Criminal Minds

Season 9 Episode 21

What Happens in Mecklinburg...

Aired Wednesday Apr 09, 2014 on CBS

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  • Back to form!

    Well after the small travesty of last week, CM hit top stride once again with what proved to be a brilliant episode. I do love these types of storylines where the killer is not exactly who you'd initially expect. To be honest they could have left the gender of the unsub a mystery for a little while longer - they seemed to say it very early - but it didn't detract from the episode at all.


    The storyline was very good - a gang rape and a death at one party? Wow I wouldn't want to be there all right. It was an interesting storyline, and I love how the death of the boy turned out to be completely unrelated. That was well done.

    I think a lot of people deserve to be sentenced for the scenes we saw perfectly honesty. I don't know why the unsub kidnapped Christy - there were bigger targets in the grand sheme of things. But then again i don't presume to understand how a killer's mind works!

    My only concern is that this episode was not the continuation of what we had last week. PLEASE don't tell me that that horrible storyline is going to be in the season finale. That would be a huge disappointment.

    Oh well, despite that bad episode last week, Season 9 has still been near flawless, and I think I have given a 10/10 score to about 17 or 18 of the epiosdes. I have really enjoyed the season so far, and I do hope that they finish it off in style.
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