Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • The BAU is handcuffed by one of their own? Not a great scenario.

    I'm definitely torn. While this is perhaps the best CM episode in recent memory, I believe it could have been soooo much better. Bad writing is still at the heart of Season 6.

    First, I must heartily thank the editors for limiting the amount of re-telling of the Prentiss arc at the beginning. In my household we were wondering if we should just tune in 15 minutes in since we've seen all the eps, but they managed to reduce it to a few important scenes. Good job.

    Unfortunately, Prentiss is still on the crazy train (aka the Metro) where she can't trust her elite team of FBI profilers to help her find the man who's trying to kill her and who is succeeding in killing many more people. It's not just CWS who should be held responsible for the deaths of these people, it's Prentiss and her completely ineffectual team, too! All of the federal agencies are cooperating to stop Doyle... except the people who know what's going on. Yeah. That's plausible, huh? (Nice view of the SCIF, CM people! Although I think they're allowed to have real lights in there, not just spooky, cool, mood lighting!)

    A favorite scene - Reid spills the beans to Prentiss about his headaches and she so very nearly spills the beans right back. (Paget and Matthew played this perfectly) Here he is trusting her about something he feels completely helpless about and she doesn't share back. Angst!

    Not a favorite scene - Prentiss and Garcia in the loo. What the heck was that long sad story about a dark haired child playing on a hill about? Prentiss? An actual child? Color me itching to go back to the action.

    The shoot out was kinda silly, as those automatic rounds would cut right through those cars and leave Morgan and Prentiss in heaping piles of flesh and blood on the other side. (but the shot through the guy's tattoo was creepily fantastic!)

    The ending seemed to me more Paget's good-bye to her castmates than a real CM scene to me. It made me sad, Paget acted it beautifully. But here's my biggest complaint: this big, huge Prentiss story? It is all off-stage, without her team around her. The only interaction she has with her teammates - and YES, people - the TEAM, the FAMILY, is a big reason we watch this show!!!! - is awkward and stilted (barring Reid). And now she's going to have her biggest scenes away from the team where we can't see any of that family feeling! I hate it! And I think this looser of an excuse for a write-out for Paget could have been so much better!

    Why insert all the James Bond hijinks? Why do we need them on a show that is supposed to be about profiling? Did Prentiss even profile the members of her old team so she could figure out she was being lied to? Will the writers/producers never learn that it is the PROFILING plus the TEAM FAMILY that urges us to tune in week by week?

    At least they should make her a hero. Make her intelligent and spunky and funny, not frightened, stern, wide-eyed rabbit Prentiss which is all we see with that make-shift 'team' of old. Make her above reproach. She could have started out torn by her loyalties but then come to see that her ole buddies were letting her down and turn to Rossi and Hotch. You've wasted this character - and this actress.

    BTW - does Seaver have any expression except for sullen? Yikes, what time and space is wasted on this empty, useless character which could be so much better served by more dialogue/interaction among the real team.