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  • Another Good Show Thrown Away by Comcast Bean Counters

    This show started off with a great premise. There was some muddle towards the middle but they took a break to straighten that out. When they resumed shooting it was back on track. And what a track it was!

    The pairing of Rachel Taylor, who was great, and Lance Gross, who nailed his part, was brilliant. Contrary to what someone wrote, it was clear that Meg Fitch was not getting away with the kidnapping.

    This is yet another example of the incredibly incompetent Comcast bean counters and their fellow incompetent executives, who can't recognize a great series, nor properly promote it, nor give it the opportunity to build an audience. Nor keep good ones going because they "cost money" ( Eureka, Warehouse 13 et al).
  • THAT Ending? Really?! Please Renew!!

    After trying to get on board with the similar themed show Hostages last year, I was cautious of this show in the beginning, but I loved it from the start. The big reveal with Gibson at the end of the pilot kicked off a firestorm of intrigue, assassinations and everything in between.

    Knowing that this was always going to be a short-lived show, I thought the writers would come up with clever ways to wrap-up the story and they did. And there's the problem right there. In a rush to see justice delivered to Gibson, they forgot that he was the first victim in the storyline, the first parent if you will. forced to do terrible things to protect his daughter.

    When the final minutes of the series expired therefore, I was not amongst those to cheer his arrest or the fact that Meg Fitch gets away with a kidnapping of her own. the only solace I can muster for this lacklustre finale is the improbable (not to mention last minute) renewal and the last command prompt / text message in Gibson's endgame protocol. I can always imagine the future of the story to be Fitch the b***ch does time for her own involvement, Gibson escapes and his daughter finds out about Weinbrener. I would have given the show a 9/10 for a good finish but when Beth Ann found out and Gibson was arrested it dropped to an 8/10.
  • I liked it!

    My wife and I both got sucked into it at the get-go, because of the definitely different storyline, and we enjoyed it throughout. It kept us hanging, despite some of the more obvious flaws (mostly timing and special effects), tho we spotted it as a single-story-arc series that would have a definite end. Didn't matter, we were hooked, and we watched every episode.

    Tonight was the finale, and I figured that would be that, and nice short series that explored the concept about as deeply as it could. Imagine my surprise (***SPOILER ALERT ***)

    when I see the cliffhanger scene at the very end!! WTF??

    So to the internet I go! Only to find out that it's been cancelled for a few weeks (wtf), and that most people think it's "too slow" (not surprising given the relative attention span of most viewers--a gnat has more). Couple the mental deficiency of most viewers with NBC's lack of advertising the show, I can see why it went south. I doubt seriously it would have the legs to get thru another full season (at least without better story development) on this premise; but another couple episodes could've closed it off decently. But I do blame the way it ended on the writers and production crews, because it felt like they knew by the halfway-2/3s point that they were done, and decided to mail it in.

    Sad... but it did pass some off-season viewing time.
  • Another good potential wasted

    I wanted to give this show a chance. I did. 8 episodes in, it's only getting worse. The plot is thinner than a Hollywood celebrity after a crash diet, and the writing is.. poor. As enjoyable as this show was in the first 3 or 4 episodes it just keeps getting more ridiculous. It had amazing potential. It could've been really really good. It strives to be thrilling and nail-biting but it's just OK. Also - what kind of FBI agent announces herself as "Agent Suzie"?! Sorry, Rachel Taylor, but action is not your forte.
  • This show is a crisis all by itself

    I keep watching this just to see how much more stupid it can become. While television and movies exist to suspend disbelief, this show is ridiculous. Last night didn't disappoint; a lone Chinese diplomat . spy) brings down the entire eastern seaboard with a cyberattack, gas mains are exploding, our nation's top law enforcement agency is crippled, and then miraculously she Is found in a church after the President gives up a spy in Beijing, and "wahlah" - moments later all is restored and back to normal. Meanwhile the kidnapped kids continue to basically roam at will around the house they are being held in. This show started with promise, and quickly descended to absurd, and now has hit a new low. That having been said, I'm going to watch the finale next week (called "Found") just to see if they can top this week's hilarity with something even more stupid. This show brings new meaning to "jump the
  • Sorry have to say that mrivera's comment is....

    utterly moronic.. The show had a good idea but is pretty stupid. but not as stupid as mrivera.
  • crisis

    Its a good show im just mad it hasent been on in two weeks was expecting to watch it this week for sure :( anybody no was going on? ???
  • SAD :(

    Interesting at the beginning. then went to hell.

    actors , cool. acting, cool. the main issue here - uncool.

