Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 15

Zoe's Reprise

Aired Wednesday Feb 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • A fan of Rossi's is killed by a serial killer

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. Rossi launches a special edition of his bestselling book and goes along to a book signing. Once there, a young girl tells him that she believes that there is a serial killer in the town where she lives. She talks over the killings with him and he tells her he doesn't believe that there is a serial killer link to them. He hands her his hand and leaves. She goes to visit one of the crime scenes, and the killer is also her. He kills her. Rossi's card is found on her and so Rossi gets a phone call. The young victim's name is Zoe. When the team look at all of the cases they see that each of the cases is a copycat killing of a famous serial killer. So the team head out to help Rossi investigate. Soon another victim is found. Rossi pays for Zoe's funeral and when the mother finds out so goes mad at Rossi for his act of kindness. Soon through DNA found on one of the body's the team get the name of a suspect. They also learn once in his apartment that he is reading Rossi's book. They soon track him down, with another victim. But as soon as they save her, they learn that she is his girlfriend. Soon, through an interview with the girlfriend, they learn everything they need to about the killer.
  • The BAU is after a serial killer imitating other serial killers.

    The next girl to be killed is one that is slightly obsessed with Agent Rossi. The killer is young and cannot figure his style out. BAU Investigates and finds that the victims have an swab of alcohol on their heads. They reprocess the be body of Zoe Hawkes and find DNA on her forhead. The DNA Leads to Eric Olson. The BAU apprehend Olson as he is apparently about to kill and rap another woman. The girl turns out to be his girlfriend and willing participant. Olson is taken into custody for questioning. Against his lawyers wishes he speaks o Rossi, telling him there may be more that the 8 he is charged with.

    Back at Olson's house while searing it, Reed finds for photos on his wall that do not fit. Using the photos the BAU are able to put together the location of of the bodies four more missing persons in the area.

    Eric Olson was a sick puppy.
  • Very different and interesting case!

    This was yet another very enjoyable episode, that was actually quite different from any of its predecessors. Firstly, I really enjoyed the beginning, in which the victim actually meets Rossi as a big fan of him, and tells him about a case.

    They then killed her off, which was great, as it led to us seeing a few different sides to Rossi, as the case becomes somewhat personal to him!

    The rest of the episode was quite good too, and there were spome interesting things that I won't spoil, but I definitely say that my favorite apart was the beginning of the episode!

    Great week of Criminal Minds! I definitely recommend this sepisod,e, and I hope that the standard is maintained into the future!
  • Process of finding himself..

    Mm.. I have vice versa feelings about this. I did like the concept - a random murders, nothing common at first sight and someone believes that they are connected.. and when it comes out - a copycat coping so many different murders what not in concept makes no sense.. and the way Rossi is involved, We do not see that from him so much.

    But on the other hand I do not like episodes where we know from the beginning who the unsub is and it is all the process of catching him.. this time there process of envelopment for unsub too but still. That liked take part of the story out.
  • A young girl comes to Rossi for help but he is so absorbed in his book tour that he throws her off. Eventually she dies and Rossi goes to find the killer.

    This episode is the reason I don't like Rossi at all. Gideon was a great person on the team but above nowhere near as arrogant and rude as Rossi.

    It's surprising and not surprising that Rossi has been here this long. He's an annoying character certain to get ratings. Actually more I think about the more similarities I see with Rossi and serial killer profile. Rossi is arrogant, an egomaniac, has a hard dealing with different opinions other than his. The episode starts with a beautiful young girl named Zoe who at Rossi's book tour. She goes to Rossi for help but Rossi just brushes her off.

    The girl who is a really smart crimonologist in the making decides to take matters in her own hands and tries to track down a serial killer. You can guess what happens next. I really didn't buy Rossi's sorry excuses for what happened. He knows better as a veteran but his brush off the young girl's pleas was just un-excusable.

    The unsub was an interesting character. Again it's funny the more I get caught up on this show the more similarities I see with killers and Rossi. The killer used Rossi's book as a manual to commit murder and like Rossi enjoyed all the attention given to him.

    Still an entertaining episode as they all are.
  • This was a very good episode but it made me terribly sad when Rossi so casually dismissed a young girl who was trying to tell him that a serial killer was on the loose.

    Zoe Hawkes, Criminology student and a big fan of SSA David Rossi approaches him in Cleveland after he gives a talk and tells him that she believes a serial killer is on the loose in that city. Rossi is almost arrogant in his dismissal of this possibility, citing the fact that the police obviously don't agree etc. as his reason. Zoe, however, is not easily put off and Rossi, softening towards her, tells hershe should continue to be enthusiastic and he gives her his card. When Zoe is murdered by the 'non-existent' killer just after her exchange with Rossi, he is called when the police find his card among her belongings.

    Naturally, Rossi feels worse than terrible about what has happened and the rest of the team join him to continue the investigation into the possibility that Zoe was right - that Cleveland DOES have a serial killer. When several murders are found to have been copycat crimes of famous killers from the past, the team must hunt him down. For Rossi, it's also personal as he believes that Zoe died because he didn't take her seriously.

