When Morgan and Hotch pulled out the trundle bed and the woman was there, I thought I was going to scream. That was scary!

    One thing that also improved this episode was Max Ryan. He was a good guest to have on the show and he made things a little bit more interesting. One thing I noticed, if Morgan had listened to Ryan and not found information on Scott Harbin, they never would've saved that woman that he was keeping in his house. So take that Max Ryan!!
  • The standard Moby Dick plot with a retired BAU member chasing a UnSub for 20 years.

    Besides the obvious Moby Dick plotline there are Green River Killer overtures with a killer that just stopped. In this episode it seems the killer comes back after a book is published and coincidentaly Gideon is right there at the time the note is delivered announcing the Keystone Killer's return. This is a tired plotline that has been adressed recently on The Closer and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Good thing Max is around to "consult" with the team. He's doing less consulting and more directing the investigation to his previous conclusions. In the end the cavalry comes in just in time to save the next victim and it turns out to be the keystone killer. It all ends with Hotchner and Greenway discussing how "the job" keeps them from having a normal life and are they all going to end up like Ryan without any family or friends.
  • Review

    I thought that this episode was another fine example of how great Criminal Minds is. The profile itslef was done extremely well this time around - trying to figure out why a killer who continued his killings has randomly popped back up 18 years later. On the surface the simple answer seemed to be the right one - he has aged so the victims that he targets have aged. Who would have thought that in the end he had this all mapped out and planned over 20 years ago and that he had "Unfinished Business". I really liked the title connection with this episode, I thought it was one of the best of the series so far. While I wouldnt rank this episode up there with Compulsion, Plain Sight, or Riding the Lightning, I certainly think it fits very well into the number 4 slot for the series. Amazing episode as a whole.
  • Coming out of the shadow

    When retired BAU profiler writes a book of his most important case, he soon receives a letter from that murderer and hunt to him continues - why he killed many people 20 years ago, stopped and comes back now.. What made him stop? And why he had changed his style so much?

    While working on those questions, they soon come up with idea - what if he had to change his style? And on the puzzle the killer leaves behind, the get one bad guy but not him.. but more and more looking into his new style they get - he most have been injured and only now he has got the ability to return and they got him.

    Exciting, some hard blood created, some great thoughts..
  • Another great episode of 'Criminal Minds'!

    This was yet another great episode of Criminal Minds, with this one centred around a former agent who has remained somewhat obsessed with a killer who has eluded him for about 20 years.

    It was pretty weird how the killer returned after so long and he came back with a completely new victimology and methodology. No one would've been able to link the two crimes had the killer not given in the letter and the Word Search Puzzle!

    Anothre interesting thing is that they technically caught two bad guys in the episode, although the firts one was not the one they were searching for.

    I also found the scenes where Reid gave out a quote and page number from Ryan's book to be really funny! Added a nice bit of comedy to the fray!

    Keep it up, CriminaL Minds, and I hope we continue to see episodes of such a high calibre!
  • The best episode ever!

    This had to be the best episode ever. The story was wonderful. I was completely surprised when they found that woman under the bed in the first killer's bedroom. The wife of the Keystone Killer was very believeable. Having the killer get a signed copy of the book was genius.
  • below standard, but still good.

    The writing for this episode was childish at times, definitely not the best, but still better than most of Hollywood’s attempts at drama. It makes me wonder when the writers will produce Gideon’s arch enemy, to cover a few episodes to a season or more. With someone that sets them up, and gets away with it for awhile making them get the wrong person, or just avoids them for awhile could really bring the story up some I think.
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