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Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • I wish wish wish I could have given this episode a higher score.

    This episode could have been awesome. I was sorely disappointed, but at the same time if I'm honest was expecting disappointment after some of the episodes from the season. I was ready for Paget to deliver brilliantly and to watch a masterpiece of an episode. I got one out of two, just a shame about the writers

    The acting that Paget Brewster gave into this episode does not deserve a 7.5, it was near perfection what she gave. She was excellent throughout the episode and portrayed Emily's anguish perfectly.

    What let her down, as I said, was the writing ONCE AGAIN. As others have said she is part of a family, a family that could and SHOULD have noticed something was wrong. Sure, Garcia, Reid and Morgan all noticed something yet none of them acted on what they thought. And the more senior profilers Rossi and Hotch either didn't notice anything at all, or just thought she needed a holiday!

    I remember when in the very early seasons when Reid told Morgan he was having bad dreams and Morgan went on to tell Hotch straight away. This is how it should be; a family care about each other and feel like they can tell them anything, no matter how small or serious. The same again when the team went to LV and Morgan saw Reid having bad dreams. Again, he obviously told the team and him and Rossi decided to stay behind with him. Even though they knew he wouldn't like it.

    So, surely you would think, they would have become even closer together after all the things they have gone through? What's changed in those years?

    New writers, that's what's changed. Instead of a family with so much chemistry, they are now portrayed as group of people can't tell when something is seriously wrong with one of their team members. I had hope at the start of the episode, just the slightest bit of hope. That the writers, and so Emily, would come to their senses and just tell one member of the BAU. Or even that the team would talk to each other maybe! Nope, just brushing off Morgan, telling Garcia to keep out in an unacceptable way that Garcia wouldn't have taken before this, and then just not telling Reid when she had the perfect time!

    MMG's acting was superb as well as Paget's, the scene when he confided in Prentiss could have been cringe-worthy but he gave it what it needed. Moore gave his best too and Morgan was seen as the caring and loving one we all know him to be. And Rossi and Hotch's banter was believeable and was needed. Just a shame we didn't see more of Hotch! He is meant to be the leader isn't he?!

    I remember when Reid had his addiction and when Emily came to tell him she thought something was up with Reid, Gideon interrupted Emily saying of course they've noticed something.

    I wish I could give this at least a 9 for the acting from the team but the writers let the team down. And then there's Seaver :(
  • On the edge of my seat the whole show! Danger, mystery and angst at every turn!

    I really loved this episode. I can see some of the points others made regarding plot holes or things that don't quite line up... but all in all it was a well written piece that sets things up nicely for the final episode in this arc, and I found the acting to be exceptional. I also feel like dribbles and drabbles of things that have been mentioned for years are starting to make even more sense.

    Prentiss is in an impossible situation. She is bound by her previous circumstances and "oath" (referred to in 6:16 "Coda", during conversation with Tsia and Clyde in the courtyard while she is on her "late lunch") to keep what she knows from her current team. I felt it was very evident that she is not happy with this for many reasons. She does not quite trust her old team, especially Clyde. She feels the BAU could help with this situation, and her discomfort at holding back was very obvious to me in a number of situations. She is frightened for herself and them, and wants to confide in them to warn them and get their help.

    However, Prentiss obviously fears for the safety of her BAU family. Even though they have no idea of her relationship with Doyle, they are in danger just by being associated with her. Doyle has made that clear. She doesn't have any idea of how info is getting leaked to Doyle, so she cannot trust that telling the BAU will not put them directly in his sights. She also seems to have a sense that killing Doyle may not be quite enough to stop what he has set into motion. Add to this the fact that she is exhausted and under great strain, well... her decisions may be brave and "kick-ass", but are not necessarily the best. Watching Prentiss's conversations with the rest of the BAU team was very moving. I felt I could see how torn she was each time. Garcia knew Prentiss had just told her something incredibly important... her reaction was exquisite, showing that she knows her friend is hurting deeply. (Did she sense that was a good bye, or fear for her friend's emotional state? I am not sure. Perhaps it was a huge realization that even Emily Prentiss has moments when she cannot compartmentalize.) Reid and Morgan obviously know something is bothering her. They both ask her, and in my opinion try to respect her while letting her know they are willing to listen. Reid opening up to her and Morgan reassuring her were both very touching. (I've always been annoyed by the "no inter-team profiling" rule, which has basically given everyone an excuse to not ask and not tell about stressors. Morgan, Garcia and Reid are all acting as good friends and colleagues, IMHO, when asking Prentiss what is troubling her. "It's psych 101", darn it!)

