Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 12

Unknown Subject

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • I'm starting to worry about this show.

    Season 6 was, in my opinion, pretty awful, with a few notable exceptions. This season is pretty much the same. I think they need some fresh, new writers and soon before is becomes just another crime procedural drama which is predictable week after week.

    The concept should have been intelligent and interesting - it wasn't. Several team members seemed to be missing half the time and profiling, once again, went out the window in favour of dull interactions between unsubs and victims. The whole scene where the victim held her rapist captive was as dull as dishwater. Perhaps it was bad writing, bad acting or both. I'm not really sure.

    Prentiss having psychological reviews with regard to the whole Doyle fiasco made sense. I was amused when she lied to the therapist. Perhaps the poor therapist forgot that she is an ace profiler and knows what others want to hear to avoid talking about the real issues. It was fitting that Hotch was the one who called her out and showed her that he knew what was going on. After all, he's been through hell at the hands of an unsub himself so he has probably learned all the avoidance tricks too. It was nice that Emily took his advice and told him that she had had a bad day but I was somewhat stunned when she shared personal details with the rape victim. That is always a no no in any situation. Well, things can only get better. (Hopefully.)