A Crisis Community
NBC (ended 2014)
When this show premiered in March, I thought the show was cluttered, but had potential. Since then, I believe that the series has grown and is now a very entertaining series. The characters are believable and complex, and the stakes are high. And the villain is a very interesting character who you sometimes root for, but at the same time want to be defeated. It's a complex show, and I love it.

The show does have one weakness though, and that's the kids. A lot of the kids are bratty and annoying. Amber, the president's son, and the villain's daughter are sometimes good, but at other times not. Out of the three, the best is probably the villain's daughter, although I really don't care much for her friend.

This show is exciting, and I can't wait for tonight's and for all of the future episodes. Meg is probably my favorite character, as she is so complex and has so much emotion. I do feel though that the whole past affair thing was uninteresting. I hope that the show continues to have much emotions and high stakes.

What are your thoughts on Crisis's first season so far?
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