Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday Mar 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • I wish wish wish I could have given this episode a higher score.

    This episode could have been awesome. I was sorely disappointed, but at the same time if I'm honest was expecting disappointment after some of the episodes from the season. I was ready for Paget to deliver brilliantly and to watch a masterpiece of an episode. I got one out of two, just a shame about the writers

    The acting that Paget Brewster gave into this episode does not deserve a 7.5, it was near perfection what she gave. She was excellent throughout the episode and portrayed Emily's anguish perfectly.

    What let her down, as I said, was the writing ONCE AGAIN. As others have said she is part of a family, a family that could and SHOULD have noticed something was wrong. Sure, Garcia, Reid and Morgan all noticed something yet none of them acted on what they thought. And the more senior profilers Rossi and Hotch either didn't notice anything at all, or just thought she needed a holiday!

    I remember when in the very early seasons when Reid told Morgan he was having bad dreams and Morgan went on to tell Hotch straight away. This is how it should be; a family care about each other and feel like they can tell them anything, no matter how small or serious. The same again when the team went to LV and Morgan saw Reid having bad dreams. Again, he obviously told the team and him and Rossi decided to stay behind with him. Even though they knew he wouldn't like it.

    So, surely you would think, they would have become even closer together after all the things they have gone through? What's changed in those years?

    New writers, that's what's changed. Instead of a family with so much chemistry, they are now portrayed as group of people can't tell when something is seriously wrong with one of their team members. I had hope at the start of the episode, just the slightest bit of hope. That the writers, and so Emily, would come to their senses and just tell one member of the BAU. Or even that the team would talk to each other maybe! Nope, just brushing off Morgan, telling Garcia to keep out in an unacceptable way that Garcia wouldn't have taken before this, and then just not telling Reid when she had the perfect time!

    MMG's acting was superb as well as Paget's, the scene when he confided in Prentiss could have been cringe-worthy but he gave it what it needed. Moore gave his best too and Morgan was seen as the caring and loving one we all know him to be. And Rossi and Hotch's banter was believeable and was needed. Just a shame we didn't see more of Hotch! He is meant to be the leader isn't he?!

    I remember when Reid had his addiction and when Emily came to tell him she thought something was up with Reid, Gideon interrupted Emily saying of course they've noticed something.

    I wish I could give this at least a 9 for the acting from the team but the writers let the team down. And then there's Seaver :(
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