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  • This show is a crisis all by itself

    I keep watching this just to see how much more stupid it can become. While television and movies exist to suspend disbelief, this show is ridiculous. Last night didn't disappoint; a lone Chinese diplomat . spy) brings down the entire eastern seaboard with a cyberattack, gas mains are exploding, our nation's top law enforcement agency is crippled, and then miraculously she Is found in a church after the President gives up a spy in Beijing, and "wahlah" - moments later all is restored and back to normal. Meanwhile the kidnapped kids continue to basically roam at will around the house they are being held in. This show started with promise, and quickly descended to absurd, and now has hit a new low. That having been said, I'm going to watch the finale next week (called "Found") just to see if they can top this week's hilarity with something even more stupid. This show brings new meaning to "jump the