I just watched the fourth episode of Crisis and I was wondering what everyone else’s conclusion is so far.

I personally think the show asks you to suspend your disbelieves A LOT. That already starts with the basic premise of one guy planning and executing this sort of endeavor without anyone noticing. After all the NSA pretty much monitor every communication out there. Yes the guy was CIA, but that is only one branch of a pretty large intelligence-service-tree.

Then there are the parents. These are supposed to be the richest, most powerful and most powerful people, yet except for the President, they all act like chickens with their heads cut off all of a sudden. The chief-of-staff, Senator etc. just willy-nilly compromising the national security of the US? Ok, only the President swears an oath, but still. You would think a few more would show at least SOME resistance.
And then there is the Meg, sister of that FBI-Agent. I’m not really sure what to think of her. I get that there is an antagonistic relationship with her sister, but not even now you try to be honest with her after you did what the kidnappers asked and you DON’T get your daughter back? Still, I think story-wise she is set up to help or at least act against the kidnappers.

That brings us to the main issues I have:
  • Why is it, that in stories like this, people just do not communicate and share information? Everyone working against everyone else just won’t work at all.
    But then, you give all files (redacted, but still) about a ONGOING investigation of that magnitude to a private citizen who you KNOW you shouldn't trust?
  • If all those kids get kidnapped, the first assumption you have to make is that the kidnappers want to force the parents to DO SOMETHING. Therefore, the first thing you should do is either sequester the parents or at least put them under tight surveillance, ESPECIALLY with those kinds of parents.
  • Some technical aspects just seem to be ignored: How come no one tries to find out how the kidnappers can route phonecalls to supposedly secure phones in the White House? What about knowledge about those supposedly super-secret drones that got downed?
  • Why, if the Presidens son is involved, do they not use the executive power of the President more, especially with the CIA?

Right. To the positive:
  • I think the show succeeds in keeping the suspense high, even though they sort of have found a “parent-of-the-week” formula.
  • The main pairing of agents Dunn and Finley is interesting, they have (imho) a good chemistry and an interesting story-arc so far. From opponents to partners, including all the trust- and other issues that come with that.
  • The CIA-angle right now is interesting and story-wise seems to have the most potential. But it also (conveniently?) narrows the story to the two main agents plus the FBI-boss.

What I’m ambivalent about:
  • The story of the kidnapped kids: I suppose in a story like this, you have to show what happens with the kids, how they deal and all that. But that part is not really the strong side of the story. The only kid I'm really interested in at this stage is the daughter of the mastermind, she seems remotely interesting.
  • The dad being the mastermind is ok as a setup, but does he honestly expect his daughter to like him better in the end? I guess you really have to be insane to come up with a plan like this to make your kid love you.
  • The most interesting kid, the overweight one from the first episode, seems to be all out of the show. I really hope they don’t do some CW-style soap with those other kids, that would be SO disappointing.

So MY PERSONAL conclusion is (to quote Kaitlin from the pilot review):
Yes, the show is TOTALLY REDICULOUS - but still entertaining. It is not the best a show of that format can be on TV, but is not totally unwatchable either. If we compare formats: compared to True Detective for example, it can not keep up at all. But compared to Awake (or the like)it is doing ok.

So, with me, the show goes to my DVR and I will (binge)-watch it at some point if I have the time and nothing better is on.

What do you guys think?


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