    In the end, Prentiss is near tears as she looks around the BAU bullpen at her friends and colleagues, and quietly leaves. I was near tears myself, because I can only imagine what she thinks she is walking into, alone. Prentiss is, in her own way, as much of a "maverick" as Morgan can seem, and her need to do this on her own seems both noble and strong, yet reckless and foolhardy at the same time. One issue I noted people bringing up a lot (here and on other sites) is that the build up has been "too long". Well, this is a complex situation, and would not be easily told in one episode unless you get some backstory. And many little bits of the past seem to feed forward into this. Perhaps now we understand why Prentiss has learned to "compartmentalize better than most people." Hotch has told Morgan before that he needs to trust his team more... now Morgan knows what it feels like to have a team member hold back from him. Reid takes a chance and lets Prentiss in on his headache issues, and reveals he doesn't want to be "treated like a baby" by the others if they worry about him. Maybe he is learning to take care of himself properly; he can accept concern, but doesn't want to be seen as weak. (That is a hard thing for someone to figure out!) He's always struggled with that, so in my mind this is a step forward for him.

    Two weeks until "Lauren"..... ugh, how to manage waiting so long!
  • The story within the story.

    All good dramas have a recurring internal story often called the mythology. X Files / abducted sister, Law & Order, CI/ Goren & Nicole, CSI Miami/Horatio & Resden, etc The emergence of Emily and her dark past has been hinted for some time. Almost teasingly the tension rose episode by episode until the chilling outdoors meeting. Now the story takes wings and flies as one by one her enemy kills all who knew her in her former life. Prentiss was superb - lots of subtlety and nuance. The only question is when does the rest of the team find out. Great episode. Unlike some shows, Prentiss and her story unknowingly became the "case" for the rest of the team - great integration of plot lines. Can't wait until next time.
  • Forty-three minutes of excellent TV time, but for a hard-core fan, a rather disappointing episode. Again.

    To be fair, the episode is shot, directed, edited, and especially acted very well. Incredibly intense, and most definitely, the character interactions and solid profiling -or rather, figuring out who they're dealing with- are wonderfully pleasant. There's a certain atmosphere of curious dread being successfully thrown over the viewer and which holds throughout the episode. It's the kind of high-quality episode which keeps fans on their toes.

    But... You'd think that writers who create such a show would be more than able to keep track of what they've been writing, and not fluctuate so dangerously from the main plotlines they've created. Again, to be fair, the many things that I got caught up with while watching this episode did fade in the background and not prevent me from going along with the show. But those things are there, and in the end, they do take away a lot from the quality of CM.

    First of all; the most inconsistent thing about the entire Prentiss' Interpol background line: when she introduces herself to Hotch for the first time back in Season Two, she says she's been with the Bureau for almost a decade. That was four years ago. Today, she says she's been with the Interpol seven years ago. That gives her at most three years with the FBI for the time she joined the team in Season 2. Unless she can work for the FBI and the Interpol at the same time, and highly doubt that she can, how can that be? Talk about a plothole. It's so big it can swallow the entire crew.

    In the last few episodes Agent Seaver has been fairly easy to ignore; I even had somewhat moderate feelings for her, wanting to give her a chance to grow into her -unfortunately her- place. But in this episode I seriously wanted to slap her mouth and tell her to behave. Seriously? Seriously profiling with the team as though she's just as much qualified as the others? Last week she was portrayed as a trainee who asks her training agent questions, who admits she can't follow (i.e. Morgan explaining the cork). This week, she's suddenly confident enough to straightly join the profiling? (And especially in this episode she looked frighteningly like JJ and it was very uncomfortable to watch).

    The biggest problem with the episode, however, is Prentiss not trusting the team. Before the Doyle plotline, did Prentiss have trust issues? No. She's been with the team for four years. We've seen her become very good friends with each person on the team. We've seen her confide in Rossi, in JJ, in Garcia; we've seen her too many times as partners with Morgan, and all of a sudden, as hearty as that conversation with Morgan in the car was, she's a loner who doesn't trust anyone?

    What could otherwise be put aside as yet another character inconsistency remains largely problematic in this episode because the entire premise is based upon it. Yes, it's wonderfully acted, very emotionally intense, but even when everything's out in the open and the team is talking about Doyle to the entire BAU, Prentiss still doesn't feel the sheer pressure to spill the beans. The smart quote in the end about suffering alone doesn't make up for the absurdity.

    And Reid, just because he's a "genius" and a "magician", can suddenly do anything. He restored a destroyed tattoo. Earlier, he suddenly became proficient in Russian. Honestly? If he were a novel character I'd dismiss him as a Gary Stu. In fact, I'm now convinced that the show writers have been reading a lot of really bad fanfiction. As much as I loved Reid's confiding in Prentiss, his line make me gag. "They'd make him feel like a baby." Really? Did he really just say that? Ugh! Straigt out of bad fanfiction! Someone, give these writers a good poke, shake them into their senses, please!

