Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 12

What Fresh Hell?

Aired Wednesday Jan 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • girl taken from park, father accused ....

    Total tear jerker for me. having young kids I think about this often.I can't imagn losing my own daughter justs blocks away from my home.

    Amber alert for an 11 year old girl named Billy. missin gfrom a park a few blocks from her home. father and mother seperated fathers alibi checks out. With the father taken off the suspect list the team decides to take all uniform police off the case or atleast of the street. they do this so it won't scare the guy if he is still around.they believe he still close to home.They firgure he is a nice guy who lives in a nice neighborhood were everyone likes him.

    the parents of billy go on tv and ask about a witness(suspect)They say he is driving a green suv.They get a call from a guy whos nieghbor drives an greensuv. they ask him if he has a dog. he did named candy.

    The team went in his house and found the girl in the attic.

    everything the team suspected about the suspect was true is true.

    I can't inagn anything so horriable but I hope and pray that if my daughter were every to be kidnapped I would have people like them looking for her.
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