Criss Angel Mindfreak

Season 3 Episode 1

Luxor Light

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 05, 2007 on A&E

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  • It was Amazing!

    I was there & saw it right in Los Vegas to see Criss angel.
    Wow i was very Exciting & freak out.
    Criss Angel was flying with no plane, no rope, or anything & he was there flying above the light of the "Luxor Hotel.
    At the i Yell: MIND FREAK!!!!
    It was so amazing & it happen right in front of my eye.
  • Amazing, this definitely proves that Criss is the best illusionist ever.

    All I can say is, wow. Last season was a big jump from the first, and as it looks, this season will do the same. 1 hour of great footage, and some crazy illusions, but none so great as the levitation above the Luxor light. Words can't describe how unreal some of the things Criss does in this episode, and he has made sure that even if he was using wires or tricks, it would be very very hard for anyone to do the same. The thing about him is that people are all around him when he does his illusions, so how he does it, I really don't know. Amazing episode, a must see for anyone who has not seen him before, or who is a fan!
  • The Luxor being his new home, to floating on it.

    Man this guy is something else. Either he is a REAL magician, or he is the spawn of an angel. Skin on the guitar wire in his neck, floating from the top floor to the bottom. Goodness. Now that he is slated to come to Hawaii, Im going to attend if he has a show here. Since I am in Hawaii.. SWEET!!!!
  • This season started off exactly what i expected. Criss Angel is personally my hero, and he is the one that made me believe.

    My review is this, excellent. Its everything i expected it was. I loved every bit of it. i cant wait to see what criss does next. I am a true believer, and i even tried to levitate, but not like how criss did tonight. I just hope, while he is doing these demostrations, he doesnt get seriously hurt. He is my one and only hero. Without him i wouldnt have believed that with your mind, body, and spirit, that anything is possible. Criss keep doing the incredible. Cuz i know, i will be with you every step you take. My HERO of them all!!!!