Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 12

Unknown Subject

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Apparently Prentiss is too good at compartmentalizing.

    I think what keeps fans watching a show is their attachment to the characters. The fact that they've consistently seen these people grow and develop (hopefully with decent enough writing) and really come to love them. Season 7 does Emily Prentiss as a character such a disservice, not to mention Brewster as an actress after how CBS treated her.

    Besides shouldering Emily with massive amounts of guilt and blame earlier in the season, her aftermath after such a traumatizing confrontation with Doyle was almost swept completely under the rug. Save for this measly episode.

    After 100, We saw the struggle of Hotch and how he had to deal with life as a single parent, still working for the BAU. We saw a little bit of Jack, and it was heartwarming and beautiful, (though, of course I would have loved a bit more, because again I am more interested in the development of these characters and the relationships between And, though Reid is significantly less skilled in compartmentalization, we got to see his struggle with the aftermath of his time with Tobias Hankel.

    I was HUGELY disappointed in seeing Emily almost completely unchanged from her experience besides her profuse apologies, again shouldering some massive guilt that has been so unnecessarily put on her. She really did not seem to be suffering all that much. Her apologies sounded more like she was sorry for standing her friends up for dinner than a more heavy feeling of doing something untrustworthy for the greater good (which is essentially what the writers had her doing, though I won't even go into the plot issues with that Again, it seemed as though hardly anything had happened to her.

    I did love what little scenes we got with Prentiss dealing with what happened to her even if it was only really for one good episode. The little scene with Hotch at the end made her seem a little less robotic and a little bit more like a human being who's ex-significant other/terrorist from her CIA days (which took a toll on her humanity) come back to haunt her, teasing her and threatening her friends lives before torturing her, feeling her up, branding her and then staking her, not to mention the months of isolation in Paris where she was forced to abandon her friends and identity, still constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for Doyle to find out she wasn't dead and come kill her and most likely her team in retaliation. Oh, and the thought of Doyle possibly finding Declan now that she was no where near the boy to offer any protection.

    Oh, no. That kinda thing wouldn't really shake someone up at all.

    Plot holes.

    Speaking of Declan, I was ready for this beautiful touching reunion with Emily and Declan, or just ... something. The boy seemed like just another kid saved at the end of the day. Prentiss risked everything to make sure Declan was safe and living a good life, and they could not write one scene in this entire season alluding to their relationship? We got nothing from Declan and Emily even though they played up her motive so much for this kid. So disappointing and again, a complete disservice to both Emily as a character and Paget as an actress.

    I wasn't surprised when I learned the reason Paget left the show after season 7.

    For my own selfish reasons, I really do hope she comes back because Emily is one of my favorite characters, and Paget's acting is superb (though she is candidly hilarious, I find her to be more enjoyable in dramatic roles with a bit more dry humor thrown in there).

    JJ and Rage Against the Machine was entertaining albeit a bit surprising for her character
  • A very, very good one!

    This episode left me extremely impressed! I thought it was almost quite flawless with an extremely interesting and very unique case, tagged along with a good sub-story with one of our characters.

    I have to definitely agree with one of the previous reviewers here, who mentioned how great the guest casts have been recently, most notably with Dina Meyer today! I loved her on NCIS in a couple of episodes as Holly Snow in Season 7 (both of which were very good) and I really enjoyed seeing her again today! She was beyond perfect for this role! I've also been excited with a couple of other guest stars this season, such as Mark Moses who was amazing on Desperate Housewives, as well as Heather Tom, who is one of my favourite characters on The Bold & The Beautiful!

    But aside from that I found this episode to be extremely unique, especially as the victim held the killer hostage, which was a nice twist on things. Recent memory leads me to believe that they haven't done that before on this show, but for some reason I remember soemthign similar, maybe in an old episode? Just can't place it! Maybe I should bring out some of my old CM DVDs!!!

    Anyway, to conclude this was an amazing episode! Great storyline and a great story with Prentiss too! LOVED the comments about Sergio being the prefect man for her, lol!
  • I'm starting to worry about this show.

    Season 6 was, in my opinion, pretty awful, with a few notable exceptions. This season is pretty much the same. I think they need some fresh, new writers and soon before is becomes just another crime procedural drama which is predictable week after week.

    The concept should have been intelligent and interesting - it wasn't. Several team members seemed to be missing half the time and profiling, once again, went out the window in favour of dull interactions between unsubs and victims. The whole scene where the victim held her rapist captive was as dull as dishwater. Perhaps it was bad writing, bad acting or both. I'm not really sure.

    Prentiss having psychological reviews with regard to the whole Doyle fiasco made sense. I was amused when she lied to the therapist. Perhaps the poor therapist forgot that she is an ace profiler and knows what others want to hear to avoid talking about the real issues. It was fitting that Hotch was the one who called her out and showed her that he knew what was going on. After all, he's been through hell at the hands of an unsub himself so he has probably learned all the avoidance tricks too. It was nice that Emily took his advice and told him that she had had a bad day but I was somewhat stunned when she shared personal details with the rape victim. That is always a no no in any situation. Well, things can only get better. (Hopefully.)
  • Piano Man - Boring Season

    Piano Man was boring, confusing and with no imagination! Whole season 7 like season 6(except few episodes with Valhalla) is extremely boring and awfull comparing to first four seasons! Unless the writers change,and write episodes that are interesting this series will not last much longer! What a pity ! It seems they have run out of imagination and write episodes just to continue the series!
  • Dina Meyer

    That was a good episode. One thing I like about this show is the quality of the casting as regards unsubs, victims and so on. Lately Max Martini was fantastic in the role of a retired commando with a terrible mental disease. And this time as well Dina Meyer is totally convincing as a victim with a vengeance. She is a great actress. It's too bad she never got a big break through role.
  • The Piano Man.

    SPOILERS: Holy Crap, what a good episode. It truly but the UNKNOWN in Unsub. It was an episode full of twists, that never let you know who was the victim and who was the villain until the end.

    This was the first episode of Criminal Minds I've watched in a while, and I wasn't disappointed. 3 Unsubs. A Copycat, a Victim no more and The Piano Man. I can't get over this episode, it's my favorite so far.
  • Delivers in Originality.

    "Unknown Subject" was a very good episode. It demonstrated very good closure to the Prentiss storyline with her haunting trauma of the past. The reason it does not get a rating above 9.0 is because it was lacking in inclusion. We barely saw any Rossi, Morgan, or Reid. Not quite up to par with the last episode, but still good.