    A very good episode and great to see Rossi in this new type of light and trying to deal with his own mixed emotions. Good performance by Bess Armstrong in the role of Zoe's grieving mother too.
  • Looking into bestselling author SSA Rossi

    With little participation from the rest of the team, this episode was basically all about Rossi. Not that is a bad thing. The storylines that play with the personal side of the main characters add a little more flavor to it. And, lately, it was getting to be all Reid, all the time.
    There is a interesting aspect to Rossi that the rest of the BAU lacks: the mix between the bestselling author at the booksignings with his "car service" and his publicist, and the experienced profiler that can literally poke around your head. After all, he is making a pretty decent living telling some of the horror stories the whole team sees to, in some way, satisfy people´s morbid curiosity. And that little spark of doubt he has about it makes a good concept (a serial killer´s self discovery process) even better.
  • Many more sides, of Rossi we see!

    When Rossi came onto the scene, nobody seemed to like him at all. And that he really irked everyone with his, better than thou attitude. But his character wasn't developed at the time. His character has since developed. And that now, slowly but surely, he really has developed a personality, not an ego. When the team has been called to investigate, some copycat murders. And try to stop these people from following other, serial killers. JJ as always, seems to be the voice of reason. As I wished that they would use her more. Can't wait for her to come back. Like Rossi, nobody couldn't stand Prentiss. But her character has been really, well-developed.
  • i watch all the episodes and i fell asleep because i am sick and would like to watch this one

    I have been watching the show since day one. I have all my freinda wathing it now , and this year i have gotten about ten to fifteen more people watching it. the episode on feb 18 i was watching it and it was so good , but i fell asleep. I never do this but i have been sick and i get tired very easy , and all i have to do is put mu head down and i fall asleep. I dont like to miss the show. There are peolple that dont even know about the show , but every week i make sure i talk about the show to get more people to watch it . they are so true its scary some times to think that these things realy do happen. and Morgan is mu favorite , but i like eveyone
  • great, as always!

    A young man interested in criminology and Rossi fan starts killing people in Cleaveland at first copying famous serial killers and at the end killing using his own signature.
    It's just me or it was quite similar to the 2nd Criminal Minds book?? Anyways I loved it... Quite heartbreaking that Zoe was killed and as Morgan I didn't see that coming with the guy having a girlfriend!! I was quite worried when Rossi asked JJ about keeping secret that he was paying the funeral, I thought he was doing something stupid and it was that he felt guilty.
    Nice JJ and Rossi moment at the end. After the little arguments from last week's chapter, now they seem to have a really good relationship!:)
  • An excellent episode, ranks up very high.

    I really felt that this was one of the very best shows to date. Every cast member did a teriffic acting job and you really got a feeling of how well they work together toward their common goal. Rossi once again revealed his complex character. I think he far outshines any work that Gideon did on this series. he took a little warming up to, but now this excellent actor is way up to speed. Out of all of the "procedural" crime shows out there, I feel that Criminal Minds has the best emsemble cast. The addition of Prentis and Rossi sweetened the pot.
  • Even our best intentions can have the worst consequences...

    When Rossi meets a young fan, he does his best to be kind and encouraging but with tragic consequences. Zoe is a smart girl with the determination to do well in her chosen career path. Her mother's grief and Rossi's guilt play off each other to show the broad range of emotions such tragedy will deliver. JJ, as always, plays the voice of reason as she tells Rossi how his books and career effected her life choices. In the end, Zoe brought the evidence to solve the horrifying crimes committed by the creepy psychopath lurking just around the corner. What a brilliant way to tie it all up! (No pun intended.)
  • Character development on Rossi and the impact his books make....

    This episode was pretty good. We had the whole team together again, though I got to stand out the fact that Reid again was not as involved as previous episode we have seen, and I don't know if it's me, but I do like when he participates a lot. We got to see more character development on Rossi, how his books have an effect on people and how guilty he felt about it. As for the episode it started really scary and exciting, then we got to see the actual killer and it blew me away, because I think we had a previous episode with a similar script about a copycat killer.
    Don't get me wrong the episode was absolutely fabulous, these show is perfect from top to bottom, from characters, writers, producers, directors, scenery, plots, stories, you name it and it's good. Everything on it looks studied and perfectly done for our eyes. But as I said previously we've seen better and I would love to see more participation of Reid or Hotchner.
    Thanks for this GREAT SHOW!!
  • A serial killer finding himself..... scary concept.

    I really enjoyed the concept of this episode and the unique challenge it presented to the team. A serial killer's signature is one of the key tools the team uses to do their job but without a definitive one, it makes things more interesting. I also really empathized with David Rossi. He is really good at what he does but that maybe not be always perseved as a good thing. I really liked the final interview with Eric Olson. I think he wants the answer to the million dollar question, that's problably true for real life detectives, the why? Maybe if we could find the answer would could fix the problem...
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