    I love scifi movies, I love a challenge, but accepting a ***ed plot is hard!

    [spoiler alert]

    In what universe, when in ep 2 everybody knows already that the kidnappers are targeting the influential parents to do their bidding, the parents will not be detained or under heavy supervision????

    Especially when it is supposed that most of them are highly influential people...

    ooooooh... US procedures.... LOL. nobody will f care about it in even in a real life situation!

    The writers f up this nice idea for a show. Somehow, some idiot managed to convince a network to invest. they did and they got a great cast. and a lot of money. then the writer f everyone up with his idiotic delivery!


    5 only because of the idea, cast and delivery.
  • Good show

    Very good show. Im a big fan. I hope it stay longer.
  • Just another PC TV crime procedural

    The white males are either the villains or sniveling cowards. The white females and black males are all heroic and virtuous. Yes, they have one black female among the villains but I have a hunch before the end of the season, she'll switch sides and be one of the heroes. I might sound racist but these days, EVERYTHING is about race and this show is no exception.
  • The show is ok for now....

    The show is ok for now, though we can tell the end by now. we need more twists an turns . but its fine for now
  • Calling time out

    While we were waiting for other, better shows to commence their seasons I was happy enough to tune in and waste some time here. But now the motivation for the kidnapping has been fleshed out a bit and my curiosity there is satisfied, it's time to move on.

    The writing so far has focused on the procedural aspects at the expense of any character development. But yet, the whole show depends on us buying into the idea of these parents going to any length for their child? And there has been basically no back story about the children or their parents or any relationship tested or explored in any more depth than "I'll do anything to save my child" Yawn. Nor entirely credible... I bet your nanny brought up that kid. And where are the fat, ugly kids, btw?

    So Kyle can set fire to the whole lot of them and in fact, the only person I want to save is Gillian Anderson so she can find other work.
  • Crisis Best Show On TV

    First I would be shocked this not a 7+ season show. Lance Gross has turned into a top ten actor and everyone actoring has up to par so far
  • This show is a Trap!

    The show looked really interesting from the previews.

    But this show is BAD. The script is bad, the dialogue is bad, and much of the acting is bad. Really bad.

    It's painfully bad.
  • Pretentious, Boring, and Silly-Not worthy of Gillian Anderson's time

    It's hard to like regular TV fare after watching Breaking Bad-The Walking Dead (in it's prime)-Mad Men, let's see, Hannibal- or Coen Brothers movies. Monk, for instance, while more traditional in a lot of ways, well you just gotta LOVE it! The Good Wife is great TV too. And I watched Anderson The Fall, AMAZINGLY good.

    So I expected something high quality here, since I saw the promo featuring Anderson. ALAS! No such luck.

    Hopefully this show will be canceled soon enough that she can reprise her role on Hannibal, she was fantastic there.
  • I'm Digging it

    I really wasn't sure about the show until I thought **SPOILER** Dermot Mulroney was going to turn into super spy mode, then "Die Hard" it around the mansion. I though "Oh maybe this will be cool", but when he became the "bad guy" I thought it got pretty interesting and I am curious to see more. Although I'm not sure how long this can go on. I know they can show us a new kid every week and give us some contrived errand for their parents to accomplish (or fail) but I feel like it may get old fast.
  • another good show

    I like its potensial, cant wait to see how it develops.
  • I really like it so far!

