Criss Angel Mindfreak

Season 2 Episode 3

In Two

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 07, 2006 on A&E
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Episode Summary

Cutting people in half has been a staple in the magic world throughout its history. Now it's time for Criss to put his own spin on this classic trick. Watch as Criss cuts someone in two without using boxes, covers, or trick clothes of any kind. You won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind demonstration.moreless
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  • El placer que siente al arriesgar su vida para hacerte ver que no existen límites entre realidad e ilusión. Sentirás escalofríos al ver espectáculos en las calles, libre de montaje y ante personas comunes que quedar&aacumoreless

    Episodio 26 En dos Un episodio absolutamente inolvidable. Uno de los actos de magia más reconocidos en la historia de Criss Angel ha sido aquél en el que se corta en dos mitades a una persona. Aterrorizante. Pero Criss no puede esperar a su primera oportunidad para llevar a cabo este espeluznante cercenamiento. Lo impactante: lo realizará sin ninguna cubierta, caja o ropa trucada. Eligiendo a una señora del publico la echa en una banca y le dice a otras dos que jalen, una de los hombro y otra de los pies con fuerza, y al acerlo esta señora se parte en dos.moreless
  • Never a dull episode with criss angel!

    This episode was awsome but kind of creepy to tell the truth. Either way, i still loved it . Splitting people in two has been done before but always with something like a wooden box to hide the secret. This time, its just plainly splitting someone into two and nothing to cover the person so you can clearly see him do it. And he didnt even use a tool, he just played around with her waist and then asked the people to pull her and then bam! Split! The real question ive been asking is did he put her back together? It was also amazing when he cut himself in half because there you can really see a saw go right throught him. Pain is nothing for him.moreless
  • get out of here!!!!!

    Come on really how can you actually do that? Does this guy have any live shows that you can go watch in Vegas or is everything done on tv. The way he split himself in 2 blows me away. Especially what happened in the park. Why hasnt anyone investigated this guy? He could be a big fake and making a name for himself by tricking people. I know he is a magician but I think of him as more of an illusionist. Like this episode. It isnt really magic. No card tricks. no disappearing watches. He cut himself in half and had people walk through and touch him. How? How? How? can a normal person do that? And the episode was pretty good.moreless

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