Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 19

With Friends Like These...

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2011 on CBS

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  • hotch and his team,,,,grate episode

    another great interesting episode of criminal minds. I love Garcia presenting the cases. Don't agree with Lady Lancaster. Miss more humor between Garcia and still enjoy that banter
  • Hotch and his team, along with a newly-graduated Seaver, head to Oregon to study a series of brutal and seemingly motiveless murders.

    I'm going to do my best to find some positive aspects about this episode, but it certainly won't be the majority of the writing, that's for sure. I have to wonder whether the "CM" Powers That Be are a group of ostriches who simply will not get their heads out of the sand. The internet, magazines and other media have mentioned the shoddy writing this season so many times that I think most long-time fans are sick of repeating themselves where it's concerned yet still, it continues to be at a fourth grade standard with little hope of any improvement, at least for the rest of this seasson anyway. The message is a simple one. The show is slipping in the ratings. Get some better writers and better scripts for your actors or the show won't have a hope of being competitive.

    Nice touch, showing us a picture of the supposedly dead Emily Prentiss. Not so realistic was the fact that Garcia became more teary when she removed J.J.'s nameplate from her door many episodes ago than she did when looking at a picture of a fallen colleague. How much time which may or may not have passed since the death would be irrelevant to someone as emotional and connected to the team as Garcia. Just looking at the photo would have had her reaching for the tissues. It was good to see her and Morgan having one of their 'chats', but even that lacked the spontaneous humour of a couple of seasons ago. I don't like to see good actors appearing to be forcing their lines.

    One thing I DID enjoy was Hotch's comment that they needed to find an 'experienced' profiler soon to fill the yawning gap left by Prentiss. This gives me some hope that we will either have an old cast member returning or perhaps a guest star of note for the last few episodes of the season. That would be nice for a change.

    Garcia is back to presenting the cases again. They still have not learned that this is wrong on a dozen levels. Technical Analysts do NOT present cases to an elite FBI unit. It doesn't work like that because it doesn't happen.

    The profiling seemed close to non-existent again until Hotch correctly deduced from the patterns of the shoe tread that they were dealing with one very violent and very erratic unsub. That is the Hotch I like to see. One who is at the centre of the investigation instead of peeping over the shoulders of the others every now and again.

    Upon visiting several internet sites since the episode aired, I have noticed that even a large number of Ashley Seaver fans believe she was in the episode too much and is being terribly mishandled by the writers. Please, CBS and Co., if you want the fans to fully accept Seaver, STOP throwing her in our collective faces in almost every scene because that is more overkill than we can handle. Her comments on the plane about Ben seeming to be a 'nice guy' are beyond belief. Didn't she grow up with a serial killing monster for a father? Didn't he bring her giftd etc.? More importantly, wasn't she brought into the BAU to give a unique perspective and insight into the mind of a serial killer? Doesn't she supposedly have those all-important 'fresh eyes' that this team of experts need so badly? Either define the character and write her part properly or get rid of her. There's no grey area. Prentiss had to struggle mightily with Hotch to be allowed to join the team. Why have they made everything so easy for the new girl? This discredits the show and the actress badly.

    It was nice to see Reid talking about his headaches and that people were actually concerned and listening for a change. He seemed to have to battle his no-longer-mentioned drug addiction completely alone. His fear of schizophrenia was real and frightening for him. Kudos to Matthew Gray Gubler for portraying that so well.

    Personally, I found the case dull and predictable. Seeing the unsubs right from the beginning is a trend that I am finding very bothersome because all the suspense is taken away when we know who they are at the beginning and the BAU find out near the end.

    I'm not surprised the ratings were low for this episode and that so many people switched off after a short period of time. This is a very bad trend which will only continue if they don't stop playing around with what was once a blockbusting formula. Do they still think it was worth it to get rid of two much loved female characters? I'd like to be a fly on the wall during executive meetings as they try to figure out what it is they have done wrong ...

    To me, "Criminal Minds" used to be like hearing the delightful news that someone had baked your favourite chocolate cake. It would arrive, like clockwork, every Wednesday evening, fresh from the oven, covered in gooey icing, ready to be gobbled up. You knew it was going to be mouth-watering, moist and delicious. You wouldn't dare miss a single crumb because that one cake had to last a whole week. Since the beginning of Season 6, the "CM" cake has still been regularly delivered and, from the outside, looks as good as ever. The reality, however, sets in when you take that first bite because the cake is dry, tasteless, raw in places and burnt in others whilst the icing has no flavour whatsoever and you find yourself no longer anticipating baking day. Ah for the days when I could have my cake and eat it too, just the way I liked it. Time for Ed Bernero and friends to bring back their original bakers or they will find that nobody will want to buy their product anymore. That would indeed be a sad and useless waste of expensive ingredients.
  • One of those episodes where you have to say that it's hard to hate the bad guy.

    This was certainly another very interesting episode, but it definitely didn't look very intresting when compared to everything tht happened last week.

    The storyline was quite interesting, as a schizophrenic killer was killing simply to get rid of the imaginary voices in his head. It is always hard to hate the bad guy in epiosdes like this one because he wasn't evil, it was just his hallucinations.

    The scene at the end where he had the two children hotsage was very good! I thinkk it was the fitting ending to the episode, and I definitely really enjoyed it, atlhough it was quite sad.

    All up, a very intresting episode@! They produced a very good one after Paget Brewster's exit, but it is always hard to back up the week after a pivotal episode. Considring this, it was a great episode!
  • An schizophrenic patient is killing people at random in order to placate the voices in his head.

    I have mixed feeling about this one. MGG gave and amazing performance as usual, but not even that could make me look past all the Seaver stuff!!! She's apparently a full member of the team now and I can't seem to stop my gag reflex from kicking in at the thought!!!
    It's ironic to think that the first time Hotch found out Prentiss was going to join the team he told her that profiling was an specialty that required expertise, but now someone who just graduated and has no experience whatsoever will be "embraced" into the team. She has nothing to offer the team, and yet she's there! It just makes no sense to me!!!!
    Ok, other than that, I liked the episode. Specially the Morgan/Reid scene! I'm so glad Reid finally told someone (other than Prentiss) about his headaches, but what I liked the most was that Morgan noticed something was wrong and didn't stop until he figured out what it was!
    All in all, it was an good episode...