    I like the actors and also the characters. When I first realized what it was about I didnt think I would like it but decided to watch it anyway. I found that it is pretty good, I can see it growing easily. The only problem I see is one of the main characters, Susie, seems a little off sometimes and makes it awkward but hopefully that will change quickly. And hey, if they can pull "24" off as long as they have "Crisis" should have no problem continuing and coming up with interesting twists to keep us entertained. Plus it's really good to see Gillian Anderson again!
  • Twisted Story

    So far it seems like a decent story line and definitely has some weird twists in the story line. I have been a bit shocked by some of the character's actions and role in the whole kidnapping. I am not sure if they will be able to keep the excitement up throughout the series since it's all based on one situation, the kidnapping.
  • Boring

    Some good actors, interesting title. That's about all there is about this show. It feels as if marketing guys entered some buzzwords, like "teenagers", "FBI", "Secret Service", "conspiracy", "patriotic", "president", "kidnapping", into a computer program to get generic scripts full of cliches. The show has the pace of an old lady walking in the park, the action of a goldfish in a bowl and the story twists of a children's song.

    It's well known that it is hard to write a good story about a kidnapping, because usually there isn't much going on most of the time. I don't know who came up with the idea to plan a whole TV series about one. Bold idea, but it failed, sorry.
  • Pilot Episode Was Disappointing but I'm Still Optimistic

    The first half is pretty bad. It's not awful. It's just so formulaic that it's completely uninteresting. I watch TV on my computer and usually keep something running in the background. Whether or not I check on the progress of things during a show is an easy way for me to measure how engaging it is. I think that I checked five times during the first 25 minutes. That's worse than news and talk shows do, and they lack a continuing storyline.

    Dermot Mulroney, who recently played the successful dreamboat boyfriend on New Girl, stars as a nebbishy divorced father chaperoning his daughters' high school class trip. His character becomes the focus at the halfway point, and it's much more interesting when he's onscreen without his petulant estranged daughter, played by Stevie Lynn Jones. The teenagers alternate between being extremely predictable and annoying, so I hope the show doesn't spend too much time on them. I don't fault the young actors for this. The fault belongs to the writers. The always excellent Gillian Anderson (The X-Files, Hannibal) and Max Martini (The Unit) are also featured, but the pilot's script doesn't give them anything interesting to do. Near the end there's a flashback featuring Mark Valley (Boston Legal, Human Target) which reveals a plot twist which I'm eager to learn more about. The second half has three plot twists, which is probably a bit much, but still welcome after a totally boring first half.

    I'm a bit disappointed, but hopeful for the series as it progresses.


    [Addendum] There's one really off note that is entirely a matter of casting. Jones' character has a crush who is depicted as only having eyes for Amber Fitch. Amber is the most popular girl in school and the daughter of corporate titan, Meg Fitch. The dunderhead teenage boy who overlooks the great girl who's pining for him because he's fixated on the girl who's every boy's fantasy is a familiar trope that many will remember from the John Hughes classic Some Kind of Wonderful. Amber, played by Halston Sage, is an appealing character. a kind overachiever, and she's certainly attractive, but Lynn is just too good looking to make her getting overlooked seem credible. The brunette with haunting green/amber eyes is reminiscent of a teenage Jennifer Connolly. The storyline is premised upon the boy being shallow, but it's precisely the shallowness of teenage boys which makes the story hard to believe. There's some attempt to justify this by making her a comparatively poor kid in a school full of rich kids and dressing her in black with nail polish, but they'd have needed to go more 'Ally Sheedy' from Breakfast Club to sell that.
  • pretentious and unworthy of gillian andersons involvement. .

    I was so looking forward to seeing ms anderson was awesome in the fall which is filming it's 2nd season right now I believe. Jamie dornan mentioned it on graham norton 2 wks ago. But that series only had 5 eps 1st season. Hoping to see more of her. This series, however will not be the way. 1st it appears she was used as being the star in a promo when it simply is not the case. More importantly the pilot, the premise , the execution, production and writing make it Intolerable to the teen outed anderson fake daughter's adult lover out right after they were kidnapped I knew it was over. The herd like capture, the criminal running after the one kid, the dad going on the bus in the 1st pretentious and the music felt like a rerun of it become the most popular show this spring and win an impossible
  • Silly series about kidnapping

    It goes like this, some whoever kidnap a school bus full of children of the rich, famous & influential.

    Some high tech is there, some action, but a very slow going pilot episode.

    It does not seem that promising and would not climb into favorite shows.