Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 12

What Fresh Hell?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • This episode answers the question: Why do profilers do what they do?

    Besides being nerve-wrackingly suspenseful, this episode gives us insight into the character of Jason Gideon, and through him the real FBI profilers. How do these men, and women I guess, continue to face what they have to face? How do they keep their sanity when they see some of the horrible things people do to each other? Apparently, it is by focusing on those they are able to save. Gideon keeps a table full of photographs in his office to remind himself of the people he's helped. And when a co-worker asks him if this is his family, he says, "Yeah, sort of." Instead of focusing on the exhausting, detail oriented police canvassing that goes along with a crime like this, we saw the "people stories" - the breakdown of the family of the child, the self-questioning of the police detective in charge, and the ultimate fatalism of the BAU team itself. This is why Criminal Minds stands on a level above other crime shows on television these days - it's not about the nuts and bolts, it's about the characters.

    This episode also reveals Gideon's deep-down idealism. He is able to be hopeful, to counsel hope to the father, and to be confident in their success when no one else is. This leaves him open to crushing blows if and when he does fail, showing us why some cases bring him to the edge of desperation. By allowing himself to be open to hope, he lets in despair as well.
  • girl taken from park, father accused ....

    Total tear jerker for me. having young kids I think about this often.I can't imagn losing my own daughter justs blocks away from my home.

    Amber alert for an 11 year old girl named Billy. missin gfrom a park a few blocks from her home. father and mother seperated fathers alibi checks out. With the father taken off the suspect list the team decides to take all uniform police off the case or atleast of the street. they do this so it won't scare the guy if he is still around.they believe he still close to home.They firgure he is a nice guy who lives in a nice neighborhood were everyone likes him.

    the parents of billy go on tv and ask about a witness(suspect)They say he is driving a green suv.They get a call from a guy whos nieghbor drives an greensuv. they ask him if he has a dog. he did named candy.

    The team went in his house and found the girl in the attic.

    everything the team suspected about the suspect was true is true.

    I can't inagn anything so horriable but I hope and pray that if my daughter were every to be kidnapped I would have people like them looking for her.
  • Another great installment.

    Another great episode, though it shows ‘normal people’ as idiots, this can be very true from time to time, so no biggy. As long as it’s not a prevailing theme that they find nothing but idiots through out the show. The show was a good storyline, rescuing the child is always a good bet in the end.
  • By-the-book abduction of a white teenage female.

    This plot has been done so many times before and done better! Gideon\'s spastic running up the street and breaking into the suspect\'s home without a warrant was truly embarassing to watch. The geeky character just stood by throughout the episode and acted like, well... a geek.

    I expect more originality and clever writing from a modern crime show -- this episode was disappointingly shallow and dull.
  • What a great episode. Dealt with the issue of child abduction really well, with the respectful subtlety of slightly less comedy from Garcia making it even more real.

    What a great episode. Dealt with the issue of child abduction really well, with the respectful subtlety of slightly less comedy from Garcia making it even more real.

    Loved the touch of Gideon's photo collection at the end, developing him even more in the direction that the series so far has brought him in.

    Overall an enjoyable episode from a so far enjoyable series.
  • way to go gideon!

    ok, i like gideon. i think he is a great charecter, but more than that i respect the relationship he has with his team and with the world around him. he seems to understand people better than anyone else on the team, and always knows what needs to be said to keep everyone around him calm, yet on their toes. i love that we saw him fight on a more personal level, to save this little girl. also, the scene where they found the body in the creek and reid looked like he might cry, i love that gideon reached out to him. no wonder there are so many slash fanfics about the two of them...ha ha ha...seriously though, the show was great.
  • Review

    I said in my last review that the show needed to pick up from some of the magic from the beginning of the season and this episode was able to deliver in a huge way. The profiling itself wasn't amazing, but the case was very emotional and I connected more with this case then I did in the past five cases all together. I thought the "I lost my dog" story to get the girl to follow him kept it very real. I thought the family involved had some great acting scenes and I liked the small mini-story of the father having cancer. If your ever going to have some filler scenes, those would be the ones that you want to have. I liked the end of the episode where Jason was able to pinpoint where thr girl was located. Solid episode overall I thought, getting back on track which is good.
  • Moving story

    A little girl is kidnapped and the police wastes 20 first hour because they think she might be with her father but he has his own problems - his cancer is back.