    And yet, I rated the episode 8.5. It's probably that I've given up all hope of consistency and am just taking what I can get. It's a very good episode. Emotional. Great character interaction and team spirit. Intense. Stupid and illogical and slightly insulting, as this entire season has been, to old fans. But if I have to judge this show not based on its greatest seasons -two and three for me- anymore, then, as much as it pains me to say it, it's just fine.

    Now I'm feeling just sad.
  • Better than most episodes in season 6!

    To be very honest it was a good episode. I liked the speed of it, the drama with Prentiss not telling eventhough it became evident that she couldn't hold this up for very long and her 'goodbye' at the end. There were some very good bits in there like her conversation with Reid. The one with Garcia was a tad annoying. Ofcourse she was being her witty self but still she should have just dropped it immediately if someone doesn't respond well. And why oh why don't Rossi or Hotch notice anything? Are they blind? The most experienced profilers are completely out of the loop. Even Garcia noticed something, Hello! The story is a bit absurd and apparantly Clyde (or what is his name, the male 'interpolfriend') is a liar. I saw him in the next promo so apparantly he didn't get shot, mmmmmmh. Emily was already worried about him. I tried to ignore Seaver, but god that woman can't act. And apparantly she is doing JJ's job now by releasing the photo to the press (which Hotch retracted!). Nice CBS, so subtle. So what is it going to be next episode? Will she really be killed of or are they keeping it open so Paget may return in season 7? Let's hope the latter.
  • The BAU is handcuffed by one of their own? Not a great scenario.

    I'm definitely torn. While this is perhaps the best CM episode in recent memory, I believe it could have been soooo much better. Bad writing is still at the heart of Season 6.

    First, I must heartily thank the editors for limiting the amount of re-telling of the Prentiss arc at the beginning. In my household we were wondering if we should just tune in 15 minutes in since we've seen all the eps, but they managed to reduce it to a few important scenes. Good job.

    Unfortunately, Prentiss is still on the crazy train (aka the Metro) where she can't trust her elite team of FBI profilers to help her find the man who's trying to kill her and who is succeeding in killing many more people. It's not just CWS who should be held responsible for the deaths of these people, it's Prentiss and her completely ineffectual team, too! All of the federal agencies are cooperating to stop Doyle... except the people who know what's going on. Yeah. That's plausible, huh? (Nice view of the SCIF, CM people! Although I think they're allowed to have real lights in there, not just spooky, cool, mood lighting!)

    A favorite scene - Reid spills the beans to Prentiss about his headaches and she so very nearly spills the beans right back. (Paget and Matthew played this perfectly) Here he is trusting her about something he feels completely helpless about and she doesn't share back. Angst!

    Not a favorite scene - Prentiss and Garcia in the loo. What the heck was that long sad story about a dark haired child playing on a hill about? Prentiss? An actual child? Color me itching to go back to the action.

    The shoot out was kinda silly, as those automatic rounds would cut right through those cars and leave Morgan and Prentiss in heaping piles of flesh and blood on the other side. (but the shot through the guy's tattoo was creepily fantastic!)

    The ending seemed to me more Paget's good-bye to her castmates than a real CM scene to me. It made me sad, Paget acted it beautifully. But here's my biggest complaint: this big, huge Prentiss story? It is all off-stage, without her team around her. The only interaction she has with her teammates - and YES, people - the TEAM, the FAMILY, is a big reason we watch this show!!!! - is awkward and stilted (barring Reid). And now she's going to have her biggest scenes away from the team where we can't see any of that family feeling! I hate it! And I think this looser of an excuse for a write-out for Paget could have been so much better!

    Why insert all the James Bond hijinks? Why do we need them on a show that is supposed to be about profiling? Did Prentiss even profile the members of her old team so she could figure out she was being lied to? Will the writers/producers never learn that it is the PROFILING plus the TEAM FAMILY that urges us to tune in week by week?

    At least they should make her a hero. Make her intelligent and spunky and funny, not frightened, stern, wide-eyed rabbit Prentiss which is all we see with that make-shift 'team' of old. Make her above reproach. She could have started out torn by her loyalties but then come to see that her ole buddies were letting her down and turn to Rossi and Hotch. You've wasted this character - and this actress.

