Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 12

Unknown Subject

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • A very, very good one!

    This episode left me extremely impressed! I thought it was almost quite flawless with an extremely interesting and very unique case, tagged along with a good sub-story with one of our characters.

    I have to definitely agree with one of the previous reviewers here, who mentioned how great the guest casts have been recently, most notably with Dina Meyer today! I loved her on NCIS in a couple of episodes as Holly Snow in Season 7 (both of which were very good) and I really enjoyed seeing her again today! She was beyond perfect for this role! I've also been excited with a couple of other guest stars this season, such as Mark Moses who was amazing on Desperate Housewives, as well as Heather Tom, who is one of my favourite characters on The Bold & The Beautiful!

    But aside from that I found this episode to be extremely unique, especially as the victim held the killer hostage, which was a nice twist on things. Recent memory leads me to believe that they haven't done that before on this show, but for some reason I remember soemthign similar, maybe in an old episode? Just can't place it! Maybe I should bring out some of my old CM DVDs!!!

    Anyway, to conclude this was an amazing episode! Great storyline and a great story with Prentiss too! LOVED the comments about Sergio being the prefect man for her, lol!