Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday Mar 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • Better than most episodes in season 6!

    To be very honest it was a good episode. I liked the speed of it, the drama with Prentiss not telling eventhough it became evident that she couldn't hold this up for very long and her 'goodbye' at the end. There were some very good bits in there like her conversation with Reid. The one with Garcia was a tad annoying. Ofcourse she was being her witty self but still she should have just dropped it immediately if someone doesn't respond well. And why oh why don't Rossi or Hotch notice anything? Are they blind? The most experienced profilers are completely out of the loop. Even Garcia noticed something, Hello! The story is a bit absurd and apparantly Clyde (or what is his name, the male 'interpolfriend') is a liar. I saw him in the next promo so apparantly he didn't get shot, mmmmmmh. Emily was already worried about him. I tried to ignore Seaver, but god that woman can't act. And apparantly she is doing JJ's job now by releasing the photo to the press (which Hotch retracted!). Nice CBS, so subtle. So what is it going to be next episode? Will she really be killed of or are they keeping it open so Paget may return in season 7? Let's hope the latter.
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