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NBC (ended 2014)
Well, it wouldn't be true to say that I wasn't expecting this, but Crisis got canceled yesterday by NBC. The show did not attract many viewers in its Sunday-night timeslot, and as a result it will end after one season.

The remaining episodes of Crisis will resume to air beginning May 25. Five episodes remain, and there will be no new episode on June 8th. The air dates of episodes 12 and 13 have not been confirmed yet, but will likely be on June 22 and 29.

I wish that the show had gotten to live on, but I'm not terribly disappointed by this cancelation. While most of the episodes were good, a few were just a mess and confusing. NBC is not done making shows around the same theme though, they have also ordered to series Odyssey, which is described as "the thrilling tale of families torn apart when a female Special Ops soldier in North Africa, a corporate lawyer, and a Wall Street activist uncover the same conspiracy between a US corporation, the government, and terrorism". But, Crisis has Gillian Anderson, Odyssey does not.

What are your thoughts on cancelation of Crisis?
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Jun 08, 2014
That's disappointing. I have just stumbled on to this show and find it very easy to watch. Im only 3 eps in and cant wait to watch the rest. If they had got the word out about this show (Im in Australia) That could have helped.
May 18, 2014
I love Crisis and I wish it wasn't being canceled. I got hooked after episode 1. I'm equally upset that NBC pulled it from the May 18th schedule to air another boring SNL special. Sorry- I am an SNL fan I just never did enjoy their specials. Anyway, I love Crisis and I wish someone else would pick it up. At this point I just want NBC to be fair to the loyal fans of Crisis and finish airing the remaining episodes. I know I can't wait to see them. I wish they would've given Crisis more of a chance, maybe a better time slot on a better night, or did more advertising for the show, I'm sad to see it go. But I am impatiently waiting to see the final episodes NBC !!
May 16, 2014
The show has gotten better, but continuity is still in issue: Kos gets shot in the leg and the next episode looks fit as a fiddle. Gibson's team is getting smaller, everybody is after them, and what they're doing will get them the death penalty, so why are they doing this? What happened to the parent who got shot in the stomach (by the General)? Does anyone debrief the released kids for any info on how many kidnappers they've seen? What happens to the released kids if their parents are in jail (or dead)?

This looks like a no-win situation for Gibson, though I hope the CIA bad guys get what's coming to them, too.

May 11, 2014
Thanks for the update. I loved the show and I am now just glad I will be able to see the rest of it. I am not sure I want to see another serialised show on NBC knowing they are always in danger of getting cancelled.
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