Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2014 on NBC
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Finley and Dunn seize an opportunity to speak directly to the kidnapper. Elsewhere, Widener and TJS join forces in a plot to crush former associate Gibson.
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  • Homecoming?

    The title was misleading IMO; I thought more if not all the children would have been released. This show is all over the place. I am confused.... Every show leaves me having many questions. How may episodes before season ends? Finley & Dunn are turning the tables.
  • Crisis Review.

    This show is up and down and yet i cant stop watching, this was better than last week's episode. So 7 weeks in Beth Ann hated her father, Gibson and now she cares / loves him again, so why hasn't Beth Ann or any of the other young kids said anything to Gibson about where he disappears to. The only one that asked Gibson where has he been, was the Teacher and Gibson replied i cant tell you and nothing else was said. Beth Ann doesn't even ask her father anything, she's too busy cutting herself and trying to get into Kyle pants. Amber just cries, because the Teacher had an affair with someone else beside's her and the two most stupid and annoying kids, Ian and Luke are stealing the other kids medication and doing lines. What a shame the soldier that Widener sent back to rescue the kids was shot and killed, at least he did some damage before he died. Now Agent Dunn and Agent Finley have decided to work for Gibson, i agree with Addic7ed' Review as well, this storyline is just getting too much. Wow Dunn you really know how to pick a winner with the father of your child (how drunk were you). One of the main issues that really makes me angry is, why hasn't the FBI even come close to figuring out that there might be a chance that Gibson is behind it all. Now that Hurst is dead, although why couldn't Kyle have missed and shot Gibson in the arm at least, either way the threesome have locked themselves in a room and cant get out (i would have kept on shooting). Well the preview looks interesting, its about time Meg got hers.moreless
  • How much longer are the kids going to buy that the kidnappers are holding the 'villain' as a hostage?

    Why keep him away from the rest? What are they doing to him? How come they only let him out at 'specific' times? Those are only a few questions the kids should be asking themselves. I don't think they are so stupid not to figure it out. But maybe they are because they've been in that house long enough to know where the front door is, right? But yet the president's son didn't and now he and his 'friends' are trapped just after he shot and kill the only guy who could save them all. But I guess that last part was just real real bad luck.

    And now Flynn and Dunn are working for the villain? Where that will take them? I think they're stupider than the kids.

    I don't see much future for this show, do you?moreless

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