    BTW - does Seaver have any expression except for sullen? Yikes, what time and space is wasted on this empty, useless character which could be so much better served by more dialogue/interaction among the real team.
  • Paige Brewster does an amazing job of making a poor piece of writing look good. The ability to trust each other is one of the things that makes the show good - to deviate from this theme shows poor judgement from the writers.

    Writers should get the show back on track - the one good thing about the upcoming episode is the return of AJ Cook - get back to the "team concept" with each member helping each other. The story lines this season so far have not been near the standard of prior seasons. While this story line could have been exciting, the writers seem more focused on ruining "Prentiss" as a believable character than they do with providing a team solution to a pre-existing set of circumstances. Very poor judgement on the part of the decision makers - too much more of this will effect the demise of an really good show
  • Bodies are turning up left, right and centre and Ian Doyle is becoming the stuff of legend as he continues to evade capture by enough law enforcement agencies to bring down a small country.

    I confess that I wasn't in any hurry to watch this one, for a myriad of reasons. There would have been a time when to miss or delay viewing an episode of "Criminal Minds" would have been unthinkable for me but that was long ago when REAL writers were employed and the marvellous actors weren't made to behave like caricatures and puppets.

    The whole Prentiss arc could have and should have been brilliant. It isn't, and that is the fault of the people who are writing this once-brilliant show. When a much-respected character has to film what will most likely be her exit from the show in what could easily pass as the 1950s B-grade spy thriller I have mentioned previously, something very radical needs to be done. Sadly, I think, for Emily Prentiss (and Paget Brewster) at least, it is too late.

    It makes perfect sense that Prentiss is jumpy and on edge and acting like a deer stuck in the headlights most of the time. What does NOT make sense is the fact that Ian Doyle is being portrayed as invincible and, therefore non-catchable. This is ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. Having said that, what is MORE gobsmacking is the fact that Prentiss, a member of the BAU, does not feel that she can tell her colleagues of the danger that she and they are in from Doyle because of some warped belief that by not telling them, she is protecting them. A highly intelligent and highly trained BAU field agent coming to such a decision simply does not hold up under any kind of scrutiny.

    What is even worse is the fact that Garcia, Morgan and Reid all noticed that something was dreadfully wrong with Emily and yet not ONE of them thought to tell Hotch or Rossi of their concerns. As for Rossi, who knows more about her past than anyone, he simply thinks she needs a vacation. Some much for astutely watching how a person behaves and deciding that all they need is a rest!

    It was clear to everyone that Emily was, effectively, saying "goodbye", at least it was to Garcia, Morgan and Reid and yet still they did nothing and asked no pertinent questions or spoke to their Unit Chief. When she backed out of the room after the final briefing, they all just watched her, looking pensively at her and making no move to follow or enquire. These people are a FAMILY. They see more of each other than they do of anybody else (as Hotch learned, to his cost) and yet, NOTHING was done to get the truth from Prentiss and no deep and meaningful questions about her "contacts" from her Interpol days who knew so much about Ian Doyle.

    Three seasons ago, Garcia would NEVER have let Emily speak to her that way in the bathroom without pushing further or going to somneone with more authority. If Garcia had been behaving like a terrified puppy, as Prentiss is, would Morgan have just let it slide? I think not. When Reid tried to get her to open up and she didn't, why did he not take matters further? This is all just ridiculous and completely out of character for these people. For example, when J.J. was "forced" to go to the Pentagon to work, they ALL tried to help stop it happen and rallied around her like friends should. Prentiss, it seems, is not worth that much of their time.

    On the Season 5 DVDs, Nina Tassler and Ed Bernero both make a speech about the 'family' atmosphere among the cast and crew of "Criminal Minds". Maybe somebody should send a memo to the writers about that because I don't think they've been told.

    Paget Brewster's acting was superb across the board. If she had been given a decent script to work with, it would have been stellar. As I have said before, this talented cast deserve far better than what they are being forced to spout week after week.

    I'm not even going to mention Seaver. The character is not worth the bandwidth. I was pleased to see a little bit of profiling this time around, though, but it was upsetting to see Hotch practically emasculated. Invisible and emasculated. For a team leader, this is a very bad look.

    My favourite line was when Rossi and Hotch were discussing whether Strauss had been briefed about what was going on given that she was on vacation at such a crucial time, it was obvious she would never take one again! Great banter.

    And so, in two weeks, A.J.Cook returns for what just might be Paget Brewster's swan song. Whichever way you look at it, "Lauren" is going to be a sad episode. I hope TPTB look back in May and ask themselves whether 'Suspect Behavior' and whatever other excuses they have used for the carnage to "Criminal Minds" have truly been worth it. I'm sure there will be another season, but at what price? And if so, could they please puts ads in the trade papers right now for writers? That would be a good place to start.
  • What happened? Did they hire some of the writers for Law and Order,or CSI?? If so they need to let them go!!

