Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 3

Won't Get Fooled Again

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on CBS

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    This episode didnt have a lot of the past connections that the first two episodes have had. There wasnt a real trail of evidance that the people at home could follow to try and guess the killer at the end. The bomber was found in a kind of random way and the connection with the man in jail was also pretty random - following his internet usage to see who he was talking to...there was nothing for us to piece together really. I did like the interaction between Gideon and the man in prison this time around, I thought all of those scenes made the episode really stand out on its own. The final pulse pounding moments which concluded with "cut the blue" instead of "cut the red" was a great scene. Overall I thought it was a very solid epsiode, though weaker then its two episodes before it.
  • Bomb attacks.

    If there's one plot that has never, ever intrigued me when it comes to crime dramas, it's episodes about bombers. I always get bored with them. This one was no exception, although it wasn't as bad as other shows.

    BAU investigates what appears to be a serial bomber mimicking a previous case that Gideon was assigned to. However, things aren't exactly what they seem. The highlights of this episode were some of the more humorous dialogue between characters and the end, when Gideon realizes what the bad guy's doing, and then his pleasure in winning and getting to lock the guy up. Based on the last three episodes it seems like Gideon takes a little pleasure in causing a little torment to the unsubs who torment others.

    Overall, a fairly mediocre and forgettable episode.
  • Blowing up things..

    So.. this time it is a bomber - there are packs left behind peoples doors and ofcourse they have bombs on them.

    So the hunt goes for bomber and trying to guess why those people are killed - and first it looks all little illogical and when they get the bomb fragments, they realize they have seen it before - a old case returns.. but he is in prison and someone is totally copying him.

    It all gets more dangerous when one mother realize the box her daughter is holding is next one - they save the girl, find the man, dealarm the bomb.. great but.. something missed in this episode.
  • Every Hero has an arch nemesis. In this show, we are treated to Gideon's. However, their story plays out as something from the past. The current threat is a copycat.

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this show has a very flattered bomber. The show examines a mistake that Gideon made which allowed six agents to be killed.
    Apparently, federal prison inmates have access to te internet. They are able to get around firewalls and communicate how to attack and bomb to other would be bombers. While this is a scary thought, it was the most unrealistic aspect of the show. That type of activity would have to monitored in order to alleviate the state from liablity.
    Other than that, it plays like a great cat and mouse game. Thankfully, this time the winner is the mouse.
  • learnign more about the charecters.

    i was glad to see more about gideon in this one. i think he is not only an important central charecter, but understanding who he is and what he really knows about the criminals and himself is important. i am really starting to like garcia as well. i hope that she continues on the show and takes on bigger and better roles. i totally cringed when the guy ran over his wife, but was glad to see that they didn't assume elle would be a victim just because she is a woman. i like the way this show is shaping up...
  • Exactly why I watch!

    I am kind of warming up to Thomas Gibson's character
    As at first I found him cold and a bit distant
    But I really think the Mandy Patikan character of Gideon
    Sets the show as his character not just has a brain but
    Also has heart and soul. He is the heart and soul
    Of the show and hope that he doesn't leave like he did Chicago Hope the first year or after!
  • Gideon is finally back at full strength.

    In this episode a series of bombings in Florida brings agent Gideon face to face with another bomber who killed 6 of his agents. The unsub has a dynamic profile that doesn't fall into place until the last moment. When Gideon realizes that the profile is wrong just intime to save the lives of the SWAT team along with agents Greenaway and Hotchner. In the end Gideon is able to absolve himself of his guilt by out smarting the criminal who sent him into a post traumatic tailspin 6 months earlier.

    This is the first episode where the characters really feel like a team, the trust and comraderie are there. From this point on I can truly say that Criminal Minds is perfect.
  • Gideon beats his nemisis!

    A fantastic episode which gave us a good insight in to what is going on inside Gideons head. Boston has obviously had a major impact upon him and having a chance to beat Bale after what happened can only be good for Gideon.

    Wasn't too impressed with Morgans attitude towards Gideon, I'm glad Hotch put him in his place on that one. The scens with Morgan and Garcia were very sweet, that's becoming a very lovely friendship.

    I'm enjoying the partnership that Gideon and Hotch have. It's a very stong partnership, they both bring good qualities to it. The scene with them talking to Bale was powerful. Hotch is obviously very aware of how on the edge Gideon is and wants to try to protect him and keep him together.

    I was shocked when Gideon said to cut the other wire, I hadn't seen that one coming!
  • The excellence of this episode shows just why CBS has such a hit on their hands with this fantastic show as the BAU travels to Florida in the hunt for a bomber. To catch him, Gideon faces an old enemy.

    Someone is bombing residential areas of Palm Beach, Florida and the BAU must find out who he or she is as the unsub is very deadly and very successful. The profilers quickly rule out terrorism due to the accuracy of the kills involved but they have to explore the possibly that one of the victims might be the person they are searching for as bombers often die as a result of their own work. It is only when Morgan looks closely at the bombs and the nature of the attacks that he realises that they are identical to those used by Adrian Bale, now in prison, and the man responsible for the deaths of the six agents under Gideon's command.

    The big question is, is this bomber a copycat 'fan' of Bale's work or is Bale somehow instructing someone on the outiside so that his crimes can continue? In order to find out, Jason Gideon must face the man responsible for the six deaths, which gives the sadistic and sociopathic Bale exactly what he wants.

    Thank goodness for a show that doesn't make oblique references to something or someone and then leave it hanging and never mention the person or event again. Kudos to the writers for'clearing up' what happened between Gideon and Bale. Excellent work. And it will happen again because these writers seem to understand that fans don't like unanswered questions.

    This one is riverting. Watch it.
  • This is a personal favorite, even though it is so early in the show's history!

    I think this is one of the most amazing episodes of 'Criminal Minds', which is saying something, because every week is amazing! Just like arson episodes, like the previous one, bombing episodes are also very intersting to watch, and highly unpredictable! The suspense in hthis one went from start to finish - the first bomb, the littl girl, the shooting and bomb of the unsub in the office storage room, the guy with the bomb strapped to his chest! The episode really had it all in terms of suspense!

    Aside from all of that, the actual case was very interesting to solve, as well as going inside Gideon's mind and seeing how he deal t with his 'arch nemesis'! This episode truly had it all, and I couldn't possibly stress how much I loved it! Keep it up guys, and I would recommend this episode very highly!
  • Excellent story telling

    half way through the episode, I usually know who did it, why and can run to the fridge for a soda and not worry about what I miss

    not with this series

    what a great cast and storyline

    starting with another inmate Gideon captured, we delve further into his brain and one of the many causes of his distress the idea that he could snap any minute adds to the stress of the situation

    this is a show that has more than the typical profiler - cop detective show the humor is subdued and the emotional fenzy that each episode (so far) gives doesn't rely on gimmicks or some arcane bit of knowledge

    love it