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NBC (ended 2014)

Due to premiere on the 16th of March, NBC's Crisis is a new drama about a school bus of teenagers getting kidnapped by a well armed and seemingly well organised group, but these teenagers aren't just any old random group of hormonal young adults, no, they are the offspring of some of Americas most influential people, including the son of the POTUS.

Despite some early pilotitis, which is an unfortunate necessity to get things rolling, I was really impressed with this latest effort from NBC (I don't get to say that very often). With good production values, although I do hope they improve the background effects for when they are filming in vehicles before it airs, there's nothing ridiculous about the plot, which could have been very over-the-top considering the premise, and judging by the way the pilot panned out I'm very interested to see where they are going with this. Some of the dialogue was a little lazy and there were a couple of “did they really just say that?” moments but I'm going to put that down to a symptom of pilotitis and move on.

The cast is good and while I suspect Rachael Taylor will once again have her usual detractors I think she may have actually found a role that suits her as an FBI Agent and sister to one of the parents. That parent happens to be played by the always brilliant Gillian Anderson who adds a giant dollop of credibility to the show. Rounding us out are the surprisingly good (I'm not his biggest fan) Dermot Mulroney as one of the parents kidnapped with the kids, Lance Gross as one of the Secret Service Agents detailed to the Presidents son and One Tree Hill alum James Lafferty as a school teacher who was also kidnapped with the kids. Playing our leading adolescent hostages are the great Joshua Erenberg (Suburgatory's A.J.), he's the one in the trailer who escapes into the woods with Gross's Secret Service Agent, along with Halston Sage as the leggy blond over-achieving class President (although mercifully she isn't bitchy, well done writers) who is the daughter of Anderson's character, Adam Scott Miller as the son of the POTUS, Stevie Lynn Jones as the daughter of Mulroney's character and Max Schneider as her bestie, all of whom did well.

Initially I thought this was going to be another by-the-numbers typical hostage drama about some horrible teens and we'd all end up rooting for them to die, but none of the teens are overly unlikeable and there is a nice twist halfway through the pilot that instantly improved the plot and gave me hope that there is a lot more to this than a load of annoying filler episodes until the season finale (ahem Hostages!). I enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to more. Well done NBC!
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