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AIRED ON 9/8/2010

Season 6 : Episode 6

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Criss Angel is on a quest to bring magic into our lives through extreme entertainment that he calls "mindfreak". He believes today's magicians are for the most part archaic and out of touch with society. He plans to change that with amazing feats, including being set ablaze for 46 seconds with very little protection and levitating people right on the street to death-defying escapes and even more slight-of-hand acts.


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    Fan Reviews (112)

    • No, No, No Don't worry kids... IT'S FAKE

      This is show is really awesome, but obviously fake. No one can literally float in mid-air. It is physiclly impossible. I saw him explain on Youtube anyway. This guy sure does make it look real though. It is amazing how people actually believe this. One lesson and only one lesson people: Magic is not real. You can believe all you want, but this is the real world. Come back to the real world when you realize that this show is fake. I like the show though, count on that. But how people think it's real is just really really stupid...

    • criss is the best!!!!! MINDFREAK!!!

      criss i think is the best magician i can ever think of. i mean he is the abolutly amazing! he can sing, he can act, he can do magic, escape, and. . . . he absolutly hot!!!! hes multi- talented .i mean come on! here is a list of every thing he is.

      1. magician

      2. artist

      3. musician

      4. escape artist

      5. actor

      6. mindfreak

      7. illusionist

      8. vocalist

      9. HOT!!!!!

      and so much more!!!

      mindfreak is the ultamite show. ive been a fan since the begining when criss start season 1! so i know what im talking about when i say he is true magic. because he is.moreless
    • Great Show! The only thing that makes me wonder is that Criss can never remeber the people's name he picks from the audience. What kind of mind freak can't remember something that was told to him a few seconds ago-yet he can see the future?moreless

      Great Show! Very entertaining! The only thing that makes me wonder is that Criss can never remeber the people's name he picks from the audience. What kind of mind freak can't remember something that was told to him a few seconds ago - yet he can see the future? Maybe Criss needs to learn some tricks on how to remember names! Especially in the entertainment industry! Here is one trick:

      "Repeat after me: repetition, repetition, repetition. When you are first introduced to someone, use their names several times when you talk to them. "Hi, Jim, nice to meet you. So, what do you do for a living Jim? Do you have any kids, Jim? Jim, it was great to meet you!" If you don't catch their name when it was originally told to you, ask for it again. Saying it immediately will help you remember it when they walk away."( - OK, repeting once or twice would do!moreless
    • He's a mindfreak!

      This show is about a guy named Criss Angel, he does a lot of illusions that really look real. In every episode, Criss does tricks with people he doesn't know or does know. Then later on when hes done with the trick the people or person gets surprised because that person or people don't know how he did the trick. To me I think that maybe some of his tricks are real but some are fake. In the end of each episode, Criss tries to a stunt that looks dangerous to do but he manages to pull it off but in some stunts he ends up getting hurt but he is still okay. Like when there was an episode when he was laying down on a little carpet with broken glass while a streamroller came to him and crushed him a little bit and ended up getting a bit hurt and he though that he pushed the stunts a little too much. Well overall this show is very interesting and if you haven't seen it, you'll be surprised because Criss Angel does a lot of cool illusions that look real because he is the MINDFREAK.moreless
    • Oh the skeptics episode. Only if the skeptics were paying attention hahaha.

      It was a good show but when I watched it again, I figured out how it was done. Look for clues where Criss isn't looking. I could do it and so could you if you know what to look for. I'll leave it at that for now. Depending on the response, I'll elaborate a bit more. A whole lot more of the illusions I can't explain but when you use the elements of nature and physics, illusions like this one are easy to figure out. Criss keep up the mindfreak and I'll never get a tarro card reading, thanks for exposing some scams for the viewers.moreless

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