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NBC (ended 2014)
May 10, 2014
What a Crisis for the Cast/Crew of Crisis
NBC canceled Crisis on May 9, 2014.
an asteroid has wiped out the earth
May 10, 2014
Depends On What Fails: NBC Cancels Community, Revolution, Dracula, Believe, Crisis, and Growing Up Fisher (UPDATED)
It's five seasons and no movie for the wacky comedy, and two seasons and lights out for Eric Kripke's powerless drama.
taken hostage
May 06, 2014
NBC Pulls Crisis and Believe from Its Schedule
Both shows will be replaced by an SNL special on May 18, and we don't know whether they'll return.
Apr 27, 2014
Mid-Season Look: Crisis
About halfway into the first season of Crisis. Has it improved since its premiere?
4-Episode test
Apr 12, 2014
Crisis: 4-Episode Test-Results
I just watched the fourth episode of Crisis and I was wondering what everyone else’s conclusion is so far. Will you continue watching?
Mar 17, 2014
Crisis Series Premiere Review: Who's Bad? Who's Good? Who the F*ck is That? How are They Related to the Plot?
How good is NBC's newest crazy drama? Is it a Crisis? Or is it an unhealthy addicting series? (The latter is good)
taken too
Mar 17, 2014
Crisis Series Premiere Review: Totally Ridiculous, But Not as Bad as You'd Think
NBC's new hostage drama is so ludicrous and silly that it might actually work.
friendly advice
Mar 14, 2014
Hey TV.com, Should I Watch NBC's Crisis?
Is NBC's hostage drama an adrenaline-pumping series, or a snoozefest? We'll tell you!
Feb 18, 2014
NBC's Crisis: Pilot Review (Without Spoilers)

Due to premiere on the 16th of March, NBC's Crisis is a new drama about a school bus of teenagers getting kidnapped by a well armed and seemingly well organised group, but these teenagers aren't just any old random group of hormonal young adults, no, they are the offspring of some of Americas most influential people, including the son of the POTUS.

Despite some early pilotitis, which is an unfortunate necessity to get things rolling, I was really impressed with this latest effort from NBC (I don't get to say that very often). With good production values, although I do hope they improve the background effects for when they are filming in vehicles before it airs, there's nothing ridiculous about the plot, which could have been very over-the-top considering the premise, and judging by the way the pilot panned out I'm very interested to see ...Read more
mark your calendars
Jan 10, 2014
NBC Sets Premiere Dates for About a Boy, Believe, Crisis, and More
NBC will once again try to harness the power of the Olympics to boost two new comedies.
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