    I watch the story and they are genius's at profileing. Couldn't they tell there was something wrong with Prentiss? Isn't the team based on TRUST. At the very beginning Prentiss should have told the team that she suspected that D. was after her. I was very dissapointed with the writing. I am glad that other fans felt the same way I did. The only way the writers can udue this one is to chew her out for "not telling" in an upcomming episode. We will see.FLASH BACK (Remember when!! Reid was having the "dreams" from in an earlier episode, and the team stayed in Vegas because they knew something was "wrong" and "happening" to him?) I was so upset! This is my first review ever. I just had to write this. Please don't make this show about the "characters" like so many shows have done before. You have to have a little about them but It will ruin the series episodes. Like Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, and so may others have done. Is this another "Been there done that show"!!
  • Horrible!

    So VERY Dissappointing!! I can see Prentis NOT wanting to tell her team because they might be killed. But as SOON as she heard the Europe connection she should have told them. Ridiculous!
    Then she makes up a stupid lie to Garcia about a fake dream so Garcia will stop bugging her.
    This show used to be one of my favorites...but this season has really stunk! JJ getting thrown off the series and then the BIGGEST pathetic move....putting the "new" blonde on the team. I can't imagine what the writers are thinking unles they think all the viewers are idiots and will put up with this junk.
    I'll tape next week, but probably won't be watching this show anymore. Sigh!
  • A very intense episode!

    This was a very good episode of Criminal Minds, as the storyline of the Ian Doyle and Emily Prentiss intensifies!

    I thought the case was very interesting, and it quickly evolved into something more dubious, as Ian Doyle and his crew start to get serious! The whole storyline was very interesting, and it is very interesting to watch Prentiss evolve.

    I really enjoyed the Prentiss and Garcia scene in the bathroom. That was very sweet, particularly what Prentiss says to Garcia about maing her smile!

    All up, a very special episode! I think they are executing this storyline perfectly, and this season is going remarkabley. JJ is certainly missed, but they are still producing thrilling and sensational episodes!
  • I think the episode was great. I mean it is gonna be Prentiss last season since the interviews said she wasn't coming back. As for the It;s to serious. I mean HELLO!!! This is taking on things that CAN Happen in REAL LIFE. IThink CM is AMAZING!!!!

    Criminal Minds is taking us further into the minds of Criminals, terrorists and even the team itself. This episode is one that let us into the mind of Prentiss, How she cares for her team mates and how she will do anything for her team. Even if she makes the mistake of not telling them what is going on. Morgan knows something is wrong but being who he is, knowing that there are secrets people have in their life like the one he had before, he doesn't press more. I think that the next episode will be great! Even if it's Prentiss last season in CM. I don't know how will it end but hopefully it will end better than Elle.
  • I dont see why this episode was so bad...i thought it was great,, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    I thought the beggining was great,, it kept me wondering what the whole episode was gonna be about. I was completely shocked when they killed Cia but i had a feeling that was gonna happen. I liked the bond between emily and reid in the middle...the ian doyle thing with the white masks whas a little strange but it kept the viewers wondering when they were gonna find out the truth. i found the past few episodes have drug on a bit to much but i was very pleases with the linking episodes. i hope all will end well... Over all it was great! :)
  • Sorry guys, but I have to say - After the "100th" episode, the show started to become too serious to a point beyond the level of comfort. Everything started to get to serious after that eps.

    My summary says it all. Good show, yeah. Great show. But this episode and like any other you're probably might find, will be different from the earlier seasons. Everything changed in "100". It crossed the threshold of tv-psychological comfort. It changed things. It wasnt fun anymore. After that episode, the show somehow started to take itself all too seriously. Sorry folks, but perception management is crucial here and that ratings is dropping, which lead to the release of A.J. Cook, is sign of this. That nagging feeling that something just isnt right anymore with this show; not fun, well 100 changed all that.
  • I feel like this season lost track of itself - it started off so well, but now... I've completely lost interest.

    I've always been a die-hard Reid fan, so when I heard that my favorite characters secret of the season would "be a doozy" I got excited.

    Seems that I was jumping the gun.

    I figure once you've started something, you finish it. So now I'm stuck wondering when Reid is going to come back in the spotlight, or more frankly, when Emily's going to come out of it.

    I honestly like all the characters in this show, if they are sometimes I little one-dimensional. But it's a crime drama; it has to be expected at some point.

    I'm just going to sit back and wait, I suppose, until this entire storyline actually progresses to somewhere interesting.
  • more fun moments please

    this show is getting to serious....