Criss Angel Mindfreak

Season 1 Episode 16

Halloween Special

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on A&E
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Halloween Special
Taped before a live audience, Criss provides the ultimate Halloween experience. He will perform some of his most frightening and terrifying demonstrations. While most of the stunts will be new, some will be encores of some of the best from the series. For his grand finale, Criss offers ‘his soon-to-be-infamous’ sawed “in two” act. The stunt will be performed with no box, right in front of the audience, while some of the on-lookers hold his bare limbs. As with many of the stunts in the series, Criss takes a classic and defines it as his own.moreless
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  • it's good

    i am very scared because it really freaks me out....very very very very very very very very very very bery very very very very very very scared i really don't like things like this but my aunt came to visit and sher wanted me to see this i hope its good because if not then all well man they want u to put alot of things on this i hope what i'm putting on this is ok and i hope this time i can't get threw this stupid part...anyways my husband likes the show as well he always try's to get me to watch the show but i get to scared.thanx for listening to me by,,,..moreless
  • Criss Angel is better than all magicans!!!

    So far i have seen all the episodes of Criss Angel. All of supernatraul,seson 1,and seson 2. My favorite episode would have to be umm, Body suspention from seson 1. David blaine is a reagular magician commpeard to Criss Angel. I watch the show every week. Just to let you now that Criss Angel comes on every wendsday at 9PM on A&E. Sometimes there are more than one episode. Sometimes there are 2,4, and rarley 6. So i hope you watch Criss Angelevery wendsday 9 on A&E.

    The next episode that comes on is Back to School i hope you catch the episode Bye!!!!!!moreless
  • Halloween Mindfreak style!

    I really enjoyed this show. I thought it was well layed out. I liked the trip through his home town and him looking back on his childhood. Sometimes celebs forget where they came from, and this is not the case with Criss. I also enjoyed the footage from the Magic Castle, a very fitting place for him. The wood chipper was exciting and sickly amusing as well. Over all this was one of my favorite installments of the show.moreless
  • Like most of Mindfreak's regular episodes the Halloween Special featured one "mega-stunt) and several impressive tricks and illusions interespersed throughout the episode. Jim

    It's getting to be my feeling that Criss Angel's Mindfreak needs to be tweaked to be more effective.

    The Halloween Special was a great example of how the show has been formatted to build up to one large stunt whilw along the way Criss exposes us to his great magic talents with a series of very intriguing tricks and illusions.

    My opinion is that the "signature" or feature stunt is usually not as impressive as the lead up to it.

    I'm not sure what the answer is because I understand for advertising purposes they need to lure the audience in with previews of the so called big stunt but lately I haven't been very impressed with the main course.moreless

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