Season 1 Episode 9

You Do Not Know War

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 25, 2014 on NBC
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  • Mass Murderer Gibson

    So Gibson is upset that some murders were pinned on him by the CIA, and this leads him to start his whole fiasco; and his solution to this "frame up" is for him to become a mass murderer responsible for the deaths of perhaps hundreds of innocent people. Because of the virus upload that he initiates to bring down many . computer networks, at least 75 people die. This would just be the starting figure, because once the computers are back up, they'll be able to tally the actual number. He also risks a war that could kill millions. I guess he really wants to clear his name pretty badly.

    Probably all this will be glossed over during the next episode. If the show wasn't cancelled because of its ratings, it should have been because of the atrocious writing. It is entertaining when you have nothing else to watch. The actors do a good job; some of the storyline is actually interesting; even so, the whole thing is a ridiculous, nonsensical mess written by hacks who should have stayed waiters instead of becoming professional Hollywood writers.

    Gibson will leave a wonderful legacy for his daughter. She will forever be known as the daughter of Mass Murderer Gibson.

    Also, if a cyber attack like this were to happen as the result of a foreign agent's action, it would still be blamed on the foreign government despite it not being officially sanctioned by them. That government created the attack and put the agent in the field. Such an attack would still be considered an act of war.

    One final thing. The writer's should have added one more line of dialog to this episode. When the Chinese spy sees all the people that died due to her actions, she should have said, "Oh my God! I didn't know that committing an act which I knew would kill a whole bunch of people would actually kill a whole bunch of people. I mean, who would know something like that?"

  • cyber attack led to shut all emergency facility

    Excellent role by agent Finley , Gibson is good by the way wiedener seem failure in his own mission
  • Solid 10 easily the best episode

    This was easily the best episode of the season. Why 10million viewers are not tuning in to this program is beyond me. The Chinese mother's story and quiet stoicism just broke my heart and stole the show. The writers deserve much credit for this it was truly riveting. I feel the POTUS should have used the leverage of the Chinese cockup to get the info on the spy's location instead of giving up their priced asset .moreless
  • No Gibson, what did you do??!!

    So the start of this episode shows our two lead agents closing in on the kidnappers location thanks to Clarenbach's information. They now know that Gibson is behind this, albeit without proof and that Weidener is ultimately responsible for his downfall. At this point Gibson activates his next parent.

    The Chinese attach's wife is a spy and Gibson instructs her to use a virus created by her country to launch a massive cyber attack on the US to cripple the FBI search. at which point the kidnappers can sure up their defences or move beyond the search grids. Enter the president, who is forced to go on the offensive thinking China is about to attack. Our two plucky agents convince him that the parent is activating her sleepers in the name of country rather than her son. A mushy walk through an overwhelmed hospital forces our spy to back down and foil the kidnappers attack, bringing communications back online.

    Whilst this is going on, one of the kids, a friend to Gibson's daughter, finds the hidden passage taken by Gibson to the kidnappers HQ and freaks out at the end when he sees the spy's son shot by none other than Gibson himself. As communications come back online from the attack, Gibson uploads onto the internet the video taken from the CIA of the drugged soldiers killing the fleeing civilians. Gibson also calls Weidener to say that he is going to destroy him.

    All in all, the best hour of television of the night and a great way to bring the storyline forward. We can only hope that with the shows cancellation coming up, the show can resolve the kidnapping well and in a timely manner. Despite Gibsons actions at the end, we can all hope (maybe?) he has a way out as well as you can sympathise with him despite what he's done.moreless
  • i am loving this show

    This show Is fab I just love it please don't stop it keep up the good work.

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