    So we have moving episode of two people's hell when they are waiting and hoping best, watching by as police does their best.. And I most say they most have felt quite a many moments like there is nothing happening but quietly they were working.. hoping to get the lead.. and they did..

    And I most say the whole ending.. with Gibson and his picture collection, the way he takes it so seriosusly - running in that house with out a warrant...
  • An eleven-year-old girl goes missing from a playground in Wilmington, Delaware after a disagreement with her mother who is a soccer coach. Her parents are recently divorced and her father is at first thought to be a suspect but things soon change.

    When eleven-year-old Billie Copeland disappears following a fight with her mother in a playground in Delaware, the BAU at first believe that her father may be at fault as he and his ex wife have only been divorced for six months but he proves to have an alibi in that he was having a treatment for terminal cancer at the time. The investigation is not started immediately as it was believed that Billy was with her father, but when it turns out that she wasn't, they must move very quickly. Their investigation turns to a man seen just prior to Billie's abduction carrying a leash and looking for his lost dog, a labrador named Candy.

    The team are convinced that a stranger abducted the little girl and know that she, if not already dead, may only have a short time to live given that they were called in well after the abduction took place due to crossed wires regarding where Billie may have been. The man searching for the lost dog is obviously the prime suspect, most particularly after interviews with other children in the park shows that the man was asking several others the same question. But did this man take young Billie or was he really an innocent stranger who had simply lost his dog? Watch and find out, you'll be glad you did!
  • I really enjoyed this episode! And the Happy Ending!

    This was definitely yet another awesoem episode of 'Criminal Minds'. The case was very cpativating, and it was very intense, as you would expect with a kidnapping episode!

    I really enjoyed all the investigative work. I especially enjoyed the bit where they got the family to revela that the man in the green SUV is not a suspect! Pretty smart stuff frm the BAU!

    I also really loved the whole flower sitation with Garcia. The character is really aweomse, and I am thankful that she is officially in the main cast in future seasons! That was really quite funny!

    keep it up, Criminal Minds! I would highly recommend this one, and it would have to be up there among the best episodes of the season, even though there hvve been a lot of amazing one!
  • A standard missing child case

    One of the characters said something I found very interesting. When the father of the missing girl attacked the person on the sexual predators list he was told that only law enforcement personnel should only have access to the list.
    That made me think. Texas's sexual predator list actually lists the offence the person has committed. Obviously the state the were supposed to be in, Delaware I believe, does not. That would have gotten rid of an entire subplot in this episode. I really do not think this subplot was necessary. It makes me wonder if the producers just added it in to make a point or something.
    Other than that, this was a fairly standard missing child case. When the town police said they had searched the entire house, I said, "What about the attic?" I was right. I do think the Garcia angle is very funny. She would be good for Gideon.
  • A few glaring errors

    I enjoyed the show but one big thing that got me ws when they got into the house the "search" was not complete. Everyone should know to search crawls spaces & attics and look for false doors in closets.
    Top to bottom search means just that, TOP to BOTTOM.
    From the begining I thought the kid on the monkey bars was going to say something not a girl from nowhere.
    I thought the agent who tried to get the guy to tell where she was was not realy convincing about his plea. He could have been a bit more persuasive. The lady with the "sex- offenders behind every bush" should have been arrested for interferring with an investigation.
    It could have been better over all.
    On a personal note. If I was dying I would want my child to know me in that short time and to face death not with fear but with curosity and comfort.
  • Ok episode but not that great.

    The story line was ok but it really didn't hold my interest. You knew the father had nothing to do with the kidnapping. It was sad he had cancer again. The woman going on and on about the sex offenders in the neighborhood got real, old real quick. I'm liking the main characters more and more with every episode.