Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 15

Unfinished Business

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • Former BAU profiler Max Ryan has written a book about the one who got away. 'The Keystone Killer' murdered seven women, taunted the police and then, suddenly, stopped. Is he dead, in prison, infirm - or is he killing again?

    Gideon attends a lecture given by Max Ryan, a retired profiler who has just launched his new book about 'The Keystone Killer' who terrorized Philadelphia several years previously, killing seven woman and sending the police word puzzles which were supposed to help in his capture, but they never did. When the crimes stopped, Ryan was (and is) convinced that the unsub was just biding his time, a theory which seems to be justified when one of his familiar puzzles, along with women's driver's licenses are delivered to him just as his lecture concludes. One of the licenses belongs to the last known victim and one to another woman who is found dead a few hours after.

    The killer has changed his MO but when Morgan suggests that they may be dealing with a copycat, former agent Ryan will have absolutely nothing to do with the possibility, he is convinced 'The Keystone Killer' is behind this latest crime and insists on acting as a consultant to the BAU given that he knows the case so well and, in fact, has moved to Philadelphia since his retirement to be close to the scene of the crimes.

    Is 'The Keystone Killer' active again or is someone just using a similar MO to make the BAU (and Ryan) believe that he is?

    An interesting episode with plenty of twists and turns. Perhaps not as hard hitting as others but definitely entertaining with a well thought out plot.