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NBC (ended 2014)

The pilot episode of Crisis makes you wonder what it was that you just watched. From the trailer, it looked super intense. Halfway through watching the episode, however, I was wondering if this was even the same show as advertised. Of course, exposition had to be set up. The other problem with this episode is that it is cluttered to the max. Honestly, they could have made this two episodes if they took the time to explain using more than one line that reveals something or one brief shot, and then moving on to the next scene.

But, once we got through the cluttered part of the episode, it improved, and that final scene was very good. The trailer showed a lot of emotional connection, and we didn't get much of that until the end scene with the two sisters. But wow, those last 20 seconds, they were fantastic.

Overall, the episode was good, the plot is great. And I totally did not see that ex-CIA agent being part of it. Their major problem is that it is so cluttered. It's always good to have questions that need to be answered, but the pilot episode can't make you this confused. While this episode wasn't the best due to the clutteredness, Crisis has potential to be a great series. (And, by the way, don't you totally see the creators of Crisis having a detailed plan of the show's plot like the ex-CIA guy's plan book?


Agent Finley:
We're going to have a chat with whoever's on the other end.
Anton: Whomever's on the other end.

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